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The freak
The freak

The freak

4 Reviews

She sits alone at lunch everyday. No-one ever talks to her; they all avoid her. She’s the school freak, everyone knows that. Then one day she doesn’t show up. Everyone wonders what happened to her, when the school has an assembly. That’s when the school’s principal say’s something that shocks everyone. You know the girl, the freak? She killed herself last night. She hung herself. She left a note. The note said that she just couldn’t handle the pain that she had to endure any longer. Everyone is shocked. No-one could have guessed. Maybe things would have been different if you, just one of you would have talked to her. Then you could have saved her.

It is Luke’s first day at his new school. He has been warned about the school freak, Skyler. Has been told if he values his life, to stay away from her. He doesn’t listen, he sits by her anyways. He thinks she is really cute, not that he says this, he is way too shy.

For the first couple of weeks he just sits with her in silence. Then one day she talks to him.

“Why are you sitting with me?” she asks, glaring at him, but he can tell it’s just an act.

“Because I think you’re cool. Plus you’re really pretty, and I want a real friend, not a fake one. And everyone else at this school is fake as hell” he answers.

She looks at him thoughtfully for a couple of seconds, then nods.

“Yes I suppose they are quite dense, aren’t they.”

He nods.

This is the beginning of a new friendship. They continue to sit and talk, getting to know each other for a couple of weeks. The other kids start avoiding Luke too, now, but he barely notices. He looks forward to hanging out with Skyler everyday. She looks forward to hanging out with him too, not that she voices this. But Luke can tell.

About three months into their friendship, Skyler asks if he can keep a secret, he says yes.

She tells him that before he came, she had been planning suicide, because of all the stress in her life, and because no-one liked her. But now she was glad she was alive. All because of him.

He tells her, “I’m glad you’re alive too. You are the best person in this school. If you ever need to talk I’m here for you.”

That one friend changed Skyler’s life forever. She finally felt like she was worth it, and like she mattered. Sure there were hard days, but she was able to get through it. All because one person decided to get to know her, instead of giving into peer pressure, and avoiding her.

Author Notes: Remember to be kind. That one comment, smile, or compliment could change someone's day for the better. You never know.

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About This Story
5 Oct, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (4 reviews)

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