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Epsilon Part #3
Epsilon Part #3

Epsilon Part #3


We have to gather, I thought. They are becoming stronger, they will soon track you down and kill you. Another thought chided, but I have become more vigilant and strong too. Why worry? "Azalea!" yelled my master. "Come down here!" Her voice shook me out of my thoughts. I burst out of my room and ran down the stairs. My master stood in the living room, hands behind her back.

I always loved my master. She was the one who pushed me to my limits, always encouraging me to do even better. She was pretty too. She was 87 years old, but she looked like she was in her mid-twenties. Did I mention my race can live up to 300 years old?

I'm 16 right now, and I look like I'm 16 to human eyes. Since I am an Epsilon, my age and my body go in different paces, but that's complicated.

Anyways, my master had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin was tanned and toned, with strong muscles under. She had high cheekbones, a square jaw, and eyes that pointed slightly upwards, so she gives off an eagle-eye-that-can-see-everything kinda vibe.

Her human name was Jane, but I call her Jojo. And when she's in a good mood, she calls me Izzie.

Well, she was in a fabulous mood right now, grinning like crazy, but she had a serious look behind her smile.

"If I am satisfied with your training today, you may look inside." She held up a small leather bag.

Ok, now I was giddy.

When we're on the spaceship to Earth, they each gave us a small leather bag. Inside, there was a weapon that would help us discover our main power, and still be an awesome weapon.

The powers were: Lumina, Venti, Copela, Aqua, Ancror, Anima, and Herba. In human language, it's Fire, Air, Copy, Water, Energy, Animals, and Plants. The strongest power is Copela (Copy), the power of copying others power. The second strongest is Ancror (Energy) since it can control a wide field of things. Lightning, machines, contraptions... The third strongest... it's hard to say. All of the rest apply, I guess. Aqua (water) can control the seas but also ice and snow, while Lumina (Fire) can control wildfire and also lava and acid. Anima (Animals) can control life, humans, other living things (besides plants of course.) Herba (Plants) controls living forms too, just plant-wise. Venti (Air) is strong too. The weather, natural disasters, flying, birds even (I think Anima can control them as well).

I mean, honestly, who doesn't want the power of Copela? When I said that to Jojo, she just replied: "A great power, yes, but it comes with a great cost."

I also remembered that my leather bag was slightly bigger than the others, and it made me even more excited.

But first, I have to go through training.

First, I had to battle my master, the toughest part.

We both picked up identical swords and walked into our yard. We are now back to back, walking slowly away from each other. "3...2...1...start!" My master yells. We both turn around. Surprisingly, my master does not attack. We look at each other, walking slowly in a circle. I'm losing my patience now. I ran straight at her, my sword by my side but ready to slash. I jump and stab at her heart, but she easily deflects. In one swift motion, she slices, cutting my arm. I gritted my teeth. Time to try something new. I thought. I spin around in midair and knock my master to the ground. She looks surprised but quickly recovers. She stands up and slashes an X at my chest at an alarming speed but I recoiled so she tore up my shirt. I spin, dodge, slash, stab and kick her within a few seconds. She deflects the slash, sidesteps my stab, but she was a little too slow for my kick. I hit her in the head, but not hard, just enough for her to get mad and more competitive. She slashes again, but this time, not towards me, but towards my sword. It goes flying towards her direction and she grabs it with ease.

Hooray! I'm weaponless and screwed. I back up, waiting for the final moment when she pins me to the ground, points both swords at my neck, and I'll have to give up.

Instead, I come up with a crazy plan that has a very slim chance of being successful. My master once said "When all hope is lost, use your surroundings. You might turn the tide of the fight."

I look up. I'm just below a sturdy branch of our maple tree. I jump, grip the branch, swing my legs into my master's face. She goes sprawling on the ground with a red boot mark on her right cheek. Both of her swords went flying; I caught one; the other planted itself on the other side of the yard.

My master scrambled to the other sword. In one swift motion, she grabs it and runs towards me and stabs my stomach. I sidestep, then crouch and use my momentum to sweep her off her feet with my leg. She jumps, but I expected that, so I stood up and deflect her blow then slash her sword. I catch it in midair. "Taste of your own medicine," I say with satisfaction. Before Jojo can do anything else to get herself out of this delightful situation, I point one sword at her neck and the other behind the back of her neck. She narrows her eyes then said, "You win."

I drop both swords ad laugh and whoop. This is the first time I win a sword fight with her. She laughs with me. My master takes my hands then my one of her hands on my cheek. "You are growing strong, Izzie. I'm sure you will have the power of Copela. You deserve it." She hugs me tight and I hug her right back. I never knew my parents, but Jojo sure felt like my mom.

"Time to train your other powers," she said with a smile and points at her boot-imprinted cheek. I laugh. I put my fingers on her cheek. The heat flows through my fingers. I always have that sensation when I heal someone. I feel like I'm holding hot potatoes that are quickly cooling down. In no time, the person is healed and I feel normal again.

Since Jojo's boot mark wasn't much damage. The heat wasn't that intense and it was quick.

Ok. Time for the second part of training.

I take out my bow and arrow. The bow is black and polished, with two carved dragons swirling about the wood. The string is tight and is also black. none end of the bow, there's a blade, kinda like a spear. My arrows are dipped in poison but I take out the practice ones. They don't have sharp edges.

My master reels in a target. It's a stupid Hae dummy. To make it even more realistic, it looks like an Hae perfectly. Half of its skull is covered in tattoos, the other is full of black, stringy, oily, hair. It was much taller than all of us, around 3 secosema and 1 secosempa (about two meters and 3/4).

I nod at my master. She presses a button on the back of the automaton and this stupid Hae robot turns on. I load my bow and let the arrow fly. Jojo stands inside the house with a button to shut off the automaton if things turned ugly.

The Hae easily catches the arrow and snaps it in half. He punches, but he's so slow compared to Jane (Jojo, whatever. I'll just call he Jane from now on just to annoy her.) I duck, hit him in the head with the spear end of my bow. He (wait, no... It) stumbles back, dazed, and I take advantage. I kick him in the groin, knock an arrow into its eyes. She stumbled again but recovered faster. He lunges at me. I crouch. When he goes sailing over me, I stick my speared bow up, cutting the metal robot cleanly in half.

Jojo claps her hands and walks into the yard.

She fishes out the leather bag out of her pocket and gives it to me. I eagerly open it and find a...bracelet.

It a pretty bracelet, at least, pearly white with one glowing pale pink stone in the middle. But still...


Jane senses my disappointment and tells me to put the bracelet on. "Shield yourself with it. Trust me," she instructed, taking out a gun. She also puts on an identical bracelet, except that the large gem in the middle is pale blue. I kneel. I put my hand with the bracelet in front of me. Without hesitation, my master shoots three bullet rounds at me. I have complete trust in her, but this is insane. I was just about to dodge, but my bracelet expanded into a large shield, covering 3 secosema (about a meter and a half). The bullets are absorbed into the bracelet and spit them right out, aiming at Jane. Her own shield activates and is sucked in and bounced back towards me. So fun to play a fatal ping-pong with my master!

I dodge after a few rounds and the bullets encrust themselves in a tree with a sickening snap. Hum. Not bad for a bracelet. Not bad at all.

"Stay here," Jane says and sprints up the stairs and locks herself in her room. A few seconds pass and a growing iciness grow at my wrist. I look down at my limb and yelp. The gem in the middle is three times bigger now, with Jane's face on it, just like a live video feed. "Not bad, is it?" my master grins as if she was reading my thoughts. Her voice sounds far away, but still clear. I nod, slightly dazed with my new weapon (more like new defense, I guess). Her hand swipes over the gem and she disappears. The gem shrinks back to its original size. I hear her thundering down the stairs. She bursts through the yard doors and says " Now that-" she's cut off by her beeping. She frowns and takes it out. I peeked over her shoulder. A message read...

Author Notes: This is from a really long time ago, so you can clearly see the difference in between before and now...hopefully XD
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29 Jan, 2019
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