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From the Shadows Chapter 2

From the Shadows Chapter 2

By Mr. Mills

From the Shadows Chapter 2:

I had no idea what I was thinking when I invited Rose to come over tomorrow night for dinner. I know she didn’t, but it seemed to me like she was tempting me to do it. Well if she was coming to the house I’d have to get Rick out for it to be less suspicious. Rose a REALLY good detective. I’d have to be seriously careful. I’ll have to pretend my parents are somewhere else and it’ll just be us two. Nothing standing in between us. The question was how would I get Rick out of the house? I don’t know but I was just going to sleep on it. I got into bed quickly tonight.

My alarm buzzed me at 5:30 in the morning. I got up and got dressed and immediately went down stairs to practice for the ring. I fought at the red small punching bag hanging from the old wooden ceiling. Dust fell every time I punched it. No expression on my face, only aggression. After the punching bag I started doing some pull ups on the bar. I took a little water break after 50 pull-ups.

“Jack! Get up here or you’re going to miss the again!” I could hear Rick calling from upstairs. I swung my little backpack over my shoulders.

“I’m on my way.” I said running up the stairs and walking out the door with my energy bar.

“You almost forgot your notes for science.” Said Rick tossing me the notebook I had left behind. I stuffed it in my bag then I realized the bus was right behind me. Some buses wait for people when they’re late, but that’s not how it all works in New York. I sprinted toward the bus stop making it just in time.

“Jack, sit next to me.” Said my friend Kai. I sat down next to him on the crowded bus and set my backpack on my lap.

“Why didn’t you hang with me and the gang yesterday? We called you and you wouldn’t answer. We even came to your house and didn’t find you. Where were you man?” Asked Kai. The question had stunned me for a moment.

“Nowhere important. Just running some errands.” Jack lied.

“Like I believe that.” Kai said sarcastically.

“I got a date with Rose. It’s tonight. I hope I don’t screw things up.” I said.

“You and Rose are finally going out? She’s been trying to get a hold of you forever but every time she asks, you’re busy with something. I know those weren’t just errands you were running, Jack what were you really doing?” Kai asked.

“Kai there are somethings for me to know and you to stay out of. I promise dude I really wasn’t doing anything that matters to much.” I exclaimed.

“Whatever floats your boat.” Is all left that Kai had to say. We stayed quiet for the rest the bus rides till we had finally arrived at the school. I got off the bus and as soon as I did, I received a text from Rick.

Rick: The Champion is here. Be here tonight and we can make ourselves a great deal of money. 500$ Dollars to be exact.

Jack: I’m sorry the date with Rose tonight is super important to me. I just can’t be in the ring. Why don’t you go in the ring like you used to all those years ago?

Rick: We don’t mention that. You don’t understand we won’t be in poverty for a very long time. All you got to do is beat up Bator.

Jack: Are you insane?! That guy’s got muscles on his muscles. I don’t want to get near him. I’m not throwing away this one chance with Rose.

Rick stopped replying to me for whatever reason. That’s when I was walking in the hall and ended up stopping with Rose.

“All the times I’ve asked you out you’ve made up all those excuses, but now you’re asking me out?” Rose Questioned.

“Can we please not talk about this in public? I can explain to you later, see you at 3rd period.” I said as I left Rose. It was only seconds after first period started when things already went wrong. The school had gone on lockdown.

Things were getting very intense. The alarm was sounding. Students were pouring out windows and emergency doors. There was a shooter in the school. No just any random guy with a gun, this was Hayden. He had been in the ring a lot. He’s an undefeated fighter. He’s never afraid to pull a gun on someone. Thank goodness I’ve never had to face him in the ring.

Everyone had evacuated the school. That is everyone but me. I was going to be this school’s savior. I know I may sound insane when I say that. I still had my blade with me. No weapons at school, I know. This might be the stupidest decision I had ever made. I had literally brought a knife to a gun fight.

“Get out of there now! Jack listen to me!” I could hear my principle screaming at me, but I was able to tune it out. Hayden wasn’t quite in my vision yet, but I could hear the footsteps. My heart pounded so hard in my chest. The steps were getting close. Perhaps too close. I saw his arm right around the corner so I hid myself. I sheathed my blade so it was at hand. He was nearing the corner I was behind. Locker 425. That’s where I was. Rather attacking him, I grabbed hold of his wrist of his hand with the blade.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“You refused to challenge me. If I want a fight I’m going to get it.” He said.

“You don’t just get what you want in life. We don’t have to live like this much longer Hayden. You’re affecting more than just me when you do this. How could you be so stupid?! I will fight you in the ring. Make it Saturday at 10:00pm. I’ll be there. If that’s what it takes for you not to hurt anyone.” I said. Hayden lowers his gun. He hangs his head down for a few moments.

“It’s a deal,” Said Hayden walking away. I could hear the sounding of cop cars outside the school. The fire department too. I had to get out of this place before I could be suspected. I quickly got out of the window of room 42.

Hayden had turned himself into the cops, which leaves me nothing but surprised. I don’t know what his game is, but I know it’s dangerous.

I looked through my contacts on my phone to find Rick. I speed dialed him.

“Jack what’s up? I’ve already heard about what happened at the school.” Said Rick quietly.

“Look, Rick I’m not feeling well. I’m going to need you to pick me up.” I said.

“I see. You recognized that shooter from the ring, didn’t you?” Said Rick.

“I’m surprised that was just a guess. Besides I need to get ready for Rose to come over tonight.” I said.

“Are still sure? If we win a special fight down in the ring...” Rick started.

“No Rick. Don’t start. I already told you know. There are more important things than money. I need her over here.” I said.

“Well the fact that you were in the school with a school shooter isn’t helping your case.” Rick exclaimed. I saw Hayden be hauled away in a cop car.

“I was actually just about to call you. There’s something that you really need to know that happened recently.” Rick said. I could already since it was bad news.

“What happened?” I said a bit shyly leaning my ear closer to my phone.

“Your parents perished in an attempt to escape prison. They got themselves shot up. I’m so sorry, I don’t know how to bring this news to you.” Said Rick.

“I want you take me home. Take me home now!” I said raising the tone in my voice. Tears streamed down my face. I hadn’t seen my parents since I was 15, now that I knew they were gone, there wasn’t much to go for anymore.

“I’m so sorry. Do you want to come home and talk about it?” Asked Rick.

“Yes. Please pick me up.” I said hanging up. He could hear was crying in my voice. I waited in the office for Rick to arrive. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I really wished I could have been there to get my parents out of there. There’s just not always something you can do about losing loved ones. I hung my head low in the office waiting for Rick to arrive.

I could finally see his slick black Subaru slither up into the parking lot. He walked to into the school to check me out.

“Name?” Asked the lady at the desk in the front office.

“Rick Corvair.” Rick lied. It was really Rick Gordon. He signed his name and the time he checked me out and we left the disaster.

“Get in the car, we’re headed to the ring tonight...” Rick said in an intense whisper.

Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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Mr. Mills
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30 Sep, 2019
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