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Flowers. Every flower has a meaning like a Daisy means: innocence; purity.
She always said 'flowers can speak the words we fail to say'.

Her best friend, lover... Her everything was always the receiver of these flowers from a Gardenia; secret love, at her lovers doorstep to a stock; a happy life, on their kitchen table when they moved into their first house together.

She had struggled with depression for most of her life. She distinctively remembers asking:

"What happens after you kill yourself?",
And her lover having to painfully explain what happened to everyone she loved and knew after she left.

"Please. God. Do not kill yourself", they pleaded with tears threatening to fall.

"I'm not planning on it, anytime soon".

That was five years ago... She got better. She was happy. They both knew this because there where Anthuriums; happiness, in the windowsills. Although they started to die... And her partner noticed this, the beautiful flowers where dying for no apparent reason.

Her lover, best friend, her everything was leaving for a job trip; only for two days.

"You sure you’re going to be ok babe?", They asked

"Of corse I am it's only two days, it will allow me to clean out all these dead flowers", she answered simply

"But you haven't been very happy recently. You think I haven't noticed. But I have"

"What have I got to be sad about?", she said as she wrapped her arms around their neck.

"Your cousin getting hit by a car. One. Your friend moving across the country. Two. And three. Me leaving for a couple of days", they explained

"The doctor said my cousin will be out of hospital by next week"

"We both know you don't need a reason to be sad...", They sighed "I love you so much sometimes it's like you don't understand what those words mean"

She leaned in and kissed them passionately never wanting to let go.
"I love you too... Don't ever forget it"

"I'll text you!" They said as they started to walk towards the exit.

"Of corse you will. You'll do great!" She encouraged "I love you!"

"I love you too baby!"

She did what she said she would... Cleared out the dead flowers.
The two days passed and her partner was almost home, they opened the door and immediately spotted the vivid, purple floral arrangement on the kitchen table. There was no note, so they looked up their meaning, when the definition came up on their phone, they looked around to only be greeted by utter silence. They set their phone down and shut the door behind them carefully, not taking their eyes of the bouquet.

Sometimes, they had learned, that things would always happen the same way.


Hyacinth, Purple - I Am Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Sorrow.

Author Notes: Hey, so this is my first short story in here! Yay! Please let me know what you think? Much appreciated.

D xx

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22 Oct, 2016
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2 mins
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