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Five Fingers
Five Fingers

Five Fingers

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One day a little girl was walking home after a long day of beging for food and money. While she was walking she tripped over something. She went back to look what it was. It was a doll.

Now everyone else that walked past this doll passed right by it without a second thought. It was an old doll, but the little girl had never had a doll, as her family was very poor. So she picked it up and took it home with her. Her mother allowed her to keep it.

She played with the doll everyday. She even named it Suzy. One night around three a.m., the little girl woke up. AT first she didn't know why she woke uo, and then she heard it. A little voice saying "Five fingers, five fingers I'm in your mothers room, someones dead." The little girl decided to ignore it, figuring it was one of the townsfolk playing a prank trying to scare her, so she just went back to sleep.

The next day when she awoke, it was already bright out. Which was extremely odd, seeing as to her mother always woke her up at dawn. She decided to go check on her mother to make sure she was feeling ok. When she went into the room, a horrible scene was before her. Her mother had been murdered.

Her father took care of it, and everything seemed fine. Of course the family was devestated but they had to go on as usual. They would have to wait untill night to grieve.

That night, the grl awoke again at three a.m. to the same voice, only now it was saying "Four fingers, four fingers, I'm in your fathers room, someone's dead." The little girl froze then slowly walked to her fathers room. Sure enough he had been murdered just like her father.

Later that morning once it was bright out, and the little girl was playing with her doll, when she noticed something strange. The doll only had four fingers on her one hand.

This freaked the girl out so she decided to throw the doll out. That night, again at three a.m. she awoke to the same voice saying "three fingers, three fingers I'm in your brothers room someone's dead. SHe didn't even bother getting up, she didn't want to see it. Later when she got out of bed she saw her doll on her night stand. This really freaked her out, so she chucked the doll into the river.

Again that night at three a.m. she awoke to the voice saying"Two fingers, two fingers I'm on your sisters room, someone's dead." She already knew what happened, but she still got out of bed. That's when she saw her doll at the end of her bed. SHe looked closer and saw that where the doll had just had four fingers, there was now only two.

She had had enough and decided to end it. SHe cut the doll up and scattered the peices all over town. That night confident that she had got rid of the doll she went to sleep. She woke up at three a.m. to the same voice though. It said "One finger, one finger, I'm in your dogs room, someones dead."

The little girl sat up in bed and screamed. At the foot of her bed sat her doll, in one peice. She was very scared at this point. SHe decided to mail the doll to another country, after cutting it up again. She was up all night, and at three she heard the voice again. "Zero fingers, zero fingers, I'm in your room, and someones dead." Thats when the doll appeared and it had a knife. No-one ever saw or heard the little girl again. Legend has it the doll is still out there waiting for it's next victim.

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1 Oct, 2020
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3 mins
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