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Dreaming Of A World Without Fear
Dreaming Of A World Without Fear

Dreaming Of A World Without Fear


About Joy And Sorrow – Part F

Dreaming Of A World Without Fear

It seems to me that all human beings are rather fearful creatures – with the exception of those who are in denial and/or out of touch with the world of their feelings, possibly suppressed by the chemicals supplied by the pharmaceutical industry. This is hardly surprising when one considers the pathway we have had to walk in the course of many lifetimes. For as long as our earthly self remains unaware of where we once have come from and one day will be returning to, this is unavoidable in my view. However, our fears and anxieties are no longer necessary once we are aware again of our true nature. They are then surplus to requirement and their soul memories are waiting to be sloughed off and peeled off, layer upon layer, like old skins that have quite literally been outgrown.

I dream of a world where no-one lives in fear. Utopia? I believe that it surely will come when only awakened spirits and souls will be allowed to reincarnate into Earth life, to act as her guardians and keepers. In the course of working with and dissolving every last one of our anxieties and apprehensions, we let go of our false beliefs and replace them with God’s eternal wisdom and truth. Our faith in the goodness of life and its Creator is restored and that enables us to wholeheartedly make our contribution towards creating our new world where fear is no longer known, right here on the Earth.

For a very long time I have been doing my best to help it come into being. How about you? Should you not know how to go about it, ask God and the Angels to assist you and then, over the coming days follow your natural inclinations. You will be amazed at how many different pointers will be coming your way from here, there and everywhere, only apparently out of nowhere. To speed matters along, whenever you can, consciously take deep breaths while quietly and inwardly saying to yourself: ‘I breathe in God’s light and life. I breathe out the Divine breath. It deeply penetrates all spheres and forms of life with love, light, peace and healing.’

Doing this is your contribution towards the blessing and healing of all life. The more you practise the better you will be able to feel the Divine fire in your heart, like a rod of light that charges you with renewed strength and courage to tackle all things that come your way. Whenever you are weary and tired physically, do this breathing and you will be amazed how it blows away your weariness and fills your whole being vitality. All of this is part of restoring our loving union with the Source of all being, and we are on the road to gaining mastery over our whole being, life itself and in due course also over old age.

This attunement with our Creator renews and heals every part of our being, not merely our physical body. Therefore, as many times per day as possible breathe in and out deeply and affirm: ‘I breathe in love and I breathe out peace. Hand in hand with God and the Angels I am sending them into the farthest and remotest corners of all of Creation for the blessing and healing of all life.’ What greater joy could there be for any human being than being involved with this?

Whatever you are occupied with, remind yourself from time to time that our thinking patterns and perspective of life are largely responsible for whether any given situation brings us joy or sorrow. These things in turn depend on the present state of our evolutionary development. For as long as we believe that Earth life is all there is to humankind’s existence, we are frightened and likely to shed tears at the thought of our own departure from it, as well as that of our loved ones. Yet, once we are again aware of our true spiritual nature, the idea of leaving this plane brings a smile to our face, because we then look forward to our release into the greater freedom of the spirit world. This by no means is an indication that we are wishing our time of the Earth away.

Knowing that in truth a high and holy destiny awaits all of us is the key to eternal happiness and a joy that is so great that it radiates from the Heavens down to the Earth. Our right attitude towards the purpose and meaning of life empowers us to consciously bring forth ever more of the best that is within us, and to live and strive mainly for the concerns of the spirit, while the earthly ones move into second place. The more we realise that our whole being forever works and rests in the consciousness of God’s infinite light, love and wisdom, the happier and more joyful we and our life become.

Being aware that we are on the homeward bound leg of our earthly education, we rest safely in the knowledge that no matter what may still have to happen on our planet, we and it rest securely in God’s loving hands. Independent of what may ever befall our physical bodies and Mother Earth’s physical manifestation, our spirit and soul shall forever be kept out of harm’s way. The Great White Father/Mother Spirit with its Angels and Masters, and our friends and helpers in the world of light, will always be standing behind us, walking with us and holding our hands, to protect us and guide us unharmed through whatever we shall be expected to do.

The six-pointed star is the symbol of a perfected human being, whose male and female, upper and lower aspects have joined forces and are healed into one. Throughout the ages this star has been used by many cultures and civilisations in historical, religious and cultural contexts, for example in Hanafism, Raelianism, Judaism, Hinduism and occultism. The star represents the fact that all of us contain a spark of the Christ spirit, though at first only in seed form. Everybody’s new lifetime brings endless opportunities for awakening the Divine flicker from its slumber, so it can begin to grow in our heart and we eventually become aware the Christ Spirit, the living God within, is as much part of us as it is of everybody else.

This is a development of the human heart, the seat of love and warmth, wisdom and understanding. The heart is at the apex of the upwards pointing triangle of the star, which represents the lower earthly self with its mind and intellect, both are of the head. When this part of our nature is too much left to its own devices and still lacks the coo-operation of the mind in the heart, the small self functions cannot help functioning in increasingly cold and detached ways. For the healthy and happy functioning of our whole being, head and heart need to be united and learn how to work together.

In God, and therefore also in both genders of our race, the intellect is masculine and the heart represents the feminine aspect. During the time of the patriarchy and its purely male orientated religions, the masculine detached itself ever further from its feminine counterpart. Once upon a time these two parts had been one. This separation has been the cause of all our world’s problems of the past. The suffering it brought to each one of us individually, and collectively to our world, is humankind’s sorrow and the joy of those in the higher and highest realms of life. The awakened ones in our world rejoice with them, because they know that a great evolutionary cycle is closing and a vast chapter of earthly education for many of us has run its course.

For this Heaven and Earth join in a chorus of praise and thanksgiving to the highest. And the Angels, God’s messengers, rejoice for each one of us who comes home into the awareness of their true nature and are ready to do their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. As on the inner level all life is one, they are part of us and at all times standing by our side, waiting for someone to request their help. The Sun or the Christ sphere is the state of life from which each one of us once emerged. And the Angels would like us to know that it would be wrong to think of it as something towards we are travelling, although in a way this is exactly what we are doing.

Even while we are still spiritually closed off, we are capable of perceiving – if only faintly – the glory of our true home, the Christ sphere. Regardless of how far our journey on the evolutionary pathway through life ever took us away from our source, the memory of it had been programmed so deeply into our consciousness that it could never be lost. That’s why, when things get rough and we feel as if we were lost in our present existence, a powerful yearning for a more beautiful and more peaceful world overcomes us. If it did not exist on the inner level of life, inside us, we would not be able to feel such longing. The vision of this place may become obscured and almost lost, but never quite. In times of great need, grief and anguish our spirit and soul longs for and reaches out to its Creator.

A great hunger and thirst for the highest levels of life, our true home, overcomes us in those moments and we pine for God’s presence. This is an indication that God’s life, the Universal Sun behind the Sun, the Christ Spirit, is an integral part of us and dwells in our being. It is a state of life which resides in the heart of the Sun and consists of nothing but light. The more often we reflect and meditate upon it, the stronger the conviction grows in us, until it fills our whole being, that this is where we belong, because it is our true home and source.

Our earthly mind is the rational, logical, analytical and scientifically thinking part of us. As it is designed to help us understand and come to terms with the material plane of life, it is not very helpful in this homecoming process and frequently gets in its way. It needs bearing in mind though that the earthly mind is but a small part of our whole mind. When we have become sufficiently evolved to be allowed to move on to higher learning on other levels of existence, a quickening of consciousness takes place in us and we develop a new sensitivity towards and an awareness of the spiritual forces behind the outer manifestations of Earth life. In spite of the fact that this world is invisible to earthly eyes, our heart and inner self know it well and have no difficulties recognising it.

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21 Jan, 2019
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