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From the Shadows Chapter 5

From the Shadows Chapter 5

By Mr. Mills

From the Shadows Chapter 5

Saturday. I had been preparing for today. I had woken up doing crunches in the basement next to the punching bag. I needed a really good work out for the stuff I’d be up to today. Alongside that I have a bad grade in science due to me missing a test that I should’ve taken in school yesterday. Rick came downstairs to talk to me. He wore his blue morning robe his eyes had circles under them. One hand was holding a newspaper the other held a mug of coffee. He wore deep blue slippers that I thought were pretty cute, it looked like he had just woken up.

“You need a coach? Sometimes you just really need to be pushed.” Said Rick.

“No, but thanks for the offer.” I said breathing hard as I hit my 100th crunch. Then I immediately went to the iron bar on the wall and started doing pull ups.

“Suit yourself.” Rick exclaimed talking a sip from his coffee mug, steam was emerging. The wood stairs made a few quiet creaks as he went up them.

After 50 pull ups I went to grab my water bottle I had left on the very bottom stair. I had practically drunk the entire thing. I took about a 1-minute break than went straight to the treadmill. I’m glad we had all this equipment, the fact that we got it from big league missions always sends a chill down my spine. I had been exercising till about noon.

At noon I had made myself a quick protein turkey sandwich. After lunch I had decided to head somewhere else. Not sure where but I had to go get out of the house before someone came by, that way they’d just think that nobody’s home. That’s when the worst of the worst had happened. I soon as I had left the house I realized there was a cop car parked right in front of it. I tensed. Had they found out? I walked out slowly to get a better view.

The cop car was currently empty. I slipped out of the place and went around the corner to the next block. Just my luck. That cop had been right around the corner; I was so careless about where he could’ve been. I was so careless to carry my dagger, at least I hadn’t carried my pistol. That’s the last thing I needed.

“Hey man, how are you doing?” the police said formally. I had no time for small talk. It was too general; I was going to get caught. “Officer Neil,” the gold star read on the front of his classic blue police headgear.

“I’m doing well. Well see you later, I have places to be.” I said. I really didn’t have places to be, anything to get away from him. The cop was black and had a bold mustache. He had a really good build which kept me on my toes. I began nervously walking away.

“Whoa, stop right there. Right now I have the right to be suspicious of you. What kind of game are you running?” He asked jokingly. It wasn’t a joke to me at all because I was really running in games in the ring.

“I’m just a kid, please I need to be somewhere.” I said trying to get around the corner where the cop couldn’t see me anymore.

“I can trust a kid, but you’re a teenager I can tell. And what do you mean by you have places to be?” The cop asked.

“Do I ask about your personal life?” I asked trying to escape the conversation.

“No, but I would tell you everything if you asked, I could lay out my life story for you. I never liked teenagers. Just get out of my sight.” The cop said rudely. He might not have known but I was very happy to get away from him. Good thing he didn’t catch the fact I was carrying the dagger with me. That’d just make matters worse. I had already wasted enough time with that cop. It was 3 now.

There was a movie that played from 3:30 to 6:00. Since I didn’t get to do much with Kai yesterday maybe I could go with him to that horror movie before I went into the ring. The thing was I needed to be in the ring at 6:00. I could just leave the movie a little bit early and say my dad needs me home. I don’t know if Kai is going to believe that though, he’s getting really suspicious of me. He could report me to this Neil guy or something like that. I doubt it though. Why would a friend do that to another one of their friends? I called Kai on my phone.

“Hello, is this Kai.” I asked. I was surprised by the answer.

“No this is his little sister April. Sorry his phone was just on the counter and it started to ring. You’re his friend Jack right? Kai thinks you’re going into some secret illegal facility to gamble fights. Crazy theory.” April exclaimed. I had met April before. She was a little 11-year-old red head who really could be annoying. That theory wasn’t too far out there; they’re getting too close.

“Please put Kai on the phone, I don’t have time for your immaturity.” I exclaimed.

“Rude. Kai’s outside doing yard work for our mom. I’ll go give the phone to him right now.” April exclaimed. I heard about 2 minutes of rumbling before the phone got to Kai. I think she ran through bushes or something. I could even hear dirt being tossed out as Kai was taking out dead plants.

“Hey Kai, if you’re not too busy with yard work and such there’s a movie we can go to. I hope we can make up for yesterday.” I exclaimed.

“Sorry, I felt like I was pressuring you too much. I respect your boundaries as a friend, I just can’t get over the fact that you’re hiding another life from us! Anyways, no problem I can come. I was just helping my mom, who doesn’t love helping their moms?” Kai questioned. I didn’t answer that question. Based on my studies, people despised doing work especially if it’s not for themselves. How would I know though? I don’t have a mom to serve. When he said that it hurt me on the inside just a little bit.

“Yeah, sure. Just be at the West Theater that no one’s ever really at 3:25. Plus tickets will be on sale because of matinee. We’ll be watching “Bloody Suits,” but I can’t stay at the theater the whole time because I have to do something with my dad.” I exclaimed. Kai soaked in the information.

“Sure, you go off and do you secret stuff. I think going to the movies will help get my mind off some things. I heard “Bloody Suits,” was a real thriller.” Kai said.

“Yeah see you there, bye.” I exclaimed. I don’t know what was scarier, the movie I was going to or the ring. The movie will probably keep me on the edge of my seat which will keep me ready for anything in the ring.

The West Theater hadn’t been far from me, I only had to walk a few blocks down. I got there at 3:27 and there was Kai waiting for me. He said nothing to me until we walked into the theater. I pulled out my wallet and paid 11$ to watch the movie. Kai paid too, he also purchased popcorn for 4$. I walked into the theater quietly. The previews haven’t even started yet. We got good seats toward the middle. Kai sat down right next to me. Theo and Johnny sat right behind us.

“You never told me you invited them over here. Why?” I whispered to Kai.

“The thing is, I didn’t.” Kai said in a more formal tone. The previews had started playing and me and Kai had shared that large bucket of popcorn. It was extra buttery. We could hear Johnny and Theo laughing behind us unsure why. Did they really know to have manners during a movie? A few minutes later the movie had started. Even the intro and the title screen of “Bloody Suits,” sent a chill down my spine. As the movie played on its plot it was about a murder out of 4 businessmen, it played as what seemed to me as a draggy mystery. It was quite slow paced which is not something I liked. The movie was nearing its ending I could tell just by what was happening. When the murder was getting thrown into prison. I had to go, it was 5:58 I had to get there in 2 minutes!

“It’s go time for me.” I exclaimed to car, slipping out of the theater and toward the facility. Kai watched as I left. I had to run there, I’m such an idiot for not bringing my car. I had run all the way to facility and made it by 5:05.

There was someone waiting for me I the ring. Jaylyn, what was he doing in the ring? Most people he fights never come out. Knowing this could be my last day I had to activate try hard mode. I put my black coat on that I had brought with me equipped with my weapons.

“You’re late, Rick told me you were up for some major fights today. I’m just letting you know I don’t show mercy. You’ll die in the arena playing my game.” Jaylyn said intensely. He sheathed his sword.

Johnathan watched me. He made a look like he wanted to talk to me. I walked up to him to hear what he had to say.

“I’m sorry if you die down here tonight, I believe this is a fight you still can win.” Johnathan exclaimed. I really didn’t want to go through with this. Where was Rick, why wasn’t he down here coaching me. The red flag scared me to death as it was waved.

“Fight!” Johnathan yelled boldly.

Author Notes: Have fun.....

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Mr. Mills
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3 Oct, 2019
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