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Everybody Their Own Lord And Master
Everybody Their Own Lord And Master

Everybody Their Own Lord And Master


Humankind’s Ascent From Darkness

Part Two

If you want your planet ever to become a place where honesty and truth are the supreme rulers and where people live and work together peacefully and harmoniously, each one of you first has to sweep in front of their own door and do what you can do bring this state about. There is no other way and no-one can do this work for you. The choice whether you take part in this enterprise or not is yours. As a starting point, you need to know that God is in everything and everything is part of God. All powers and qualities that are in God are also in every one of you, the highest as well as the lowest. The aspect of the Divine you are on the Earth to bring forth, from the depth of your own being, is your contribution to bringing about only that which is good and peaceful, beautiful and right.

The earthly school of life’s curriculum is designed to assist every one of you with taking charge of aspects of your nature. That which to you appears to be dark, ugly and evil in you and your world is meant to be overcome and left behind and transformed, by none other than you, into something that is good, beautiful and right. Bringing forth the best that is within you is every human being’s birthright. We, the Angels and I are your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, who are waiting to show you intuitively how to go about it. You will find that your daily life becomes much easier to cope with when you pay attention to what you receive from us. Trust us, stick your toes into the water and watch what happens. That’s how life itself, each through their own experiences, wants to show you the trustworthiness of our guidance, so that eventually you will follow it without hesitation.

When you feel ever more drawn towards that which is good, right and beautiful, it’s a signal that the God or Christ part of your nature is taking over your whole being. The desire to give in to and act out the drives and urges of your lower nature will eventually have gone from you when you have matured into spiritual adulthood. You then realise that there is no point in praying: ‘O Lord, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, wash and cleanse me of mine!’ You no longer believe that Jesus was a historical figure who once walked the Earth and recognise that the story of his life is a legend and that the God-man is a symbolism of every human being’s own God or Christ nature.

The lamb is not an outer but an inner experience, that comes about for every human being when the light of their Divine spark has increased sufficiently, in both ways, that its higher nature wakes up. At a certain point of your development you discover that Jesus is a legend and that there really is a God and Angels, who have always taken care of you and forever will do so. They can be asked for guidance and protection, but without asking it cannot come. When someone goes down on their knees and requests our help, it is never denied. Each one of you has to learn through their own experiences and with the passing of time, that our intuitively received advice never leads you astray and is utterly trustworthy. Your lamb part then gratefully accepts what it receives from us and eventually follows it without hesitation. The sinful ways of your lower nature are no longer of interest to you. And that’s the only way Christ, i.e. not Jesus but your own Christ nature, really does take away the sins of the world. Recognising for what they are and rising above them, the lion aspect of your nature makes peace with that of the lamb and they rest together.

Nobody needs to wave some kind of magic wand in order to save and redeem you, because you are doing this work yourself, aware that a high and holy destiny awaits every human being at the end of their earthly education. It has been reached as soon as you have taken charge of every aspect of your nature, are in control of all of them, they are working together peacefully and harmoniously, the way the are doing in the Great Father/Mother. You are your own Lord and Master when you have mastered and overcome the drives and urges of your lower earthly nature. Of your own free will, you have left them behind together with the darkness of your own ignorance and that of your world. This means you have evolved into a Christed one, in your own right.

The more You know about God’s true nature and your own, as well as the purpose of your earthly existence, the easier it becomes to shed your fears, once and for all. One after the other, they need to be nailed to the cross of not knowing why you are on the Earth. The cross is humankind’s oldest symbol for this existence. And the emaciated man bleeding to death on the Christian cross represents humankind’s lower earthly nature, in readiness for its higher God or Christ nature to lift itself above the miseries of its earthly existence. Eventually, this part of the human nature needs to completely take over everybody’s whole being. The cross of your world’s Celtic traditions to this day is surrounded by the circle that is the symbol of the Angels’ and My protective presence. For the Christian religion the circle was removed so that, humankind seemingly was left to struggle on its own with the starkness of its earthly existence.

Without gaining spiritual Mastership over your earthly nature, none of you can hope to be released into the greater freedom of the Aquarian age and most certainly not let loose, without our guidance, onto other parts of Creation that are away from the Earth. Without Mastership every human being’s earthly education is incomplete. The lion is a symbolism for the masculine aspect of every human being’s earthly nature. The unadulterated lion nature is proud and arrogant. He has a high opinion of himself and his importance in his own kingdom, wherever he finds himself. He will do his best to dominate, subdue and exploit others to gain personal advantages, whenever an opportunity for it arises. These lion traces are part of both genders. It’s just that in men it is conscious and women are affected by it from their subconscious because it is part of their inner man.

The ultimate purpose of every human being’s earthly education is to evolve into its own lord and master, who seeks to dominate nothing but the drives and urges of their lower earthly nature. This process eventually turns the human lower nature into a lamb who meekly prays: ‘May Your will be done, not mine. And may Your words and prayers be mine.’ Yet, this can only come about when the lion’s animal energies freely and willingly surrender themselves to their own higher God or Christ nature. The earthly self then no longer has any problems with kneeling at our feet and asking for our help. And without asking, it cannot come to anyone. Each time another one of you steps forward, we are happy to oblige. It is our signal for starting to guide you intuitively, through the world of your feelings and also the small still voice of your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within.

Having reached that developmental stage, you realise that in truth nothing in earthly life belongs to you. Everything is on loan and borrowed and, in due course, has to be returned at the end in as good condition as possible. We are glad to observe that ever more of you are becoming aware that all My powers and characteristics are every human being’s Divine inheritance. But at first the qualities of your God or Christ nature only exist in seed form and are slumbering. Nonetheless, they are the most essential gift that I am bestowing upon every one of you. It’s up to each individual to bring them forth, from the depths of their own being, into the conscious awareness of their earthly personality. In the course of many earthly lifetimes they are developed and eventually brought to full flowering. When you have matured into spiritual adulthood, practising them is your contribution towards making Mother Earth into a more pleasant and peaceful place.

For every one of you, each new lifetime creates fresh opportunities for working on this task. Because Angels and I always have been and forever will be with you and, provided you ask for our guidance, intuitively showing how to go about it, there is no need to be afraid of anything. However, even during the age of truth, any spiritual wisdom and knowledge that is coming your way does not automatically become your spiritual property. After verifying with your inner guidance that what is before you really is true, it can only become your property through testing and trying it in all your daily encounters, and that in thoughts, words and actions.

The kind of understanding every human being is on the Earth to seek, cannot come about through merely reading this, that or the other publication, or endlessly attending workshops and seminars. Understanding can only grow through everyone’s own experiences. That is how any earthly knowledge matures into the kind you take with you into Eternity. At the end of each earthly lifetime, you take it with you and it will accompany you into all future ones and beyond. It’s yours to keep forever and makes your life easier to cope with, wherever you may find yourself.

Never forget that everything that the highest as well as the lowest is in Me and therefore also in each one of you. That which to you appears to be evil, dark and ugly in you, the people and world around you, serves only one purpose and that is to be overcome and transformed, by each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, into something that is good, right and beautiful. Regardless of gender, creed, colour of skin and the status you have within the society in which you are presently taking part, every one of you can only grow more Heaven-tall and like Me through their own experiences. Godliness shows itself in human kindness and goodness, friendliness and goodwill towards all, as well as patience for and tolerance with your younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind. The more you bring the qualities of your higher nature forth, the more you are like Me and at one with Me. Every earthly lifetime is a gift from Me, given in the hope that these things will come about in this one.

All who are taking part in earthly life, even though many of you are not yet aware of this, are aspiring healers and lightbringers. The task before each one is acting upon the knowledge the Angels and I for some time have been giving to your world in your own lives, as well as sharing it with as many as possible. In view of the damage that was brought about by the proselytising of the past, show your willingness to act as one of our channels. Then wait until we start showing you intuitively how you can help those around you with their spiritual awakening.

That’s the only way how even the last and slowest ones in your midst will eventually be able to leave behind the darkness of not knowing who and what they are and the high and holy destiny that is in store for every human being, without exception. They too have the birthright to find out that the life story of the Master Jesus is a legend that, a long time ago, it was inspired by the Angels and Me to eventually show ever more of you how, by walking in the Master’s footsteps, spiritual Mastership over the earthly plane is meant to be achieved by every human being. Knowing the truth about Jesus, we hope that ever more of you will be encouraged to conduct their lives with the same goodness and kindness, patience and tolerance towards all manifestations of life.

Updated July 2020

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10 Aug, 2020
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