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From the Shadows Chapter 4

From the Shadows Chapter 4

By Mr. Mills

From the Shadows Chapter 4:

Rick had just gone to the big leagues for an important meeting. As soon as he had gotten into his car he had reached into the back and got himself into a nice suit with a collar and tie. He slowly drove off to the big leagues in his black Subaru. He had walked into a very large office building. There was some very high tech in the big leagues, if they were going to do things right they were going to have to be good about it. Rick put his thumb print between 2 and 3 floor number buttons of the elevator. The scan had been completed.

“Going down.” Rick said to himself although he was on level 1. Now he was on the big league HQ level. Floor -1. He walked a good pace toward the meeting room. He had just arrived.

“Rick. The headmaster should be here any time now. You should take a seat now.” Said one of his fellow men, Jaylyn. This guy was often found in the ring. She had short scraggly blonde hair and in the ring he wore a white mask that covered everything up to his eyes. His specialty was swords. He had always taken a sword into the arena, and he has finished many people in the ring. Rick sat down in the black soft office chair. A few moments later the headmaster arrived. No one was actually of who he was and how he came to be here to he was head of the big leagues. He sat down at the seat at the end of the oval shaped table. One-day Jack will be here Rick thought to himself.

“As you are all aware we are about to hit a major crime spree. It’s all part of my masterplan to spread mass chaos around New York. Today we will be discussing the Jewelry store down town.” Said the headmaster. His face was very concealed. He had mask covering it and never gave anyone a glimpse.

“The jewelry stores down town? You know as well as I that that place has a high standard of security. If you plan on intruding and stealing jewelry, you’re going need a very thought out plan.” Said a women sitting just to the left of him.

“I see your point Mason and I have developed a plan.” Said the headmaster, hands crossed and on the desk.

“For the proper infiltration we are going to take out the security. Who’s are best player when it comes to this? I think we’ll have you Rick.” Said the headmaster. Rick look surprised. He used a chain whip in the ring but he didn’t know if that would work on security guards with guns.

“I don’t know if I can do that type of thing. What if...” Rick started.

“Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine as long as you use the best of your abilities. I’ve seen you in the ring before Rick, you’ve got some mighty potential.” Said the headmaster cutting him off.

“I know what you mean but I was suggesting what if we hired someone new in the league?” Rick asked.

“Don’t bother to bring that novice Jack into this. He’s young. We will allow him to join the group when he turns 18 and becomes a legal adult.” Said the headmaster. Jack turned 18 in only about 2 months so that wasn’t too much.

“Me and you, Mason will head in the main frame. We’ll collect as much as we can. We only got about 2-5 minutes though because after then we’ll have the cops after us.” The headmaster said. Mason was skilled with explosives. All kinds of explosives. From grenades to just basic TNT to land mines. She was a dangerous woman you didn’t want to be near unless she was on your side. Sometimes she really could be a bit reckless.

“Plans have been made. I plan on Jacob our usual getaway driver to be our you know what.” The headmaster said. The plan had been finalized. It was going to be next Tuesday. Rick couldn’t help but feel a terrible tingle down his spine.


I had to be ready for Rose tonight. I searched the fridge for our most sophisticated foods. Honestly, there wasn’t much for me to find. I did find a full chicken in the freezer, not sure if she was a fan of meats though.

I had to be smart and make the call. I’d do a little bit of the frozen chicken but I’d mainly do salad because that was an easier thing to do. I shouldn’t pull out the red wine unless it is suggested by her. I really want to know what she likes. I had left the chicken to cook for a while. I started working on more of my homework.

Rose had finally arrived. I got little nervous and just said hi as she walked in. Hopefully she liked salad. If we were really going to date, I definitely had to push it past small talk. We sat down at the dining table on opposite ends. The table wasn’t very large in size.

“I need there to be nothing between us. So what I mean is, I need you to tell specifics of what you mean by fighting in an illegal fighting facility. I can’t really think less of you.” Rose exclaimed twirling the salad around her fork.

“It’s hard to explain. I’ve been fighting the ring for years now. My persona down there is the black cat.” I said.

“You always reminded me of a cat and you always wear black so the name totally fits.” Rose exclaimed pouring some ranch from the fridge on her salad.

“Of course. Having 9 lives isn’t enough time with you.” I said. We both fell silent for a few moments. It was a bold statement.

“I want to be meant for you. I need to be the best for you. Anything to make you purr.” Rose exclaimed. She started making meow like sounds, which I thought was totally appropriate for the moment. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye.

“Your more than enough for me.” She exclaimed giving me a good look over. “I’m sorry, if you want me to talk more formal...” She started.

“No, it’s finally just me and you. Everything on this date stays on this date. Where I my manners? Let me go get you a glass of water unless you prefer anything else.” I said to her getting up from my chair. She laughed a little bit.

“Water’s fine.” Is all she said. I could tell she was holding back. There’s something she wanted to tell me based off my analysis. She finally said something.

“I think you’re in my math class. Yeah you are. How could I forget? I heard that friend of yours is getting on your nerves. They’re close to finding out, you have to be more careful than that Jack.” She said. I didn’t reply. I held the rose that I was going to give to her in my hand tightly. I felt like I shouldn’t, but this is my chance. I have no time to be publically romantic. I gave her the rose. She winced.

“I love it. That was very thoughtful of you. That’s something good to go off of. My parents probably want me back soon it’s been a little over an hour. Once you get to know them, well I’ll give them an A for enthusiasm.” Rose said. She headed toward the door, then turned around looking back at me. Her hair swung over her shoulders. She ran up to me and got real close. She wrapped her arms around my waist and held there for a good long minute.

“Love you.” She whispered into my ear before she had walked out the door. The door creaked it’s way open and shut. I saw her drive off in her dad’s car. She was hoping to have her own soon. She was really something. I pulled my phone from my pocket to call Rick, I wonder where he had been and what he had been up to.

“Hello?” I said formally on the phone expecting an answer.

“Hey Jack. You’re going to be doing some major fighting in the ring pretty soon. Tomorrow. You can’t complete your deal with Hayden because he’s in prison. I have a lucky feeling. Put up a couple fights and we can make us a few hundred bucks.” Rick exclaimed as his answer. He was really into the ring, although I guess that’s our only income right now. I should probably get a morning job, but I’ll be to exhausted from fighting the night before. Soon I was going to have myself in a federal pickle, I couldn’t live like this for too long.

“In a few days me and the big league are making a jewelry store our big target. Going for something like this is risky, but the headmaster isn’t afraid to do anything dangerous. He’s a little cocky, fearless, bold leader.” Said Rick.

“You need to leave me out of it. I really don’t want to get caught and I don’t know why you’re risking yourself for this.” I exclaimed.

“Some of us Jack, are just born this way. Some people will always think differently than others no matter how hard you try. The only thing that matters is being your destiny. Be your destiny, you’ll never escape it.” Rick said. He had a point. Anyone in the big leagues would never get out. I can just hope that I really don’t get involved. On Saturday(tomorrow) I was going to have to ready up for the ring, they’ll be some dirty fights.

Author Notes: Enjoy:)

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3 Oct, 2019
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