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By martinflemingak

Sawyer's Dream

Stars shine down on him and glisten against the side of a trash can. He is lying flat on a patch of grass covered in blood. While trying to get his bearings, a circle of the grass begins to tear open and long fingernails attached to a bony white hand pop out. Sawyer lets out a loud yelp, gets to his feet and begins to run as fast as he can. Sprinting past a shop named 'The Magic Shop' he notices that ahead of him is a bright purple tree with the word 'escape' painted on it and there is a door next to it. A glimmer of hope. As his feet run on the hard ground, the door and tree seems to get further away. Sawyer glances behind him and a strange deformed man with long hair and very bizarre arms, one longer than the other chases after him. He seems to be floating. Sawyer's face plants into a telephone pole which collapses over and crushes the deformed man into a small puddle of green goo. The ground under Sawyer's feet begins to crumble and he begins to fall. The scenery around him changes from a nightlit street into a dark cave like surrounding. The cave lights up with a loud whoosh of fire appearing. The fire lights the cave up like the sun and shows hundreds of demonic faces in front of him bowing down. Sawyer's scream echoes throughout the cave and the demons join in. One demon, a red faced man with cracks in his face and blood pouring out of them, a scaley blue body and only one leg with cobwebs and spiders on it pats him on the shoulder and begins to chant in an unknown language. In front of Sawyer's face a portal appears and what was once a pat on the back, turns into a push and the demon extends his arm and Sawyer begins to fall into complete darkness.

Spike's Dream

A cartoon blue rabbit with a split personality disorder grabs him and eats him.

Neo's Dream

A large branch pokes into Neo's thigh as he looks down in disbelief at how high he is. He is sitting on top a large palm tree. A flying demon-monkey swoops down and picks him up. It begins to squak as Neo begins to scream. The monkey's paws scratch deep into Neo's back then release and let him fall through the air. Neo falls at an unusual pace and lands gently into a huge swimming pool filled with plastic balls. Neo hits the balls out of the way and in front of him, a young boy holding his own severed head in his hands scrunches up and piece of paper into a ball and throws it at Neo's head. Neo picks it up and flattens it out. The paper simply reads 'boo'. Neo swims through the plastic balls and climbs to the side of the pool. The ground underneath him begins to fade away and in its place is complete darkness. The only thing left is a rope which Neo must balance on. He makes it half way across as something slimy hits his head. It is raining a silver sticky liquid which quickly fills the darkness. Neo falls in and as he hits the liquid, it stops raining. He tries to swim ahead but his leg begins to go stiff. The silver liquid is concrete. It sucks Neo in and turns him into an illuminous statue. His screams begin but are quickly silenced. His statue then cracks and smashes. The flying demon-monkey swoops down and picks up the statues head.

Tyler's Dream

A telephone wire wraps itself round his leg and begins to swing him around repeatedly. He begins to laugh maniacally and uncontrollably. The wire snaps and Tyler falls. He falls into a a large cauldron which sucks him into another dimension. His eyes shut over and blind him. He is able to open them forty six point nine two seconds later where he is attached by rope to a large plate and looking down on him is a phantom like being, a horned demon, a zombie and a werewolf who quietly whisper in his ear, in unison 'Dinner is served.'

Xander's Dream

The sun beams down, hot as hell down onto an ocean. Xander crawls out of a sand pit which seems to be gently sitting on the water. He looks around and as far as the eye can see, in each direction, is only water. The sun shoots down and as he looks up at the sky, the sun seems to be becoming smaller and the sky becoming increasingly darker. The ocean surrounding begins to collapse in itself. Xander panics and digs through the sand. A hand shoots out from under the sand and grabs Xander. He is pulled through the sand and lands hard on solid ground in a city street. He looks up and witnesses a singular large building in front of him. There is a glowing sign on the front of the building which reads 'Projectata Hotel'. A man in a pink suit, with one leg and an eye patch on, walks out of the doors with a glass on a plate sitting on his back. He is walking bent over, like an extreme hunchback. The man looks down at Xander and bends his arm right back to grab the plate. "Pint of blood, sir?" Xander stares at the bizarre man and shakes his head. "Very well, sir." The man skips away and jumps into a sewer grate. Xander crawls forward into the doors of the hotel. It is abandoned. There is dust everywhere. A shabby looking man in a boiler suit jumps out from behind a concrete beam holding the building up and extends his hand to Xander and smiles. Xander looks at him confused and the mans smile fades into anger. The man reaches behind his back and pulls an axe out of nowhere. He swings the axe at Xander and Xander's severed head falls to the floor. The still alive head rolls itself to outside the hotel and is pulled into the sewer grate.

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1 Nov, 2012
Read Time
5 mins
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