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English Class~ All Chapters in One
English Class~ All Chapters in One

English Class~ All Chapters in One


Charli's POV

"GVE ME MY COOKIE JASON," I yell running around my college campus in Hawaii.

"Not until I get my kiss," he said calmly waving the cookie in the air as I started catching up.

"Fine," said jumping on him as we tumbled down the hill together.

"You lovebirds make us feel single," my sister Rebecca shouted with Jessica

"Why don't you and Jessica get together then Rebecca?" I ask as Jason started kissing my head.

"Where is my cookie?" I ask Jason pouting

"In my belly," he replied not letting me go.

"No more ki-" I started but he kissed me. "There is your cookie," he replied with a smirk.

Pervert, I think to myself as he sat up still holding onto me.

"Jason, can you let go please?" I ask him

"No," he said holding on tighter,

"This why how random boys look at my ass," I tell him with a sigh

"Why didn't you say that sooner?" he asked spinning me around in one motion, "your ass is mine," he tells me kissing my neck

"Were in public," I tell him as I try to block the kisses

"What they see they see," he tells me as he continues kissing me neck.

"We have a class in ten minutes," I tell him after I checked my watch

"We skip," he told me, "You are more important than Mr. Harbear," he finished as he hugged me tighter.

"Jason we have a test today," I said trying to escape his grip, "It's our last class," I told him as I broke free.

"Fine," he muttered, "But I'm sitting next to you," he said in a low voice as he pouted.

As we walk to class I see a guy who looks like he in his late twenties or is going on thirty-five. He stares at me as I enter the class with Jason.

His face lights up.

"Good Afternoon class," Mr. Harbear says in his microphone, "Today I will dismiss your finale exams due to some good news. I am retiring and there will be a new teacher. His name is Mr. Hunter King," he finished as my eyes widened.

Hunter King

"Charli," Mr. Harbear says, "Introduce yourself please," he adds on.

"Um," I start, "I'm Charli West I'm twenty-two and I'm studying to be a chef," I say thankful my voice didn't crack

"She is the best student I ever had in my lifetime of teaching," Mr. Harbear says breaking my thoughts

Great. Now English Class is my least favorite class.

Charli's POV

The class seemed extra long, as I stared at the clock.

"Why does the new teacher keep staring at you?" Jason asked breaking my thoughts, "and why are you acting like its not a big deal?" he continued.

"I dunno why he is staring at me," I said answering the first question, "and it's not a big deal because all the boys around the campus do it," I finish off not taking my eyes off the clock.

"Gives me a new reason to be protective of you", Jason muttered after some time

~After class~

Charli's POV

"Charli," Hunter started as I was about to leave, "you still haven't chosen," he finished with a smirk

"I decided to stick with my age group," I told him, "What we had was in the past Hunter. Go find some Chick to marry and have a kid or two," I said with my voice stern as I walked out of the classroom.

"What did he want to see you for?" Jason asked as I calmly put my hands in my pocket of my jean shorts

"School-related stuff," I murmur as we walked back to our dorm, "Still up for the date tonight?" I ask changing the subject

"Of course," he tells me kissing my head, "I'm always up for dates with you," he finished as we stopped in the middle of the hallway

I put my arms around him as he pulls me closer, "Love you," he whispers in my ear

"Love you too," I reply before he kisses me.

I slip my hand into his as a random girl I've never seen before comes up to us.

"Hi Jason," she says as she twirls her hair and ignores me, "I was wondering-"

"No," Jason said cutting her off, "the whole school knows I have a girlfriend," he finished with is voice stern

He squeezed my hand and we continued walking.

"Don't worry about the fangirls," he told me after a long walk of silence, "It's only you," he finished saying as I got my dorm keys out

"Kay," I told him in a weary voice

"Don't give me that voice," he told me as I jumped on the bed.

He sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap.

"You wanna talk about it?" he asked me as I shook my head.

He kissed me and he didn't stop.

He pulled me closer and took his shirt off. "better?" he asked after some time.

"Mhm," I tell him breathing heavily

"Let's just stay in tonight," he told me with a smirk

"Sounds good to me," I tell him as I feel the heat radiate from my face.

I kiss him as he lifts e off his lap and lays me down on the bed.

"You sure?" he asks me

"yeah," I tell him.

~In the morning~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Charli's POV

I wake up with the sun on my face, and Jason scrolling through his FYP on Tik Tok. "Morning," I tell him as I rub my eyes, "How'd you sleep?''

He kissed my head, "Better than ever," he told me grinning.

Just then someone knocked on the door.

"Is Charli here?"...

Charli's POV

"Is Charli here?" Hunter asked with Atlas standing next to him

I quickly run in the bathroom and get my clothes on.

"She's busy right now," Jason tells them in a low whisper, "Aren't you that Jock from my High School?" Jason asks Atlas as I come out of the bathroom.

"That's right," Atlas says as he stares down on me

I cuddle Jason from behind.

"Charli can we talk?" Hunter asks with his forest green eyes focused on me

"No matter what you ask me Atlas my answer is no," I say with my voice stern, "That goes for you too Hunter," I finish off slamming the door in their face.

"What was that about?" Jason murmured after some time

"They are my ex's," I told him as I rubbed my temples, "are you mad?" I ask him after a couple of minutes of silence.

He ran his hands through his hair. "No," he said staring at the ground, "I'm not mad," he continued as his Scottish accent came out.

He's mad, I thought to myself.

"Your mad," I tell him as my voice cracked, "You're using your accent," I told him sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Smartass," he muttered under his breath.

He sat next to me on the bed and hugged me, then pulled me on his lap.

"I'm not mad at you specifically," he told me with his Scottish accent still strong

"You're mad at them?" I asked trying to figure out what to tell him

He nodded his head.

I hugged him and didn't let go.

"What's on your mind, Jason?" I ask him quietly.

"Losing you," he said after some time as I felt the tears rolling down his eyes

I kiss him as he puts his hands around my hips.

"You're not gonna lose me," I tell him after some time

"Good," he tells me as he pushes me on the bed, "Now where were we," he finishes off with a smirk on his face


I groaned as the bright sun glowed on my face.

"Morning princess," I hear Jason say

"I told you not to call me that," I say as I kiss his cheek, "you know I don't like girly shit," I finish off

"Fine," he mutters as he puts his head on my lap

I play with his hair.

"What you wanna do today?" I asked Jason after some silence

"Ramen place," he tells me, "and then after we could do some shopping," he continues as he sits up.

"Sounds fun," I tell him

"Not as fun as last night," he says without missing a beat

"Pervert," I mutter under my breath

I quickly run into the shower and change into a white crop-top with an oversized flannel jacket and ripped light blue jeans.

"You look hot," Jason tells me with his towel wrapped around his waist

I run my hands through my wavy hair, "Thanks," I tell him with a smile

"Hurry up change I'm hungry," I tell him breaking the silence

"Yes mother," he tells me as he puts air quotes on mother.

Charli's POV

We get seated at the Ramen place in the Mall that was close to the campus.

He into my eyes with killing silence.

"You okay?" I ask him as I look up from the menu.

"Every day I realize how lucky I am to be with you," Jason tells me still staring into my eyes.

He reaches for my hand and rubs the back of it lightly with his thumb.

"Love you,'' he says after a couple more minutes fly by.

"I love you too," I tell him thankful I'm not crying.

He picks up his menu and runs his hand through his dyed hair.

"What are you studying for again?" Jason askes after we order.

"Military," I tell him as I take a sip of my lemonade, "What about you?" I ask him as I tuck my wavy hair behind my ear.

"Teacher," he tells me, "Everything else is too much work," he tells me with a shrug.

"That's why its called a job," I tell him with a confused look, "plus if you teach college kids like us that's likely more work than anything else," I add with a chuckle.

"True," he says with a slight laugh.

Our food comes, and our waitress winks at Jason.

I tense up and put my hand in his while smiling at her.

Hoe, I say in my mind.

"I feel loved Char," he tells me when the waitress leaves.

"'Cause your mine," I tell him without missing a beat.

He looks into my silver eyes and squeezes my hand.

~After eating~

Charli's POV

"The ramen and sushi was good," I tell him as we walked out of the restaurant.

"The only two problems for you were the waitress flirting with me and them not having grape juice," Jason says as he kisses my forehead.

"You get me," I tell him with a sigh as we both start laughing.

We walk around the mall for a few hours before we go into the Gucci store.

"We are only in here to look boujee," Jason says in my ear

I quickly suppress my laugh.

For the next hour and a half, we walk around the Gucci store.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," Jason tells me in a hurry.

"K," I told him thankful my voice didn't crack.

Cheating again? I think to myself, Maybe.

~After 5 minutes~

I see Jason walk out of the bathroom with no one else in sight.

Guess I was wrong, I said to myself.

"Their toilets are made of gold," he tells me as soon as he gets close enough.

My jaw dropped.

We quickly walk out of the wall as I feel a type on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw Atlas and Hunter.

"Looks like the universe can't separate us," Atlas said with a smirk

I silently groan.

"How much times do I ha-"

Hunter kisses me before I finish the sentence.

His lips are soft and moist.

I push away. But Atlas kisses me.

Soft and Moist.

I push away again as Jason pulls me close to him.

"Mine," he hisses at them both

"I thought you were with that girl you were making out with in the bathroom," Atlas says with a shrug

"Think her name was Rebecca," Hunter continues as he pulls me to him

I stand there waiting for Jason to speak.

"Well?" I say with tears streaming down my face.

"I can't believe you," I say with my voice stern as Jasons face is still in shock.

"Let's go guys,' I say gesturing to Atlas and Hunter, "we're over Jason,"

I race outside to Hunter's car as I breakdown crying. Atlas sits next to me trying to calm me down. After a few minutes, I stop crying.

Hunter presses on his horn.

"I'm gonna road rage soon if he doesn't hurry the hell up," Hunter says gripping the wheel harder than before.

"Then they'll sue us and we'll end up on Judge Judy," I say with my voice weary

"Shit police on your left," Atlas tells Hunter

As we stop for the police to inspect us my eyes widen.

"Mateo!" I scream as I hurry out the car to hug him.

" 'O Bestie!" Mateo squeals, "Pōkole ʻoe me hehena lā" (You are short and crazy) he tells me with a grin showing both his dimples

"Who are these people and what are they doing with my baby," He said quickly

"We are her boyfriends," Hunter says with a smirk

"Aia ʻoe i loko o kēlā mau keikikāne ʻAmelika," Mateo says as I laugh (

You are in those American boys)

"Maopopo iā ʻoe ʻaʻohe keiki kāne uʻi o Hawaiʻi nei," I said smirking (

You know there is no beautiful boy in Hawaiʻi here)

"I should've learned the Hawaiian language," Atlas says shaking his head

"No shit," Hunter says frustrated.

Hunter comes out of the car.

Just then a drunk driver comes and knocks hunter down.

Charli's POV

The driver stares down at Hunters lifeless looking body.

Then drives off. I call the police bawling into the phone as I sprint of the car calling off its license plate number.

"Charli!" I here Atlas shout from behind me.

I run faster.

I feel out of breath. The next thing I see is gravel on the ground as I pass out.

~Few Hours Later~

Charli's POV

I wake up.

"Holy shit that light is bright," I say as I groan in the hospital bed

"Your awake!" Atlas says jumping up to his feet, "You ran like, 10 miles," He said laughing

I shift uncomfortably in the bed.

"Is Hunter okay?" I asked as my voice began to break

Atlas swallows before he answers.

"He's," he beings, "He's unresponsive," he finishes as he squeezes my hand.

he nurse bursts open the door.

Then the doctor comes in.

It's never good when Doc comes, I think to myself.

"Ms. West-"

"My name is Charli," I say interrupting him as Atlas smirks

"Charli," the doctor starts again, "My name is Doctor Antionio and this is Nurse Lydia," he tells me as I sigh

"The police are here to ask you a few questions," Doc. Antonio said as two officers walked in

"Thanks, Doc we'll take it from here," the tall buff one says, "I'm officer Rodgers and this is Officer Role," he says as he points to his female assistant

"Looking through both of your history and records," he starts, "your both clean and from America, you went to the same high school, big age difference and he's your teacher so is Mr. king who got knocked down," he says quickly.

"I'm guessing your comfortable with them," Officer Rolle says as I nod.

"But," Officer Rodgers says, "What is a student doing with her two teachers on a Saturday?" he says taking a bite of his donut

"We ran into each other at the mall," I start, "and I asked for a ride to my apartment cause my ride who is, now, my ex cheated," he said rubbing my temples

"That clears that up," Officer Rodgers says with a laugh

"Who do you think would be drunk and knock a teacher down?" Rodgers says finishing his donut

I search my memory and stare at the license plate I saw.


I star at the blank wall.

"Charli," Atlas says, "Who do you think would do this," he finishes

"it," I stutter, "it, it was umm Jason's car," I finally say, "I know his license plate," I continue

I give the officers his address.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Officer Rolle says

"Fell better Charli," they say in unison.

Doctor Antonio comes back in.

"We have bad news," he says with an accent as I gasp for air, "Hunter King is dead," he tells me.

I feel the world crash.

I feel my body falling through floors upon floors upon floors.

I hear Atlas call my name, but I don't answer.

I also feel my heart stop and come back again.

I pass out.

Atlas' POV

She passed out.

"She isn't waking up!" the nurse shouts

"Do CPR!" Doctor Antonio shouts.

"Sir please leave the room," a different nurse shouts as she pushes me out of the room.

~Three hours Later~

The doctor comes out of the door.

"How is she?" I ask jumping to my feet.

The doctor sighs, "She's in a coma," he tells me, "We have no idea when she'll wake up," he says

Then walks off.

My brothers dead, Charli is in a coma what do I do? I ask myself.

"Just cling on to hope," I mutter under my breath, "Just cling on," I mutter again as I walk out of the hospital

Author Notes: Watch out for the next series

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