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English Class~ Finale
English Class~ Finale

English Class~ Finale


Charli's POV

The driver stares down at Hunters lifeless looking body.

Then drives off. I call the police bawling into the phone as I sprint of the car calling off its license plate number.

"Charli!" I here Atlas shout from behind me.

I run faster.

I feel out of breath. The next thing I see is gravel on the ground as I pass out.

~Few Hours Later~

Charli's POV

I wake up.

"Holy shit that light is bright," I say as I groan in the hospital bed

"Your awake!" Atlas says jumping up to his feet, "You ran like, 10 miles," He said laughing

I shift uncomfortably in the bed.

"Is Hunter okay?" I asked as my voice began to break

Atlas swallows before he answers.

"He's," he beings, "He's unresponsive," he finishes as he squeezes my hand.

he nurse bursts open the door.

Then the doctor comes in.

It's never good when Doc comes, I think to myself.

"Ms. West-"

"My name is Charli," I say interrupting him as Atlas smirks

"Charli," the doctor starts again, "My name is Doctor Antionio and this is Nurse Lydia," he tells me as I sigh

"The police are here to ask you a few questions," Doc. Antonio said as two officers walked in

"Thanks, Doc we'll take it from here," the tall buff one says, "I'm officer Rodgers and this is Officer Role," he says as he points to his female assistant

"Looking through both of your history and records," he starts, "your both clean and from America, you went to the same high school, big age difference and he's your teacher so is Mr. king who got knocked down," he says quickly.

"I'm guessing your comfortable with them," Officer Rolle says as I nod.

"But," Officer Rodgers says, "What is a student doing with her two teachers on a Saturday?" he says taking a bite of his donut

"We ran into each other at the mall," I start, "and I asked for a ride to my apartment cause my ride who is, now, my ex cheated," he said rubbing my temples

"That clears that up," Officer Rodgers says with a laugh

"Who do you think would be drunk and knock a teacher down?" Rodgers says finishing his donut

I search my memory and stare at the license plate I saw.


I star at the blank wall.

"Charli," Atlas says, "Who do you think would do this," he finishes

"it," I stutter, "it, it was umm Jason's car," I finally say, "I know his license plate," I continue

I give the officers his address.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Officer Rolle says

"Fell better Charli," they say in unison.

Doctor Antonio comes back in.

"We have bad news," he says with an accent as I gasp for air, "Hunter King is dead," he tells me.

I feel the world crash.

I feel my body falling through floors upon floors upon floors.

I hear Atlas call my name, but I don't answer.

I also feel my heart stop and come back again.

I pass out.

Atlas' POV

She passed out.

"She isn't waking up!" the nurse shouts

"Do CPR!" Doctor Antonio shouts.

"Sir please leave the room," a different nurse shouts as she pushes me out of the room.

~Three hours Later~

The doctor comes out of the door.

"How is she?" I ask jumping to my feet.

The doctor sighs, "She's in a coma," he tells me, "We have no idea when she'll wake up," he says

Then walks off.

My brothers dead, Charli is in a coma what do I do? I ask myself.

"Just cling on to hope," I mutter under my breath, "Just cling on," I mutter again as I walk out of the hospital

I know what your thinking-
WHy SO SooN-
TvT well I have a surprise for yall U>U
U>U yes yes they are coming back ladies and gents.
But they aren't gonna be the main characters it's their KIDS so please look out for that story. It is called "Giving up on not giving up"
Thank you for all the love and support for this story.
BUT I am taking a break from Charli and Atlas' story right now.
Ciao ^^

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24 Sep, 2020
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