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Forbidden Love (Part 1)
Forbidden Love  (Part 1)

Forbidden Love (Part 1)

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She woke up and pushed her blond hair out of her face. Once again wishing she didn't have to get up, until Natalie crossed her mind. She pulled her covers off and got dressed. She didn't eat breakfast p, she never ate breakfast. Her parents screamed at her as she walked out the door to the car, mentally preparing her for the car ride ahead. She hated car rides, even the short ones to school.

At school she walked down the 8th grade hallway, finding her locker, number 179. She entered her combination and opened her locker as a few folded pieces of paper fell out. She didn't need to read them, she knew what they were. She tried to blend into the traffic of kids rushing to their classroom. She was almost to her classroom when she felt her feet come up under her. Before she knew it she was on the ground, her books and paper spread across the hallway, listening to the chuckles of passing kids. "Watch where your going loser." The girl above her said. She knew who it was just by the voice,p. She got up and started to pick up her papers and books as the tardy bell rang. She walked into her classroom and sat down at her seat. She pulled out her book and got lost in thought.

The ball rang telling the kids to go to 2nd period. She got up hurrily beacuse she knew if she could get to art early enough she could sit away from everyone. She rushed threw the hallway, avoiding trips and shoves, ignoring the whispers and finger. She entered her classroom and she took a seat in the very back. She watch as kids entered the room one by one, but she didn't care about most kids, she was looking for something, someone. Then she saw her, quickly turning her head away she looked down and started doodling on her empty paper. Surprisingly she took the seat next to her. "Hey Ale" the girl said as she plotted down next to her. "Hey Natalie" Ale said avoiding eye contact. Ale looked at the girl, her long brown hair was in a messy bun, she was wearing a loose pink sweatshirt and jeans. She looked bueatiful as always. Stop! Ale told herself. Stop thinking like that. She pushed her hair out of her face again. She still loved Natalie, even though Natalie had broken her heart last year with the words, "STOP FOLLOWING ME! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Ale pulled down her sleeve hiding the long red marks that lined her wrist. The girl next to her had caused all of this, yet she still loved her with all of her heart. Then Ale heard a voice, "Is this art?" She looked up to see a girl, long brown hair, large black glasses, brown eyes, and a loose tee shirt. The teacher awnsersed yes as the girl scanned the room making eye contact with Ale. Ale looked away as the girl made her way to that table. "Names Ashley." The girl said in a soft tone. Natalie was busy talking with a girl at another table and Ale continued to play with her braclets. "And you are?" Ashley asked. "Ale." Ale said making eye contact with the new girl. Class flew by, but something was different, and Ale was sure it was about that new girl.

Author Notes: Part 2?

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7 Nov, 2016
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2 mins
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