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Earthly Life’s Summit
Earthly Life’s Summit

Earthly Life’s Summit


Miracles And Wonders – Part Three

The spirit realm is a place where honesty and truth rule supreme. That’s why for those who wish to progress spiritually on the earthly plane things have to be for real. Pretending and faking something, lying and cheating, some of the most popular pastimes of past ages and especially during the Piscean one, merely produce negative Karma. In some future lifetime it has to be redeemed and that by none other than you.

Rest assured that the Angels and Masters in charge of you and your world know you better than you do yourself and the intentions behind every one of your thoughts, words and actions are clearly visible to them. With it being impossible to hide anything here, no-one can hope to join their ranks and files without having reached spiritual Mastership. It is for this reason that Saturn’ energies have always provided the lifepath of every human being with delays and frustrations galore.

Saturn is a symbolism of the stern and undeviating schoolmaster aspect of the Divine Trinity. Its main purpose of this planet’s energies is teaching you self-discipline and self-mastery. Saturn is also known as the planet of Karma that is the home of a group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma. In charge of humankind’s spiritual bank account, for the whole of race and every spirit/soul within it, these Angels are working in close co-operation with many other groups of their hierarchy and especially the Healing Angels. All together the Angels are responsible for the care of earthly life’s wellbeing and its evolutionary progress on all its levels.

Saturn together with Uranus are the planetary co-rulers of the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, and also its natural domain, the eleventh house. The Saturnian energies are the guardians and keepers of the spiritual gates that lead into the freedom of the Aquarian age that consists of the ability to believe what your heart and soul tell you to be true. No human spirit/soul will ever be capable of walking through these gates without its earthly self having achieved spiritual mastery and having redeemed every last one of its karmic debts. It’s the manner in which you deal with the obstacles that are getting in your way that shows the wise ones in My world who are in charge of you the degree of your spiritual development.

That is the decisive factor whether, at the natural end of your present lifetime, you will require further lessons on the earthly plane for the completion of your education there. If the vibrations your whole being emanates have become so refined that you will be able to continue your studies on the next higher level of life. The more highly evolved you become, the more you choose lifetimes in which you are strongly influenced by the Saturnian energies. Although your earthly self may find this hard to believe, it is nonetheless the truth that you are seeking the test and trials, delays and frustrations of such a lifetime. They are assisting you with developing your spiritual strength, resilience and determination with which to reach out for far distant goals and the ability to slowly but surely, cautiously hand over hand work your way towards it.

It’s not for nothing that Saturn rules Capricorn, the tenth sign and house of the zodiac. Together with Uranus this planet co-rules Aquarius, the eleventh sign and house. During lifetimes in Capricorn the highest achievements potentially are within the reach of those who are willing to work for them, because they are unlikely to drop into anyone’s lap. They usually only come about after a long and hard slog and patiently enduring the hurdles and obstacles that are sure to present themselves on your way through earthly life. You are the only one who can transform them and don’t allow anyone to try to convince you otherwise.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and siblinghood with all life. In this sign humankind’s highest dreams and aspiration can find fulfilment if you go about it the right way. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution against the old established order of things. The aim of its energies is to bring freedom to you and your world. As the breaker of chains and taboos that brings down and destroys false idols by revealing the truth about them, they have the power of freeing you of the many false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that in the course of many lifetimes have accumulated in your race’s collective and individual soul memories. The main aim of the Uranian influence has always been speeding up the movement of you and your world forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Alas, only when the dust has settled after one of the disruptions this causes the progress that has been made is very real and beneficial. And the deeper you are entering into the Aquarian age, the more noticeable this will become.

The trouble is that during your times in earthly life you will only ever be able to see one side of any picture and that, on many occasions, will be less than half of what is actually there. Yet, in all your endeavours never forget that, with the help of the Angels and Me, any condition can be healed and all crooked corners made straight. And never forget that miracles can only come about for you if you request our assistance. Only then can we guide and intuitively show you how you can contribute to making them happen. When your earthly self has totally and unconditionally surrendered itself to its higher God or Christ Self and us, the end of your apprenticeship’s first phase has been reached. Without this it’s impossible to remove yourself from the obligation of further earthly sojourns.

When the drives and urges of your lower nature have been nailed to the cross of earthly life and died there, and your higher nature has taken over completely, you have evolved into a Christed one in your own right. This is the summit of your earthly education. Your own experiences have taught you to trust our instructions and when, as a result, you constantly work hand in hand with us, you have become worthy of playing the role of pioneer and wayfinder for those who wish to walk in your footsteps. The points then have been set for a miracle to happen to you and through you. They will not be denied to anyone who asks for them. They are sure to come about, but in My time and My ways, and not yours.

The more patiently and lovingly you handle the tests and trials that are bound to come your way, without thinking of them as some kind of undeserved punishment and instead recognise them as opportunities for making good where you once sinned, the more easily your spiritual bankbook’s balance will be restored. That alone allows the unhindered flow of My healing energies through your whole system to regenerate and heal every part of it. Potentially, every one of you is a healer and worker of miracles and this new part of the Aquarian jottings is My personal invitation to become one for all those who are reading it. If you seriously want peace to come to your world, please share it with as many as possible.

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12 Jan, 2020
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6 mins
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