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Epsilon Part #1
Epsilon Part #1

Epsilon Part #1

Lollipop_56The Wraith
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We live among you.

We look like you.

We act like you.

But we are not you.

We think differently, always analyzing quick escape plans, searching for cameras and always covering our faces when we see one. We never get too attached to a human, especially, we never get tangled in romance.

We don't spend our time at school learning about english or the value of pi, but we learned how to fight with a sword, brandish weapons that we made ourselves.

We don't listen to music or play a sport in our free time; instead, we're drilled on how to survive by ourself in the wild, quickly disarm threats, and using the opponents weaknesses as an advantage.

We are Epsilon.

Author Notes: If you want the next part, place a review! See you around!

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About The Author
The Wraith
About This Story
28 Jan, 2019
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<1 min

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