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Everlasting Life
Everlasting Life

Everlasting Life

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Everlasting Life

The trees have swayed in the breeze

The bees bustling by the flowers, the deer dashing through the forest,

Day after day, year after year, time slowly trickling by,

Do things really die?

Is immortality worthy for us?

Have we caused too much damage?

Would humanity take over

The Earth no longer the Earth?

Once we leave this world, have we taken more than we gave?

Immortality is a power

Power over beauty,

Power over grief

Power over power

Immortality is a burden

Carried over hunched shoulders

Like Atlas carrying the sky’s weight

Like Cerberus guarding the Gate

But can they move away?

Can the give up and

Call it a day?

No. Not at all

All they can do

Is hope for the best

Only the mightiest

Can survive

Do the others give up on life?

They can’t. Their immortality

Drives them to doom

Never having the stability

To move on

What is fair and what is not?

What is good and what is not?

Is there something out there?

Yes, no, maybe so.

Yes, no, I don’t know.

But I know if eternal life is what humans get

Humans do not live anymore

They are just alive

Alive, but sad and sober

Regretful and as good as dead

Death is hard

Cruel merciless

Never seeing them again

But is it necessary?

Should it be part of us?

Yes, yes, I think it should

Hard but necessary

Nothing comes without a price

One day, one fateful day, you can see them again.

Author Notes: First poem. Sorry it's really bad.

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19 Jan, 2019
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1 min
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