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Drarry part two
Drarry part two

Drarry part two

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I approach Hermione later on and tell her that she must have made the potion wrong because it didn’t work. She rolls her eyes at me.

“Honestly Harry. I’ve never messed up on a potion before, and it seemed to work just fine on everyone else.” She told me, sounding exasperated.

“But he said I smell exactly the same as always, Hermione. And he’s straight!!”

She looks at me again. “Maybe he’s not.” She says matter of factly.

I gape at her. “He’s the straightest guy I’ve ever met.” I say. Sure I’ve had a crush on him since I first laid eyes on him, and yes I’ve had many daydreams and regular dreams of him being gay, but he couldn’t be gay in real life. Good luck never happened for Harry. Plus Draco acted 100% straight anyways.

“Just because he acts straight, doesn’t mean he necessarily is. I mean take you for instance. Noone suspects you’re gay. Only Ron and I know, and that’s only because you told us. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have known.” She responds. “Look why don’t you just talk to Draco?” She suggests. “You’ve liked him for so long. And it seems as though he might like you back. So just go up to him and talk to him and see how things go.”

“But what if he’s not interested?” I ask.

“Well then at least you could stop wandering and actually know. Anyways I have to go study. Finals are going to come in five months, and I have to pass them. Good luck.” And with that she walks away.

A few hours later after I got dressed over and over again, I couldn’t decide what to wear, and spraying myself with cologne, I walk to the library where I see on the marauders map is where Draco is with Crabbe and Goyle.

When I walk in there at first I almost walk straight out, but then Ron spots me and calls me over to him. As I pass Draco I sneak a look at him, he is staring at me, which causes me to get major butterflies in my stomach.

“Whatsup Ron,” I say sitting down in the seat next to him.

He turns to face me and whispers, “Is it really true that when you wore the potion Draco said you smell the same as always!?”

“Yea,” I say.

Ron grins. “Blood brilliant Harry. He must like you back! I mean you’ve only been drooling over him for four and a half years now.”

I roll my eyes. “But Ron, that doesn’t mean he likes me. Hermione might have messed up on the potion.” I protest.

Ron glares at me. “Harry, really!? Hermione messing up on a potion. Are you even hearing yourself?”

“I know it sounds crazy but why would he like me?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe cause you’re bloody awesome mate.”

I grin. “Well, I came in here to talk to him, so…”
I don’t even get a chance to finish my sentence when he starts pushing me in Draco’s direction.

I stumble over to Draco’s table looking over my shoulder to glare at Ron and is grinning broadly and giving me the thumbs up.

Draco looks up at me and sneers, which is extremely hot. “What do you want Pottah?” He says.

I swallow. God, I’m so nervous right now.

“I was wondering if you could help me with my potions homework,” I say shakily. My hands are sweating like crazy and the butterflies in my stomach are fluttering around violently.

“Why can’t you get know-it-all Hermione to help you?”
“She’s busy studying for the finals.”

He rolls his eyes muttering “Typical nerd.” Then he looks up at me and says “Sure I’ll help you, even though you reek.” Then he turns to Crabbe and Goyle. “Get outta here, I gotta help Potter with his homework. I’ll see you later.”
With that, they get up and walk away.

He looks up at me. “Well, why are you still standing!? Sit down.”
And I do.

I sit there awkwardly while Draco explains the homework in detail.

Then I interrupt him. “Draco, wait!”

He looks at me annoyed. “What?”

“I don’t actually need help with the homework. There was actually something I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Well, what is it?” He asks scooting forwards.

“…. I don’t really know how to start.”

“Just spit it out!”
“OK. Well, the thing is Draco I’m gay.” I blurt out. “And I really like you and was wondering if perhaps you like me to, because I asked you earlier what I smell like and you said I smelled the same as always when I was wearing amortentia. “

He gapes at me his eyes going wide, and I turn bright red, standing up. “I knew it. Sorry.” and I walk away as fast as I can tears lining my vision. God, it was so stupid of me to think that Draco could ev er like me back.

All of a sudden a hand grabs my arm and yanks me to a halt. I turn around when all of a sudden a pair of lips are on mine kissing me like I’ve never been kissed. I gasp and open my eyes. I see Draco there in front of me and he steps back.

“Potter you fucking idiot, I’ve been in love with you since I first met you.” He says. “I’ve been wishing for you to tell me you like me back.”

I’m shocked, and I start to grin like an idiot. “Seriously?” I ask.

“Seriously.” He says.

And with that, we start to make out some more.

Author Notes: More to come...

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14 May, 2021
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