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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

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Hi, my name is Draco Malfoy. Most people call me by my last name, Malfoy, but I prefer to be called Draco please and thank you. Now listen, I know that for those of you who know about me, you probably hate me, and think I’m some evil little piece of shit, but I’m here to tell you the truth about me and my life.

I never wanted to be evil, or become a death eater, honestly I didn’t. I was never into torturing, hurting, or killing anybody, no matter what they did. I hated that kind of stuff. But I had no choice. As soon as I was born, I was born into becoming a death eater. Think about it. Both my parents were death eaters. So I either had to become one, or I would be tortured to death.

Call me a coward if you like, I guess I kind of am, but I would rather be called that then be called evil. Honestly the only one out of me and my parents that was truly evil was my father, which is why I never liked him much. My mother could be evil, but when it came down to her family being hurt because of it, she wanted out. But there is no way out. Once you’re in with Voldomort, you are stuck staying with him, unless you wanna die.

During my childhood and teenage years, I was a very depressed person. I didn’t want to do the things I was being forced to do. It all got worse when Voldomort came back to full power. My father had no respect and got us all in danger, and even then, he didn’t care about getting anyone but himself out of danger.

When it came down to being told to kill Dumbledore I almost lost it, believe it or not. I liked him. He knew I wasn’t evil. He saw the good in me. He understood me in a way that nobody else did. That’s why I couldn’t do it to him. I was terrified of getting killed, but how could I murder the one man who had a chance of defeating the dark lord? So Snape did it for me. I don’t understand how he did it though.

What a lot of you don’t understand is, I did fight against Voldomort and the death eaters in the war of Hogwarts. But I went back to them when I thought we had lost. I didn’t want my mother to have to watch me be killed by Voldomort, it would have destroyed her. I wasn’t even going to go over until she called my name.

When they started fighting again, my mother and I didn’t run out of fear, we ran because we were done fighting for the wrong side. My father was the one who ran from fear. Later after the war mother kicked him out, and things got a lot better. I went to trial, but was found not guilty, once I explained my case and told them that I had fought on the right side during the war.

Since then I’ve been doing my best to do good in this world. And since I have, I haven’t been nearly as depressed as I used to be. I was finally free to be me and do good in the world. So yea. That’s my story. I’m truly not evil. I promise.

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23 Apr, 2021
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