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English Class Chapter 2
English Class Chapter 2

English Class Chapter 2


Charli's POV

The class seemed extra long, as I stared at the clock.

"Why does the new teacher keep staring at you?" Jason asked breaking my thoughts, "and why are you acting like its not a big deal?" he continued.

"I dunno why he is staring at me," I said answering the first question, "and it's not a big deal because all the boys around the campus do it," I finish off not taking my eyes off the clock.

"Gives me a new reason to be protective of you", Jason muttered after some time

~After class~

Charli's POV

"Charli," Hunter started as I was about to leave, "you still haven't chosen," he finished with a smirk

"I decided to stick with my age group," I told him, "What we had was in the past Hunter. Go find some Chick to marry and have a kid or two," I said with my voice stern as I walked out of the classroom.

"What did he want to see you for?" Jason asked as I calmly put my hands in my pocket of my jean shorts

"School-related stuff," I murmur as we walked back to our dorm, "Still up for the date tonight?" I ask changing the subject

"Of course," he tells me kissing my head, "I'm always up for dates with you," he finished as we stopped in the middle of the hallway

I put my arms around him as he pulls me closer, "Love you," he whispers in my ear

"Love you too," I reply before he kisses me.

I slip my hand into his as a random girl I've never seen before comes up to us.

"Hi Jason," she says as she twirls her hair and ignores me, "I was wondering-"

"No," Jason said cutting her off, "the whole school knows I have a girlfriend," he finished with is voice stern

He squeezed my hand and we continued walking.

"Don't worry about the fangirls," he told me after a long walk of silence, "It's only you," he finished saying as I got my dorm keys out

"Kay," I told him in a weary voice

"Don't give me that voice," he told me as I jumped on the bed.

He sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap.

"You wanna talk about it?" he asked me as I shook my head.

He kissed me and he didn't stop.

He pulled me closer and took his shirt off. "better?" he asked after some time.

"Mhm," I tell him breathing heavily

"Let's just stay in tonight," he told me with a smirk

"Sounds good to me," I tell him as I feel the heat radiate from my face.

I kiss him as he lifts e off his lap and lays me down on the bed.

"You sure?" he asks me

"yeah," I tell him.

~In the morning~ ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

Charli's POV

I wake up with the sun on my face, and Jason scrolling through his FYP on Tik Tok. "Morning," I tell him as I rub my eyes, "How'd you sleep?''

He kissed my head, "Better than ever," he told me grinning.

Just then someone knocked on the door.

"Is Charli here?"...

Author Notes: Okay so.
My boyfriend broke up with me so that was oNe of the reasons I am so freaking late on this. Another one is I'm posting this during a hurricane.
Anywho I am seeing someone who is nicer if that's a word. -excuses my dumbness-

I just hope you enjoy this!


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31 Jul, 2020
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2 mins
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