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Eldritch (Prologue)
Eldritch (Prologue)

Eldritch (Prologue)

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The night was starless, and darker than pitch black, or so someone would obtusely name it. It was almost as if the wolves were blind in this forest that was abundant with trees. They couldn't tell if they were blinking or not. "I'm scared." Kai whimpered redicently, shifting his frame closer to his mother.

"Don't be ludicrous. We're wolves. The most valiant creatures in the forest." his father growled at him in berate. Kai opened his maw slightly, preparing for a retort, but thought otherwise and flickered his optics shut. Don't go to sleep yetttttt. We haven't even begun the fun... a sinister voice whispered, letting out a chuckle.

"W-what?" Kai breathed, careful to not wake his mother or father up for something like this. He flattened his ears to his crest with wariness. Shh.. quiet now. You'll be most glad to see what happens today. The voice hissed, as if trying to contain its horrible laughter.

Kai crouched low beside his feeble sister in protection. He was quavering in fear. There was a blinding strike of silent lightning and his sister grimaced, eyes rolling to the back of her head and blood was gushing from everywhere on her and was pouring from her eyes. It was torturing to watch. He shrieked and shook his mother awake.

His sister was spazzing out and screaming for help but there was nothing to do for her. She shuddered one last time and fell limp. She was dead, gone. Kai's eyes widened in horror and he whipped around to blindly find the voice. Don't be scared yet, young one. There is lots more you will see. The sinister voice spoke once more.

"No.." his mother and father breathed in disbelief. His mother especially couldn't believe this terrible happening. She continuedly shook the small pup until his father pulled her back. "She's gone. There's nothing you can do."

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3 Nov, 2016
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1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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