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Joshua_12 is from US United States • 17 y/o

I’m fine= I’m Fucked up, Insecure, Negative, and Emotional


Proud Member of the emo squad. Also the pan squad, and nonbinary squad.
they/them are my pronouns please and thank you.
I'm always open to new friends, so feel free to message me. :)

I'm nonbinary which means I identify as neither a male nor a female. :) I am a big supporter of LGBTQ+ and black lives matter :)

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1 Oct, 2020
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About Me:

I am a foster kid. I've been one since I was twelve. I am now 17 and just moved in with a foster family. They are the best. I have three kitty cats. :)

Chance- orange and white fluffy three-legged cat. Loves to cuddle.

Ryder- brown white and tan short hair cat loves to look out the window at the birdies.

Gus- black and white floofy cat. Loves belly rubs and chin/butt scratchins.

Add these folks-

Hazbin- my best friend. You do something to him I will hunt you down and make your life Hell.

Princess- Another best friend. Hurt her, I hurt you.

Maddiestoodope- Like a sister to me. We've been through a lot, you do anything to her I kill you.

Dayzie- The best person ever. Hurt him in any way, I torture and kill your ass.

Fun facts-

I am nonbinary

I am pansexual.

I am emo.

Status: TAKEN

My favorite things...

Bands- Citizen Soldier, 5 Seconds Of Summer, 21 Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, and The Beatles.

Artists- Bmike, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Roddy Ricch, Tupac, Anson Seabra, Juice Wrld, Ynw Melly, 6ix 9ine, Youngboy Never Broke Again, Cardi B., Dean Lewis, and Mikelwj.

Food- Pasta, shrimp, Chinese, Mexican, and chili.

Drinks- Coffee, Dr.Pepper, Rootbeer, Mt.Dew., Frapichino, and Peach tea.

Animals- Wolves, cats, foxes, raccoons, and ferrets. (Although I love all animals!!!!)

Colors- Green and black.

Clothing/shoe brands- Pink, Nike, Jordan, and Converse.

Genre to write- Sad and fanfiction.

Genre to read- Can't choose I just love reading anything I can get my hands on.

Fictional Characters- Draco Malfoy, Katniss Everdeen, Chewie, Four aka Tobias Eaton, Tris aka Beatrice Prior, Hermionie Granger, Dobby, Luke Skywalker, Agaustas Waters, Cinna, Finnick Odair, Alec Lightwood, Jace Herondale, and Isbelle Lightwood.

Authors- Natasha Preston, Shakespear, J.K. Rowling, John Green, Sara Shepard, Erin Hunter, Cassandra Clare, and to many more to list.

**I prefer to read the books to watching the movie.**

My future dream-

I want to be an actor, and in between acting jobs, cosmetologist, and motivational speaker. I would also like to publish a book with my mini-stories and poems in it.

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