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From ‘The Truth : Nothing But The Truth’
From ‘The Truth : Nothing But The Truth’

From ‘The Truth : Nothing But The Truth’


Our World In Transition

At the beginning of February 2022, my dear friend Julia told me the following: ‘It is a year tomorrow since my mother passed away. I think of her often as she was a beautiful soul who lived her life so very simply and found pleasure in everything she did. My father passed away exactly seven months later on the 11th September, the day after his 92nd birthday. He on the other hand was the polar opposite of my mother and lived a very angry life! No wonder they separated many years ago.

‘I was just wondering if there was any significance in the fact that they both passed away on the 11th day of the month as I believe the number 11 is significant in numerology. I remember you saying that we choose our parents before birth and although I loved both my parents, I had a very unhappy childhood as my father was both emotionally and physically abusive to my mother and made our lives pretty miserable. I still struggle to this day with the effect my father had on me and often wonder what it will be like when we meet again in the spirit realm.’

The reason why I decided to reply in this way is because Julia’s question is such a common one. My own life for a long time was deeply affected by the same problem. That’s what some years ago brought my Booksie file ‘Healing Corner For Parents And Children’ into being. Everything it contains is part of my own struggle and healing journey of somehow finding a way of making peace with my earthly parents of this lifetime. With the passing of time, to my greatest surprise this file grew into the second most popular Booksie one. The first place belongs to ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’. Their respective viewing figures at the time of writing this, at beginning of February 2022, stood at just short of 97K and not far off 96K. The third one is ‘What Is Truth?’ which has by now reached 91K. When I started these files, there was no way of telling that they would be so well loved by so many of my readers.

On the 31st January 2022 my earthly father, Emil was his name, would have been 121 years old, if he were still dwelling on this side of the veil that separates our two worlds. Oh, perish the thought that any one of us would ever have to stay that long on the material plane. He will not be bothered his birthday because on the inner plane there is no time. And yet, each time his birthday comes round, I think of him and send him my love. Isn’t it good to know that the spirit realm is filled with nothing but the love and warmth of friendship and siblinghood with all manifestations of life, throughout the whole of Creation? And just think, the more highly evolved we become, the more we shall be allowed to get to know them and take part in their worlds.

My own life’s experience has taught me that no progress on our evolutionary journey is possible until we wake up to our real nature, who and what all human beings truly are. And whether any one of us knows this or not, every one of us is a young God in the making. Even though at present we might still be occupied with attending to the lowest and meanest lessons in the earthly school of life, there will come the time when we shall be able to create whole worlds and destroy them at will. This is why our evolutionary journey takes every human being through many earthly lifetimes of experiencing, time and again, every sign and house of the zodiac.

Each new round takes us onto a somewhat higher level. This continues until our curriculum in the earthly school of life has been fulfilled and that plane cannot teach us any more. That’s when, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, every human being eventually evolves into Christed one, each in their own right. Our energies then are right for being released into experiencing ever more of the spirit realm’s greater freedom.

To my mind, no spiritual progress is possible for as long as we believe that somebody on the earthly plane is either all good or bad. In truth, every one of us has the best as well as the worst within them. The best is waiting to be developed and bring to unfoldment ever more, while that which is bad, ugly and evil in anyone will eventually be left behind, once and for all. Whatever is showing on the surface of someone’s earthly personality is likely to be but a tiny fraction of what might still be slumbering under the surface.

Without knowing why we are here and what the purpose of our present lifetime serves, there is a great danger of getting lost in the role we have agreed to play on the grand stage of earthly life, for one lifetime only. No spiritual progress is possible without the knowledge that we are personally responsible for every thought, word and action we send into our world. The Universal law, God’s law of cause and effect or Karma, ensures that every one of them returns to us – either in this lifetime or a long way ahead into the future. Yet, everything we send out must return to us because the law decrees that everything has to find its way back to its sender.

During the early stages of our earthly development thoughts come to us unbidden. Every human mind is a receiver/transmitter station for the ideas that are constantly flowing from the highest levels of life into our world. Initially, our mind just keeps on thinking. It’s up to every one of us to take charge of our thoughts and teach them to flow in the right direction, to that which is good, right and beautiful and therefore helpful for our development into an increasingly spiritual being.

If we truly wish to proceed on our evolutionary journey, its necessary to engage only with thoughts that make sense, until as a result we are no longer driven by our thoughts into any kind of direction. That’s how ultimately, every one of us is required to take the rudder of the boat of their lives into their own hands. Negative and destructive thoughts need to be changed by us into positive and beneficial ones, not only for ourselves but for the whole of humankind and our world. And to help us on this part of our evolutionary journey, it may be necessary to find a therapist and counsellor who is capable of assisting us. One of the best, to my mind, is Marion Moody. She can be contacted via [email protected]?

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17 Feb, 2022
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