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Drinking From The Eternal Fountain Of Youth
Drinking From The Eternal Fountain Of Youth

Drinking From The Eternal Fountain Of Youth


Reflections On Growing Older – Part One

Drinking From The Eternal Fountain Of Youth

To me, growing older is the greatest gift that life has to bestow upon any of its children. In my view, it is not something to be afraid of, but to be looked forward to, relished and enjoyed, when it slowly but surely sneaks up on you. As the years moved by and the older I grew, the more my perspective of my life changed. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this part of my life is that with my ever increasing understanding of the spiritual background of life, many issues that once seemed all-important with the passing of time have simply fallen by the wayside.

It’s interesting to reflect a bit on those that once threatened to burn me up and swallow me whole around age 29 1/2, the time of my first Saturn Return, 40 to 45 Uranus Opposition, and 59 Second Saturn Return. You can read more about these landmarks in the evolutionary cycle of life by following the link at the end of this chapter. Having lived through the experiences the earlier parts of my life brought me, drawn the learning from them and having written about it, none of them are now of any consequence for me. This has set me free to make the most of what the experience of old age is bringing in rich measure. In my view that is the way it should be for all of us, although frequently it is not.

Having reached this time of life, any wisdom we gained is a reward for battling our way, as best we knew how to, through the many obstacles and hardships that are inevitable on our pathway through our present lifetime. I wish I had known then that no life can be without them, as otherwise we would not learn anything and grow. My situation eased considerably when I discovered that if we want help to come to us, we need to ask for it. God and the Angels can only draw closer when we reach out for their helping hands. I live in hope that this will also make my passage back into the world of light, our true home, an easier one when my time for it has come. The earlier in life one begins to live in this consciousness, the better and more effective that particular journey is bound to be.

I now no longer have any qualms acting out the real me and fully being the person I always wanted to be. When I look into the mirror, sometimes I am astonished at how young I still look. Yet, there are also times when I seem to look and feel a million years old. Never mind, I tell myself, that’s probably because I am. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. Most of the time, however, I feel amazingly young inside this body of mine, younger than I ever did before in my present lifetime. This must have something to do with the fact that having experienced difficult times – having reached my age, who hasn’t? – one gets more in touch with one’s immortal and ageless spirit and soul.

As the years slipped by, equipped with the learning I was finding along my way, life gradually became much easier in so many ways. But most of all I enjoy the knowledge that it is not death that looms ahead when we leave our physical bodies behind, but a rebirth and release into our true home, where loved ones are waiting for us. I think it will make a big difference to our relationships when we all stand before each other in our true roles as children of the Great Father/Mother of a all life and siblings in the vast family of all life, rather than as grandparents, parents and children. I hope that under these conditions proper reconciliation, wherever it is still missing, will be possible and the chains and shackles of Karma between us dissolved once and for all.

There is no need to envy anyone their youth or any other part of their lives. I certainly don’t wish for any season of mine to return. Once more round in this particular lifetime is enough for me. It’s not been an easy ride and I am glad to have got as far as where I presently am. I don’t know whether some people have less gray hair or flatter bellies because that’s not the kind of thing I pay attention to. To me, the most important part of anyone, including myself, is the spirit and soul that dwells in a physical body. If that’s a good one, nothing else is of any importance to me. Take it from me, the wisdom one gains richly makes up for the physical aging process, which in any case can be greatly influenced by an increasingly positive attitude towards life. I can tell you from first hand experience that in truth, growing older is very much a state of mind.

As my life progressed and with more understanding of my own needs, I became kinder to myself and less critical. I learnt to be my own best friend instead of my worst enemy. And that, as you may know, is by no means an easy task! I do not feel the need to overindulge in things like biscuits or chocolate. Over the years I have found that I no longer need such things as much as I did in my younger days. These days I prefer to treat myself regularly to cut flowers, candles and aromatherapy.

Sure, over the years my heart has been broken many times. Nietzsche was right when he said: ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.’ It’s good to know first hand that the experiences of the really do make us stronger, because they have taught us that life goes on and that there is always a way forward, no matter what may ever befall us. It is true that one’s heart bleeds and one’s soul weeps over the loss of loved ones, or when one has to witness the suffering that is at times inflicted upon humans and animals alike, but it is a great comfort to know that life is eternal and will always continue for all of us. And I thank the goodness of life for having taught me that from broken hearts and endured pain inner strength, understanding and compassion grow.

One of my many blessings is that, in spite of the fact that I have already spent a long time on the Earth plane, I do not yet have that much grey hair. Oh yes, there are wrinkles on my face and some of them are definitely getting deeper. But so what? They will only last for as long as I need this body – then I will hand it back and be free – free – free!!!

I shall take to my spiritual wings and I will be able to visit all the wonderful places round the world I never got to see during this lifetime. Just imagine, I shall do so without lugging a physical body around and having to care for it, which takes up an incredibly long part of each day. Never again will I have to carry a suitcase or wait in overcrowded airport lounges and endure screaming children running wild. I will think of a beautiful place and shall instantly be there. Now, isn’t that so much better than all the travelling hassle one has these days on the physical plane?

Most of all I enjoy getting older because I know that I am eternal being of light who can never die and that when my time has come for handing my physical body back to Mother Earth, I will return into my true home – the world of spirit, to rest and recuperate. Having done so, the greater freedom of the spirit world will be waiting for me and it will be possible for me to study any subject I care to name. I shall want to do all the things that of necessity had to be neglected during my present lifetime, for example learning to play a musical instrument, maybe several, and singing in a choir. If I’m good enough I might be invited by the Angels to join them. Who knows? Ah, endless possibilities, dear friends! Who would begrudge being so much closer to all of that, as one gets older?

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5 Mar, 2019
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7 mins
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