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Freely, Freely You Have Received
Freely, Freely You Have Received

Freely, Freely You Have Received


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Twenty-Three

Heaven And Hell – An Allegory

After having spent a difficult earthly lifetime without any spiritual sustenance whatsoever, a man returned to the world of spirit. When he had rested and recuperated there for a while, he still felt very confused. So he asked one of the ministering Angels: ‘What is this place? Where am I, in Heaven or in Hell?’ The Angel took him by the hand and said: ‘Heaven and Hell are not places that anyone goes to. They are states of consciousness that only exists in the earthly minds of human beings. Let me show you what I mean.’

The Angel took the man to a room where people were sitting at a banquet table that was laden with delicacies of all kinds. Clearly a feast was in progress and each participant had a spoon with a very long handle attached to both hands. All of them looked emaciated and were clearly on the verge of starving in spite of the abundance before them. They were desperately trying to feed themselves, but because the handles of their spoons were far too long, not one morsel reached their mouths. Sadly and longingly, they were looking on the food kept on falling from their spoons onto the table and could not be reached by them.

A group of Angels stood silently around the gathering, watching the sufferers with concerned and sad expressions on their faces. The Angel accompanying the man explained: ‘We are your guardians and keepers. Although we are in charge of you, we are not allowed to interfere with any of the lessons you are receiving. Only when someone goes down on their knees, it is enough to do so merely metaphorically speaking, do we have permission to come to your help, as surely we do only too gladly. Let me show you something else.

The Angel took the man to another room where people were seated round another banquet table laden with delicacies, just like the one in the other room. Here, however, the participants of the feast were happily tucking in, joking and laughing, chatting and generally having a great time. They had an identical type of spoon fastened to both their hands. But in spite of this handicap, they were not starving because, helped intuitively by the Angels they had discovered that when they fed each other instead of themselves, as much food as anyone liked was available for all.

Noticing the astonished look on the man’s face, the Angel said: ‘The situation in these two rooms is a reflection of what happens in earthly life. There as well as here, the only thing that really matters is that you become aware of your true nature as one of God’s children of the Earth. You find yourself in that existence from time to time so that you may learn to behave in keeping with your true nature, which means loving each other so much that you to want to share with those around you everything your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, makes available to you.

‘In the final analysis, it’s everyone’s own attitude to themselves and each other and the behaviour this brings about towards those around you that makes the difference between a heavenly and a hellish lifetime. Spiritual knowledge is food from the Heavens, the higher and highest levels of life. It is a veritable treasure, but merely reading it and selfishly keeping it to yourself does no good to you or anyone else. New knowledge that comes your way is meant to be tried and tested by you through applying it to your own life’s experiences. That’s the only way the wealth contained in any of the information received can penetrate your consciousness and so become your property. Only then can it expand and your comprehension of life increase in the manner it is meant to do.

‘During each earthly lifetime you are taking part in another stage of your very own healing journey of a thousand miles that eventually takes each one of you back into the conscious awareness of your loving union with God and all life. And there is nothing nobler and finer, more fulfilling and rewarding for any one of you than sharing with others the learning you are gleaning from every one of your experiences. Whatever is gained in wisdom and knowledge should not be kept to yourself. The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, wants you to use it for the feeding and blessing, healing and comforting of anyone who is in need of it. If you ask for our advice through your inner guidance, your intuition, we will show you what each one is ready to receive.

‘First and foremost all of you, without exception, are God’s children of the Earth, spirit and soul, the same as your Divine parents. Spiritually young and inexperienced souls, during the early stages of their earthly education you can only learn through their own experiences. This is how they have to find out that a lack of understanding of God’s true nature and their own, and not yet knowing the true purpose and meaning of their existence, leads to a gradually increasing severe deprivation of spiritual nourishment. Every bit of the Divine wisdom and truth your Highest Self is bringing you through your inner teacher is essential soul food, not for the selected few but for every human being on the Earth. Only when someone’s earthly self has been sufficiently starved of this kind of sustenance does it begin to feel its soul’s hunger and thirst. In the end this motivates it to go in search of it.

‘When you reflect on what is known of humankind’s history, you can see for yourself how all of you together, during the early stages of your race’s earthly development, each one of you made their contribution towards creating a living Hell. Without as yet being aware that you are responsible for every one of your thoughts, words and actions, you first did this for those around you. And when the law of Karma brought the reactions to your misdeeds back to you in other lifetimes, you did the same for yourself. It took a long time until you realised that this came to you by no means as some kind of punishment, but so that you should learn through your own experiences about the existence of the Universal laws and feel the effects they are having on everyone’s life.

‘Alas, to this day Hell on Earth is created by those who insist on using their gifts and talents for selfish purposes and material gains, rather than for the benefit of others to show them how they bring their own small pieces of Heaven down to the Earth. An existence that so far knows nothing but satisfying the desires, drives and urges of its small earthly self, sinks ever deeper into selfishness and avarice, belligerence and greed. In this process it constantly creates for itself and others a state of living Hell on the Earth.

‘However, God is love and the law of life is love, and each life that is filled with love is a heavenly one. So, love as much as you can – the supply is endless. The more you give, the more you will receive. No love given is ever lost because the Universal laws decree that whatever you send out must return to you. In its purest and most innocent form love expresses itself in simple human kindnesses like a loving thought, a word of understanding and/or the touch of a hand.

‘When it comes to adding credits to your spiritual account in the great book of life, being a good, kind and loving person rates much more highly than merely doing good. It means being godly and in God-like fashion welcoming the living, loving spirit onto the Earth so it can manifest itself through you and make your world into a better and more beautiful place for everything that dwells there. All of this has nothing to do with religions and everything with bringing forth your own Christ nature. This is how each one of you is required to eventually make their contribution towards establishing God’s kingdom, the realm of that which is beautiful, good and right on the Earth, thus bringing Heaven down to your planet.

‘Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. Each one in a somewhat different way serves the development of the human intellect and mind. Aquarius represents the Universal mind and during the Age of Aquarius every earthly mind will gradually attune itself and come into harmony with the Great Mind, known to you as God. You are all together on the Earth, so you can help each other in whatever manner it may be required. To support you in these endeavours, we have given you the Internet and showed you how to develop it to its present state of sophistication.

‘Can you see how with the worldwide web we are placing into everybody’s hands the spoon with the longest handle that ever existed? By e-mail, through forums, social websites like Facebook and Twitter, and whatever other means of communication will eventually be at your disposal, this feeding device is capable of reaching into the farthest and remotest corners of your planet. We ask you to use your spoon for good purpose and feed God’s children wherever you find some who to this day are deprived of God’s sacred wisdom and truth that is now flowing so freely directly from the source of your being into all human hearts that are open to receive it. All are your siblings in the great family of humankind and many to this day are crying out to be fed by you. Do not allow anyone to die of starvation but wield your spoon and act by sharing your abundance.

‘Whenever some spiritual knowledge comes your way, first turn to your inner guidance to establish whether it is true. If the wise one within says: ‘Yes, this is true!’ take the good news on board and spread it as much as possible. Do so in the spirit of friendship and love, in which it was given to you, and forward it on to your worldwide Internet connections of whom you know that they will be interested in what you have to give. Please do not forget to add a reference to the source of your information, i.e. that it came to you from Rays of Wisdom, where lots more of this nature is available and can be downloaded free of charge any time of day or night.

‘As spiritual knowledge is a living organism that will forever continue to grow and evolve, new, original and exciting dishes are constantly in preparation and being served in the form of updates and additional chapters, for you to be enjoyed and fed to others with your own long-handled spoon. How about supplying them with some links, so they too can partake as much as they wish of the feast we have prepared for you with the help of Aquarius?

‘It is through generously distributing your finds and nurturing others that you yourself will never fail to be fed and sustained by us and ultimately the Life Force itself. The more you manifest your Christ nature and conduct a life that is filled with love for everything that shares it with you, the more you will be able to see for yourself how every one of your needs is constantly met and that frequently before you have become aware of it yourself. If that isn’t everybody’s idea of Heaven on Earth, please tell us what is?’

I am the Divine Trinity,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ,
Through whom all life is given.
Freely, freely you are receiving
My wisdom and truth.
In our name now go forth and
Freely share it with those around you.
And because you not only believe
But know that we really exist and live
Inside of every one of you,
They too will no longer be lost in earthly life
Because they know where to find us.

Inspired by Carol Owen
Adapted by Aquarius

* * *

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19 Feb, 2020
Read Time
10 mins
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