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Epsilon Part #2
Epsilon Part #2

Epsilon Part #2


12 years ago, we came to Earth, young and innocent, unaware that the fate of our race rested upon our shoulders. My comrades, I remember clearly, having the gift of clear sight, or photographic memory, as humans would say. I remember living on Albea, in the western region of Tandra. We were first reunited there, the seven of us. There was Juniper, a short blond haired girl with beautiful light blue eyes, Hazel with red-haired, one soft brown eye (the other was light blue), the twins Jaiden and Jordan with pepper hair (as I call it. It's basically dirty blond with a few streaks of black and brown). They resemble each other so much, it's impossible to tell, besides the fact that Jaiden has dark blue eyes and Jordan has brown eyes. There's also Nova and a dark-skinned, curly-haired dude with distracting hazel eyes that change color every second. Last but certainly not least, there's Lithios, Lit for short ("He should sell lightbulbs since he's so lit" Jaiden had once joked. It made us laugh because Jaiden made it on purpose to sound like a "dad joke" using his high pitched voice. "Dad joke". Is that what the earth creatures call it?). He had jet black hair and bluish-greenish eyes.

Oh. And me, of course. I'm the weird one. I have wavy dark brown hair down to my knee, but I always pull it into a massive bun or a braid on my side, making my hair dangle to my hips. My eyes are sea green. My name is Azalea. Nothing more to say.

By the way, did you notice that all the girl Epsilons are named after plants? Kinda weird, huh?

Each of us was given 3 gifts. One strong gift for fighting, another for defense, and a small gift for other stuff. I'm pretty sure Hazel got the power of venti a.k.a air, and that Nova got lumina (fire). The rest, I'm clueless. Heh, it's been twelve years, ok? Cut me some slack.

I haven't found out my major power yet, but my minor power is clearsight like I mentioned earlier. My defense power is healing. I'm getting better and better now.

But why? You might ask. Why are you trained to fight? When? How? Where? Whom? What happened?

The Spleehae Nurmeen is what happened.

We call them the Hae for short. They are evil creatures, disgusting-looking aliens. They once lived on a beautiful, small planet like us, but ruined it with their pollution. They took over our plant, conquering and slaying us. It was a massacre. They came in unbelievable forces; making us hopeless before we even started sizing up our opponents. Their trick was; not all Hae were naturally born. More than half of them are clones; born from a black slime. They caught us by surprise too, because we had made peace half a century ago. Only the seven of us Epsilon survived. The others fought bravely against the monsters.

At this very moment, they are destroying my home planet, migrating to the Earth, convinced to kill us slowly and painfully and finish what they started.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading!

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28 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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