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Doom Befallen (Part 13)
Doom Befallen (Part 13)

Doom Befallen (Part 13)

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“Wait, what?” I was shocked.

I quickly glanced at the class. They were staring at us as we spoke, not reading their textbooks like Mr. Patrick—who was also watching—had told them to. But for some reason, all I could think about was Abigail. What did she mean? She never did anything wrong. The only wrong thing she could’ve done is be friends with me.

And at that thought, I remembered my curse. My head turns slightly and I look back out the window. I gasp aloud. The shadow was nowhere to be seen. I had lost sight of it. Where had it gone and what was it doing?

“Axel!” Abigail’s voice awakens me from my thoughts. I look back at her. She stares at me expectantly. She sighs and asks, “Will you please answer the question?”

“Oh, uh, nothing—you did nothing wrong.” Before I can apologize for what I had done, a loud thud draws all our attention.

When we glance over to the window, we all see a girl pressed up to the glass. She hung upside down, a rope laced around her left leg. The girls squeal in fear of her and I just grimace. She looks right at me and smiles. Abigail looks over at me again, then back at the girl, then back at me.

Her breathing gets heavier and she whispers, “Is that-”

“Yeah,” I say before she can finish. That was the shadow.

The girl who was now trying to reach the rope around her ankle had dark brown hair and even browner eyes. Her dark skin stood out against the blue and white sky. She wore blue jean shorts and an orange T-shirt that was beginning to reveal her bellybutton. Her high-top pink shoes clashed with the green socks she wore up to her knees. Her white smile flashed at me every time she caught me looking at her.

“How did-” Abigail begins to ask again, but I don’t want to take my eyes off the shadow. Who knew what she would do next?

Instead of letting the shadow out of my sights again, I interrupt. “I don’t know,” I tell her.

Suddenly, the rope around the girl’s ankle snapped and she fell onto the ground, throwing up leaves that sat on the grass. She stayed under the window for a moment and all that could be seen now was the top of her head. Finally, she stood up clumsily and turned back to us. She locked her eyes on me and waved, smiling that pearly-white smile of hers. People turned to look at me. “Why is she smiling at you?” “Who is she?” “Axel, who is that waving at you?” Their voices jumbled together and I could barely understand what they were saying. I didn’t need to understand, though. I knew they were asking the same questions I was.

“Alright, everyone,” Mr. Patrick says, drawing a few eyes away from the strange girl. “We need to get to work. Play time’s over.” He eyed me and Abigail when he said that last part.

I glance back over at the girl. She now was untying the rope from around her ankle. Looking up from her now-free-foot and seeing me again, she waved a little goodbye. Then she turned and walked around the building and out of sight. I look back Mr. Patrick, who now stood back at the front of the room. The other kids had calmed a little and were now opening their books. Even Abigail was taking out her textbook. Reaching down to grab my own, I force myself to forget about the girl--the shadow--whatever that thing was.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed. I know, it's kind of weird. Sorry about that. I'm slowly trying to improve my writing but writing about something like this for such a long time can work against that. Anyway, have a blessed day!

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About This Story
9 Sep, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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