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Forever And Always

Forever And Always

By shadygirl55

I thought Emily told me we would be friends forever. I thought she said forever and always. I thought I believed her. I thought she told me we were real friends, friends that were always there for each other. I thought she told me she was going to beat it, the Cancer. I thought she told me she was strong. I guess I thought a lot of things before I found out she was gone...up with God and Jesus. I'm sure she's made tons of new friends up there already. I'm sure she's made thousands. And I really hope she got a nice home. And that she's looking down on me wishing she had kept her promises and that forever and always really did exist. I hope there's somebody up there who loves her and will watch over her until she can be responsible enough. I mean, we're only eight. And I hope by the time I get up there she didn't forget about me and that we can play and laugh like we did just a few days ago. But what if forever and always really does exist? But...what if it doesn't? Because it doesn't. So here I am, in my little room I never really liked. Sitting on my bed that I never found very comfortable. With a big shiny knife in my hand....drip. drip. drip. Emily, here I come........
Whats that? Where am I? Its all...different. I see somebody...
"Kayla!!!" yells Emily "What took you so long?"....

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22 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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