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Dear Friends,

As you know by now, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle are the executors of the Divine evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. Naturally, this includes our world and everything within it. Withholding the truth for quite a while, the most recent example of this were the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy with its dominance of the masculine forces of life over the feminine ones. Fortunately, this developmental phase belongs to the past. And that’s why the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, for many years by now have been returning ever more of the truth to us and our world, for example through the Aquarian writings.

What I am sharing with you today, deals with the most important and therefore most difficult aspect of humankind’s existence and that’s the healing of all our relationships, starting with ourselves, turning towards each other and ultimately with God. The Aquarian age, as ever more of us are becoming aware of, is the age of truth. The deeper our world moves into its energies, the more earthlings are going to discover who and what God truly is and who every human being, without exception, always has been and forever will be. And that’s a healing journey in itself. Its most essential part is the realisation that Jesus never was or will be the saviour and redeemer of those who believe that he exists. This is because the God-man only ever existed as a thought-form, who is a symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature.

We and our world as well as everything else that exists in the whole of Creation, were brought into being and are constantly maintained by the Divine Trinity. It consist of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. The Divine Trinity is the originator and designer of the evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, known as the throne of God, are the executors of this plan. They always have been and forever will be in charge of the development of all manifestations of life throughout the whole of Creation, down to the tiniest details. Naturally, this applies to our world, individually as well as collectively.

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* * *

Be Your Own Saviour

Turn to Me, beloved Children of the Earth.
I am Your Creator, the Divine Trinity of
The Great Father/Mother of all life and
Their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.
S/He is the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights.
The Angels and Masters around My throne,
The Christ Circle, and I are waiting for your call.
The Aquarian age has been with your world
For quite a while and now the time has come when
Ever more of you need to be instructed by us,
Intuitively through everyone’s own inner guidance,
How to go about saving and redeeming
Yourself and your world.

Nobody can do this for you and no-one will come
To wave some kind of magic wand,
To bring it about.
The Aquarian age is the age of truth.
This brings your world the knowledge that
The Master Jesus is not a historical figure,
Who once walked in your midst.
He is a symbolism that represents
Every human being’s own
Higher God or Christ nature.

I, the Divine Trinity, am your God.
There never was or will be any other.
Help could never come to you and your world
For as long as you kept asking for it the wrong way.
But at last the time has come for waking up
To the fact that the Angels and Masters
Around My throne are the executors of
My great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation.
They are also responsible for that of your world
As well as the individual ones for every one of you.
They are in charge of the evolutionary progress
Of every level of all worlds,
Including yours.

At the beginning of the creative process
A law went forth from Me.
In your world it is known as the
Universal law of cause and effect or Karma.
This law decrees that everything has to return to its source.
When the light of understanding how this law
Has always affected every one of you and your world,
And that this will forever continue, has reached
The darkest corners of humankind’s earthly existence,
There will be peace on the Earth.

The comprehension of this law provides you
With a power tool of the highest calibre.
It places the power into everybody’s own hands
For recognising the spiritual background
And cause of the 2020 pandemic.
You may then wish join the ranks and files
Of your world’s miracle workers.
Hand in hand with the Angels and Me,
They are occupied with blessing and healing
Humankind and your world.
And that’s how the Covid-19 outbreak at present is
Slowly but surely reaching its natural happy conclusion.
Every miracle worker, at the same time, is creating
Credit entries on their spiritual ledger
For the balancing of its debit entries.

Heaven and hell never were places anyone went to.
Unbeknown to you for a long time,
As co-creators with Me,
It has always been in everybody’s own hands
To create either one or the other,
Wherever you may find yourself.
And your world’s present state creates endless
Opportunities for bringing your own small piece
Of Heaven down to the Earth.
All you have to do is turn to Me and the Angels.
They are waiting to show ever more of you intuitively
How you can take part in your world’s recovery
From the living hell of psychological warfare
Between good and evil, which is the background
And true cause of the 2020 pandemic.

Every miracle worker’s positive and constructive
Thoughts, words and actions are feeding into
Your world’s light stream of consciousness.
This increases its power to absorb ever more
Of the darkness that fills and surrounds
Your world’s troublemakers behind the scenes.
As creators of its present hellish state
They are feeding into the dark stream.

John Foley
Edited by Aquarius
Updated Beginning July 2020

With love and light,

* * *

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24 Jul, 2022
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