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Forgotten (1) Canceled
Forgotten (1) Canceled

Forgotten (1) Canceled

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There are many stories that have been forgotten, but none quite like this. It's about someone who is no longer in the history books. A section cut out deleted from our past. Someone doesn't want us to know something about this it's curious because in the books long ago, describes her like it. I think what they're trying to say is they don't know what she was, who she was, or where she was from. The only thing known is her heroic actions.

Since before time could record itself story spread of a thing. No one knew much about the thing. Some of the stories you hear about her are lies, yet very little truth is dug in the surface of the earth. Believe doesn't make belief character because there's no proof of their existence. Most people haven't heard of them now, until now.

Her name was Robin, she was a bright girl, but always getting into trouble. Her family never knew what to do with her. She seemed to be a deserted a little girl in a forest all alone, but that wasn't the case, like many of her kind she could speak to animals clear as can be, and they could understand her. Royalty ruled them. slaves were all they were they could be executed for nothing. Robin believed she could make a difference, but that would take a lot of courage and strength she didn't have. She couldn't talk to most of the people in her village, but she could talk to the animals.

She knew very well that some of them would be spies and tell the royals of her plans, so she only chose those she could trust. After a long time, she was ready to strike. She waited till dark arose all the animals had gone to sleep. The only ones were nocturnal, but not even their eyes could see her. She had a falcon help her get to the top of the tree, it was really big and scary. Robin keeps holding on to her dream, but when she made it to the window she knew it was over. They're waiting for her where hundreds of guards ready to take her away. Millions of thoughts surrounded came upon her, and she knew it was too risky. People didn't know who she was, because she was an outsider, but already there was a rebellion afoot.

The castle grew even bigger over time, and it was like a maze. The Royals had let there next in kin take over after they passed away. For a moment they ruled the kingdom fairly, and lovely that everyone loved them. That was until our allies turned on us. Robin heard someone talking from inside the kitchen, so she listened in a bit. What she heard was so devastating to her ears.

"I can't believe that pathetic mongrel did such things," the princes said, "they should punish her."

"Indeed you should have told your father, " the maiden asked.

"I did, but he believes that mutt."

"Well, miss I hope that girl gets what's coming to her. I just can't believe that after all this time Robin would come back and destroy a good royal family."

"I know right, she is such a swine."

At this moment Robin couldn't take anymore, and she interrupted the conversation. It was one thing to make fun of her but to some extent. Although it was wrong to back mouth a royal Robin had enough of the back mouthing snob in front of her.

"You need to leave maiden," she sternly spoke, " you have no purpose here."

"I called her here for a little chat, so its ok you can leave," the princess said.

"You need to leave maiden you have no purpose here," Robin repeated.

"very well," she ran out like her life depended on it.

"What is your problem," by now the princess was scared and very angry.

"You have something to say, princess?"

"Yes, I do actual-"

"well before you answer here's some advice miss. Get over your snobby attitude cause no one will listen to it anymore. If you can't tell what I am then your as blind as a dag at night. Get over yourself already, I may have done bad things in the past, but you have no right to judge me with a mouth like that. Next time you have something to say keep it to yourself cause the words coming out of your mouth are just talk, yet you act like you have game. Until you've lived a life like ours there's no reason for you to act this way towards all the people. If you become queen you will realize how hard it is to be at the bottom of the food chain."

Robin took a deep breath and walked back to her position at the door. When the king called her in and asked about why the princess was acting different she explained everything. Robin had been in this spot many times before where someone was to kill her, but never a royal. She got into execution position and asked her punishment to be done with. All the king did was a laugh. What was he thinking? that question popped in her mind and like a mind reader, he answered with two words. those words were, "get up."

Author Notes: I am writing a book and would love your input on the first chapter. I hope you all enjoy my first book on

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24 Jan, 2019
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4 mins
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