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Epsilon Part #4
Epsilon Part #4

Epsilon Part #4


"Meet at 422, Chartreuse Boulevard, San Jose, CA, USA, Earth, The Solar System, Milky Way, The World, the Universe, before Sunday, Oct. 27.

This meeting will only last a week, enough to help each other out for figuring each other’s main powers.

This message will be deleted at exactly 1300 Thursday, Oct. 25 so that the Hae will not discover us.

Hazel’s master."

My head spun. I waited for 12 long years. And finally, finally, we were gathering somewhere. I started packing immediately. It wasn't hard. There was not much to pack. My sleeping bag, my stone owl (wanna see it? scroll all the way down), my bow and arrow and leather bag- wait... there's something in the leather bag? But I thought the bracelet was the only thing in the bag. Epsilon only gets one present... unless you're special...

Special. As in strong. As in the strongest power. As in Copela.

Jojo's expression tells me that she has the same train of thought. I reach into the bag, unsure of what to expect. I feel something cold and sharp. I pull it out.

It's a miniature sword, long, pale blue, just like my master's bracelet. The edges are sharp and smooth. It suddenly springs to full size. It swings it around. It feels comfortable in my wrist. And-wait.

I swing it again and the sword bends a little. I swing it faster, and the sword extends, acting as a flexible ribbon. This is the sword of the first Epsilon that mastered Copela. I realized. So that means... I have the power of Copela?! No way. I thought, feeling more powerful by the minute. But first, I need to master my power before the meeting. But that's not possible. I can't copy off 'cause I didn't see them for 12 freaking years.

What will they think of me?

Author Notes: thanks for reading!

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1 Feb, 2019
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