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Each Their Own Saviour And Redeemer
Each Their Own Saviour And Redeemer

Each Their Own Saviour And Redeemer


No-one in the whole of God’s Creation can save and redeem us except we ourselves. This process begins when the Christ part of our nature at last awakens from its slumbers. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations slowly but surely rise above the desires of our lower earthly nature, which in previous lifetimes caused us to sin against the law of life: love. As soon as we start to live in the light of the Christ Spirit, through our changed thinking and behaviour patterns we somehow bring this light into our world. Gradually the drives and urges of our worldly nature are left behind and eventually we reach the point when they can no longer touch us. We have been saved from them and that is the esoteric meaning of salvation.

Salvation and redemption cannot come about through believing in a specific person and/or following the religion they represent, or any of the other belief systems of our world. The only thing that can and indeed does save us is by bringing forth the highest and best that is within us, our own Christ nature. All we have to do to bring this about is being a good person in all we do and by living a good life rather than merely ostentatiously doing good deeds. This pathway means carrying out what our Christ nature tells us is good and right. We prefer following our inner guidance, the living God within, rather than listening to what somebody else may want us to do. We refuse to hurt or harm anyone, even though we may never have clapped eyes onto the ten commandments of the Abrahamic religions. We no longer need anyone to tell us that going to war, killing and maiming is wrong, as our attitude is based on a deep inner conviction and knowingness that is very much our own.

We know that all warfare is a crime against humankind and our whole world. We therefore would not dream of going to war against any of our siblings in the great family of life or treating any one of them as less valuable and precious to our Creator than we are. Thoughts, words and actions of kindness and consideration, compassion and love for all life, working for God in our daily lives in full consciousness of the glory that is above, around and within us and all lifeforms, are no longer second but first nature to us. We have become a Christed one in our own right and that has always been the true meaning of being saved by Christ.

Our redemption comes through patiently enduring whatever our Karmic debts from other lifetimes are bringing to us in this one. We need to work our way through every one of the events, no matter how hard and difficult they maybe, as best we know how to. Working hand in hand with God and the Angels makes this cross of the Earth easier to carry, as past experiences have shown us that we can trust our inner guidance, the means of the Highest for communicating with us, to show us how to go about things. Equipped with the wisdom we have already found on our pathway through life, we rest safely in the knowledge that everything will come right in the end because that is sure to be part of God’s great plan of life.

When the Christ spirit comes alive in us, we are meant to share the insights we are gaining with all those who are in need of it, so the knowledge can spread ever further afield. Through others constantly adding their learning to ours, the Christ spirit in the end, individually and collectively, does indeed become the saviour and redeemer of our whole world. And that is the only way the Christ can do this. The spirit of the Universal Christ is the Lord/Lady and Master/Mistress of our planet, the son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. S/He brought us into being and has always looked after us and kept us safe, and forever will do so. As you can see for yourself now, through quickening the spirit life in more and more of us, the Christ spirit really is the saviour of humankind – but in this way alone.

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14 Nov, 2019
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3 mins
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