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For Everything
For Everything

For Everything

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For Everything

I remember going to the park with my friend. Her curls bounced up and down as took my hand and skipped around the amusement park, excitement glittering in her eyes. She pulled me to the first ride she saw; a boat that was suspended like a pendulum. The smell of cotton candy and sweat was in the air; the slight breeze that ruffled the trees nearby made me close my eyes and just enjoy the feel of happiness. After a few seconds on just basking in the sun and enjoying the moment, I popped open my eyes and walked towards our first ride. It swung and forth as people screamed and laughed. I remember wondering why they were making such noises. An amusement park was for fun, wasn’t it? Why do something that would scare you? I didn’t understand. But I later learned it was also for the thrill, the fright, the small scares as wind slapped your face and your stomach dropping at the sheer height. I later learned to love that thrill, to enjoy it, and to have fun.

I remember having a drawing contest in 1st grade. All my classmates and I were given two minutes to draw the cake, then turn it in and vote for two cake drawing. The tension was thick in the air as marker squealed against papers. I drew a wedding cake, with fancy decorations and ribbons and bows. I quickly colored it and tried to add some details. The smell of sharpie was intoxicating and for some reason, this contest gave me that small sense of thrill I had experienced before in the amusement park. The rush of adrenaline to your brain as your senses become acute. The competitive spirit coming up, the desire to win pushing me to draw faster, to draw better. This rush, this impulse, was driven into our brains since birth. We were born fighters, born warriors. Because the truth is? Despite not doing such courageous or tremendous things like fighting lions or saving a princess from an evil mastermind, we fight our own battles everyday. We fight for the people we love, we fight for our happiness, our spirit. We fight for our friends, family, the things we want because the human mind is extremely resilient. We fight until the end because that’s we were always taught to do. And that thrill pushes us to be better, stronger, faster. And that thrill made me win that drawing contest, and even that small win in life was enough to make me happy for days.

I believe that the adrenaline makes us stubborn. We don’t give up because of that. We push against all odds. We fall and brush ourselves off and against to pursuit of happiness. And that little thrill in the pit of your stomach is the reason for everything.

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31 Oct, 2019
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