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By Kat - 3 Reviews

Come on! I mentally screamed.

There were three more minutes left in class. I could not do this as homework. It would ruin me. I concentrated back onto the screen beside me, uncrossed my legs, and shifted inside the small space my desk provided. I brought my brain back down to earth - I had to get this done.

Adrenaline coarsed through my body. How do you spell adrenaline? My mind asks, but I ignore it. My eyes are glued to the screen as I read the instructions again.

That's the third time I've read those! My mind bellowed as I mentally shook myself. Stop it!

I glanced back to the clock - two more minutes! I almost slapped myself, but stopped as I saw the students around me start to shut off their computers. I sighed, knowing there was no way I could finish this.

Nuh - uh! My mind argued as it began to read over what I had. My fingers set into action, gliding across the keyboard with such speed I didn't have time to react. Random words and phrases pieced themselves together, creating paragraph after paragraph. A class member shouted something about a minute left, and my fingers went unbelievably faster.

A bell rang as I moved my mouse over to the submit button, and relief flooded through me. My eyes shut tight in a thankful prayer to the heavens, and I closed out of my tabs. I relaxed as I gathered my pencils and books, shoulders seeming to fall back into place. It was over.

Author Notes: A random description of the emotions that can run through your head during class.

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24 Jan, 2017
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