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Earthly Life : Not An Illusion
Earthly Life : Not An Illusion

Earthly Life : Not An Illusion


The Aquarian Writings : Epilogue (2)

Our earthly existence, when viewed merely from the material perspective can appear like an illusion. But this continues only for as long as one is not yet aware of its spiritual background. In that case our earthly existence hardly makes any sense whatever. Yet, eventually everybody’s spiritual nature wakes from its slumbering state and we realise that what happens to our physical body on the earthly plane is never as important as for a long time we thought it was. In truth, it is no more than an outer shell that enables our indwelling spirit/soul to move around and provides a vehicle that’s intended for one lifetime only. This part of our being is mortal and when, in due course, it has grown old and worn out, it needs to be recycled, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, not merely on our planet, is used time and again. Nothing is ever wasted.

However, the spirit/soul that dwells within each physical body is, just like its Creator, eternal and immortal. Therefore, it can and will never die. In the course of many lifetimes every human being experiences earthly life as a place of learning, a school and University, no more and no less. Nobody was or ever will be merely a mortal physical being. And everybody’s true parents are the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. Without our earthly personality being aware of it for a long time, our indwelling spirit/soul appears time and again in the material world. This is how every one of us, and each can only do this through their own experiences, is constantly growing in wisdom and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Because of this, to my mind, life on the earthly plane could never be merely we called an illusion. It’s very real indeed whenever we are taking part in it. In every lifetime we play a different role and each one is like a costume with which we clothe ourselves and as soon as it has served the purpose for which it was created, we take it off again each time the end of that particular lifetime has been reached. This is how, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, every one of us plays many different roles, even though for a long time we are unaware that we have taken part in the earthly school of life on many occasions before. Our spirit/soul is the actor who at birth wraps itself into yet another earthly costume into which we reincarnate into a new physical body.

And because we have no conscious recall of previous lifetimes, when we are yet again taking part in life on the earthly plane, it’s all too easy to get carried away with the role we have agreed to play this time round. That’s why, during the early stages of our earthly curriculum, we delight in handing out our most bad, evil and ugly character traces to inflict as much suffering as possible upon the people in our environment. The more we discover that we have the power of making them thoroughly unhappy, the more we start to enjoy using this tool. The end of this kind of behaviour comes about quite naturally when at last we discover our personal responsibility for every thought, word and action we send into our world. In due course, the Universal law, God’s law of cause and effect or Karma returns every bit of it and that in somewhat strengthened form.

If only we had known about it earlier, we surely would have run a mile before opening our mouths to utter even one nasty word. I was born in the year 1937 and so was two years old at the outbreak of World War II. And yet, I believe that the war that raged on the outside of our world until 1945, did me less harm than the constant personal warfare between my parents. By the time I arrived, they had been married seven years and just about each time they clapped eyes on each other, they were at each other’s throats, knowing their sensitive spots only too well. For example, my father would stick his head round the kitchen door and say something like ‘Mann ist die Krone der Schoepfung – The male of the human species is the crown of Creation’. Being a Sun Aries, my mother was full of her own importance, the way Aries people are, as I know by now. Unwilling to tolerate such nonsense, she used to go into the air like a rocket, happy about another opportunity of crossing swords with my father, occasionally threatening him that one fine day she might well kill him.

As a small child you believe that everything your parents say is true and that this is what they are really going to do. That frightens you out of your wits that you might be in danger of losing them and finding yourself left and alone in the big wide world. That’s what happened to me many times. As I know now, the suffering my parents caused me is what I did in at least one previous lifetime to my offspring. This was necessary for balancing my spiritual account. Astrology later taught me that the element Air, having been born on 31.1.1904 my father was a double Sun Aquarius, the fixed Air sign. The Air element enjoys nothing more than the leaping response it can get, when touched the right way, from the Fire element. Hey presto! That’s no doubt why my father enjoyed winding my mother up whenever possible. It was easy because having been married seven years when I appeared, he knew the most sensitive aspects of her nature only too well.

A better understanding of the characteristics of both my parents’ birth signs helped me more than anything to make my peace with them and the same applies to anybody else with whom I ever struggled in the past. Naturally, this is much easier because my father and mother departed from this plane around forty years ago. Julia’s parents are fairly recent arrivals in the spirit realm and it’s likely to still be much more difficult for her to make peace with her father. I hope that my observations might at least provide her with a starting point. Getting to know the positive as well as negative characteristics of both my parent’s birth signs were helpful for finding out why they insisted on behaving the way they did towards each, in their most recent lifetime. We shall return Julia’s parents later.

There is nothing to stop anyone from hurting those around them as much as possible, for as long as they remain unaware that whilst doing this they are literally shovelling karmic debts into their spiritual account. Those at the receiving end who are enduring the attacker’s offences are creating credit entries in their ledger. It’s a double bookkeeping process if ever there was one. If the suffering is caused by only one of the partners, s/he is likely to be the less highly evolved of the two. The karmic bonds they themselves created in some of their previous lifetimes are waiting to be dissolved. This can only come about through forgiveness. The person at the receiving end needs to forgive, first themselves for once having set the wheels of destiny and Karma in motion, and only then the offender. This forgiveness process alone can set people free from each other. And that is the only way karmic bonds that people bring with them into their present lifetime can be dissolved so that they are no more.

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18 Feb, 2022
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