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From the Shadows Chapter 1

From the Shadows Chapter 1

By Mr. Mills

From the Shadows: The Cocky Victory

Sweat beaded my forehead. I was sure I was about to take serious beating. Not everyone makes it out of the ring. I slowly stepped into the ring wearing my black leather coat that swung down near my ankles. My sharp silver blade tightly held into my left coat pocket, my black murderous pistol in my other. I don’t like to pull my weapons on people in the ring, only if I have to. Either I’ll walk away with money in my pocket or soothing my scars and welts. I put my black mask on to hide my face from the chanting crowd. This basement was beyond illegal. The crowd chanted my opponents name.

“Shauna, Shauna, Shauna.” The crowd chanted. I hoped I wouldn’t have to pick a fight with her. I had put 50$ into the this. She wore a tight orange coat and her black pants reflected the lights of the basement. Everyone was special for something. She had a way with paper. Giving people so many cuts and making them beg for mercy, she only wants more blood. I could see Rick watching me form within’ the crowd. I had been training with him for years. After my parents went to prison, he took me in and I’m not sure he is the most proper guardian but he is what I call home. I had to win tonight.

“The rules are minimum. Everything and anything on the body. Last one in the ring standing wins.” Said the ring ruler, Johnathan Wade.

“Fight.” Announced Johnathan waving his read flag. Me and Shauna walked around the ring in a circle, like they would in a kickboxing match.

Remember what I told you to do with her.” I heard Rick call from the crowd. I paced slowly. She landed her first blow. She slides and kicks me off my feet my back hit the ground hard and I could hear it crack. She riles herself up for punches. I put my hands up in an x form to try to block them. Her blows hit directly and I had they hurt my wrists. I pushed myself up kicking her directly in the face. I could see the blood from her nose stream down her face. She was still vicious. She unlatched her paper squares from her belt. I knocked her to the ground with a blow before she could touch me. I got super tense as I sheathed the blade from my coat. She barrel rolled to the side and kick flipped me. My body ached as I lie on the ground. Blade bouncing and landing to my side.

“Your worth nothing Black Cat.” She said holding the paper card to my throat to cut me up. They called me Black Cat in the ring, I didn’t really appreciate it. My real name was Jack Corvair.

I grabbed my blade and scrambles to my feet. I took a tight grip on her wrists and threw her over my shoulders. I wasn’t afraid to hurt a woman in the ring. I perched my leg on her body, dagger handy.

“Surrender and I’ll spare you.” I said with a devious smile. She didn’t say anything. I told my blade and slashed it across her chest through her suit. She screamed allowed, barely holding onto her dear life.

“I respect the fact you show me mercy, I surrender.” Shauna said. I got off of her and put the blade back into my black coat.

“The winner is, the Black Cat!” Announced Johnathan. The crowd cheered for me, but I really felt ad for her. I’ve always get this weird combination of pride and pity feeling inside me after winning a match. I took the money and stuffed it into my coat pockets. My phone in my pocket started to ring.

“Hello?” I said.

“Great performance out there, do you mind if I talk to you for a moment?” Said the person over the phone. It was Rick, but he had to call me because of all the ruckus in the basement. If the cops found out about this place, everything would be over for me.

“Before you say anything, are you driving me home?” I asked I was 17 and I did have my license, it’s just I had no vehicle.

“Of course Jack. Just meet up with me in the Subaru.” Said Rick. He ended the call. I went upstairs and out the door of the home of the ring. I lived with Rick. Not legally, he just took me in off the streets. Let’s just say we have unique ways of fending for ourselves.

Somehow Rick was already outside in the car. I opened the door and got into the passenger seat.

“Shauna got way too close. You really got to be careful in the ring.” Said Rick.

“I’ve got it under control.” Is all I had to say rubbing my aching arm. It was hard to sit comfortably in a seat when it felt like your spine was broken. I took off my mask revealing my dark black hair and my charming brown eyes. Rick glanced at me. Rick was an older man; his hair was brown with a little bit of grey in it. He had blue shirt with a popped collar and he always seemed so confident.

“I’ll head to the store, I’m pretty sure you have some homework to get caught up on.” Said Rick. He was right, it was hard juggling school and practicing and fighting in the ring. Junior years rough, although it almost over.

Rick dropped me off at the house. I waved goodbye and quickly headed inside. I pulled out the money I had earned from the ring and laid it out on the counter. I began counting. 72$. That should last us a good week or two on food. I was unsure if Rick was going to be able to pay rent this month.

The thing is I wasn’t living with Rick legally. Everyone thinks he lives alone, so it’s just best if I keep my head down and lay it low. I hung my coat up on the hanger. I decided to take a quick shower to freshen up. Also trying to sooth my bruises. I rubbed them softly for a few moments. I put my clothes on the bathroom room counter. I couldn’t take long because we can barely afford the water bill.

After I had gotten in the shower and washed up, Rick had gotten home. I was currently working on my homework.

“Good man. I expect a 4.0 from you this term. Don’t act like that’s a rough goal. You’re smart, you just have other things going on in your life.” Said Rick. Well he was right about one thing, I had no time for any sort of extra circular activities. I was in the middle of my math homework on my laptop. There’s a field trip coming up soon, I don’t know how’ll I go because I need a parent or guardian to sign it. I can’t risk my situation being figured out. No one could ever be like Rick.

I crumpled up the permission slip and threw it in the small tin trash can. I could have more time practicing for the ring anyways. I tapped my pencil on a desk trying to think hard. I’ve been trying pretty hard in school. I don’t feel like the smartest person though. Sometimes I feel surprised that I’ve made I through a whole another school year. Rick dropped the groceries on the counter to my left.

“So that girl you liked, have you asked her out like you said you would?” Asked Rick. Rick knew as well as I that it was too risky for me to date.

“If she really knew who I was, she’d change her mind about me.” I replied. She’s asked me out multiple times and I’ve always had to come up with excuses for Rose. I don’t mean to hurt her feelings, things just kind of end up that way.

“You know what, I’m going to call her right now.” I said unplugging my phone from the outlet in the bathroom. When I called her I didn’t expect her to pick up, but she did. What can I say she’s always texting me and I’m never responding?

“Hi Jack. What’s up babe?” Rose started with.

“Look, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to with you. I just have a lot going on, if you’re not busy tomorrow...” I started.

“Yes! I mean of course, are we talking dinner?” She asked. I could pay for dinner, but I don’t know that would affect me and Rick’s situation.

“Sure, where you planning?” I asked.

“I’ve been picking all the places that you didn’t come to, what do you have in mind?” Asked Rose.

“Why don’t you come to my place, I could get some stuff cooking.” I said.

“Your place it is. Later babe!” She said and then I hung up.

“Jack, sometimes you can be a real idiot. Why the heck did you invite her over here?! we’re going to be caught.” Said Rick.

“I guess I didn’t think everything through. But I have a plan, it just needs to be me and Rose.” I said.

“You better have a plan in order or we’re both in deep trouble!” Rick exclaimed. We both could be in trouble, but honestly if Rose knows, it’s okay. I love her back.

The End of Chapter 1

Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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Mr. Mills
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24 Sep, 2019
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