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For They Know Not What They Are Doing . . .
For They Know Not What They Are Doing . . .

For They Know Not What They Are Doing . . .


The Pigeon/Dove As Animal Totem

Messenger Of Peace – Part Two

Dove asks you to pay attention to the inner and outer disharmonies, your own and your world’s, that were created by the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that to this day are stored in your soul memories. Some of them date back to the days when your religions could still force people, by any kind of means available to them, to believe that every word of their teachings was literally true. As many of you know by now, in truth they were nothing of the kind. The memories of what happened, for example during the times of the inquisition and witch hunts, are likely to have been accompanying you from one lifetime to another.

We are glad to tell you that at last the energies are right for ridding yourselves, the whole of humankind and your world of anything of which your inner guidance says it’s outdated and false. This kind of ballast needs to be shed because it is weighing you down interfering with the spiritual progress that is the birthright of every human being as well as the whole of humankind. All of you are here to find a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of your earthly existence and the laws to which life throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also you and your world, is subject.

Knowing that every one of you is a beloved child of God who has always been walking towards a high and holy destiny of consciously becoming one with the Highest, brings to your world a renewal of hope, faith and truth in the basic goodness and the perfect justice of the life that’s been given into everybody’s care. We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, have come to tell you that, in keeping with the Divine great evolutionary plan nothing but goodness is in store for the human race, its world and everything that’s taking part in it. Every one of you is invited to play their part in the greatest healing miracle of all times. It is presently taking place on your planet on the physical and emotional, mental and spiritual level of everything that shares your world with you. Every level is of equal importance.

Dove’s gift of understanding is the most essential ingredient of this healing process because it helps you come to terms with the necessity for your world’s present difficult situation. Top of the list are the karmic debts that accumulated during the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, with its belief of an all-male Godhead. Even though this part of humankind’s development has been left behind for quite a while, many of the debts were still waiting to be paid. They were created by those who took part in the proceedings, religious and secular, of those times.

For the sake of a well balanced development, every human being in some of its lifetimes plays the part of a man and in others of a woman. For a long time you have no idea that in truth you are constantly being your own descendant. One of the main purposes of the pandemic is the redemption of the karmic debts that were created then and some of them are very old indeed. And in the great scheme of humankind’s evolutionary journey the younger, i.e. less highly evolved spirit/souls, are playing the role that once was played by those who meanwhile have evolved into being their older siblings. We hope that this knowledge will enable you to recognise that sitting in judgement over anyone is unwise.

And whatever still has to happen in your world, never forget that anyone who is less highly evolved than you, is your sibling in the great family of humankind. Every kind, loving and forgiving thought that flows their way from any one of you, feeds into the Christ light’s stream, increases its strength and helps it to assist the waking up process of the youngster’s higher God or Christ nature. As soon as sufficient amounts of light have been absorbed by the higher part, it starts to beneficially influence its earthly self, thanks to the efforts of some of their older siblings.

If your inner guidance tells you that this is true and that it’s also the right way of acting for you, don’t hesitate following its advice. Without your help, with every passing day, the youngsters will be adding more debts to the considerable amounts of them that already exist in their spiritual bankbooks. They were created by the suffering which they, in their ignorance of the wise higher purpose every human earthly lifetime fulfils, have been and still are inflicting upon your world.

During the bird and swine flu outbreak, in the years 2003 and 2009, the pharma industry was the driving force behind scenes, too. It is oiling the wheels of its scaremongering machinery with ever more outrageous lies. That’s how those in charge are once more hoping that this time they really will succeed lining their luxurious nests with ever increasing amounts of money. Because of their lack of spiritual awareness, they do not mind that money is of no spiritual value and therefore fake gold.

The same as everything else on the earthly plane of life, every bit of any kind of currency is borrowed and that for a predestined time only. Piling up ever more of this kind of gold in dishonest ways adds to the debit entries of your spiritual ledger and weighs heavily in the scales of God’s perfect and unerring justice. This system consists of the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma and is simplicity itself. It decrees that, throughout the whole of Creation and therefore also in your world, whatever is sent into the Universe has to return to its source, good and bad alike in thoughts, words and deeds.

As a result, when you think good thoughts and do good things, in due course they unerringly find their way back to you, like a boomerang. Frequently this happens without you knowing how they came about. Naturally, if you dishonestly reduce someone’s material possessions, money belongs to this category, because you have not yet learnt to control your lower earthly nature’s greed and avarice, you will be relieved of your earthly belongings either later in this lifetime or a future one. You will have no idea whatever why something – that’s only seemingly unjust and unfair – should be happening to you, out of all people. That, in a nutshell is the law of Karma.

Even your physical bodies are not truly yours. Every cell and atom of it belongs to Mother Earth and is returned to her. It’s your outer vehicle for getting around on the material plane. You leave it behind when your spirit/soul’s time has come to return to our world, the spirit realm, humankind’s true home. Everything in the whole of Creation, therefore also in your world, is recycled and used time and again in many different ways. And when you view the situation from the higher perspective, you will be able to recognise that spiritually money is nothing but fake gold.

In the earthly school of life all of you are constantly playing the roles of teacher and student. Nobody truly is your enemy. Think not of your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers as your enemies. They are merely your younger and less highly evolved siblings in the great family of humankind. Like you, they are beloved children of the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ spirit. Every one of you is walking their own predestined pathway and attending to their lessons in the earthly school of life, in keeping with your Creator’s will and wishes.

But unlike you, the youngsters are as yet unaware of the Universal laws to which life throughout the whole of Creation is subject, therefore also every human being and everything else that shares your world with you. When viewed from this perspective, it becomes visible that those who are pulling the pandemic’s strings from your world’s background, are their own worst enemies. That’s what they are because they have no idea what they are doing to themselves and what, in the fullness of time, is bound to unerringly find its way back to them.

We are delighted to tell you that the efforts of those who keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to their spiritually younger siblings are easing the lot of these people when they have matured into spiritual adulthood. It will be their turn to save and redeem themselves and the world in which they will then be taking part. Thanks to you, they will not have to cope with anything as harsh as the pandemic that was created by their thoughts, words and actions.

Their energies will not be right for re-incarnating onto the Earth when its transformation from an over-materialistically orientated place into a spiritual one is complete. They will be continuing the compulsory part of their education as physical beings in a material world on a younger and much less highly evolved planet. For a long time they will be unaware, the same as many of you are to this day, that the true reason for their presence is that they should learn from their experiences and through this keep on growing in wisdom and understanding of their own nature and their world.

That’s how they will be assisting their new home planet’s evolutionary journey from a purely material place into an increasingly spiritually orientated one, the same as all those who ever took part in earthly life to this day have always been doing. Even though today’s spiritual youngsters will be spending one lifetime after another on another planet, they will still be required to redeem their unpaid karmic debts. This is necessary wherever they were accrued, the same as every human spirit/soul always had to do. And this is how, in the fullness of time, when your youngsters have evolved into oldsters, they will be saving and redeeming themselves as well as their world.

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10 Nov, 2020
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