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Fruit From the Tree of Life
Fruit From the Tree of Life

Fruit From the Tree of Life


Fruit From The Tree Of Life

• When one door of happiness closes, another one is usually ready to open. But if we look too long at the door that has closed, we are in danger of being unable to notice the one that is waiting to open for us.

• The love and wisdom of the Great Mother knows when to give and withhold. Through withholding the Universal life forces are teaching humankind the value of things. The most painful lessons are the best learnt. One never forgets them.

• The best friends are those with whom one can sit without saying a word and then walking away with a feeling of having had the best conversation ever.

• Always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If it feels that something could hurt you, it is likely to do the same to the other person.

• Every day do something good for someone, even if it’s just leaving them alone and allowing them to be.

• A smile costs nothing and yet it has the power of lightening up a dark day. Let’s seek the company of those who make our hearts and souls smile.

• We are in this life so that we may learn to love God’s way and that means loving wisely, so let’s accept that giving someone all our love is by no means an assurance that they will love us back. The love we seek to develop loves for its own sake and without expecting anything in return. Why not just love people and wait to see whether our love can light the candle of love in their hearts? If not, be content that they have been teaching you how to love – that’s wisdom!

• Appreciate and value the people who touched your life when you went through particularly difficult phases of your earthly development.

• Don’t go for looks, they can deceive and with the passing of time fade away. And do not chase after material wealth because that can disappear much quicker. Seek the company of people with inner beauty and spiritual wealth they are willing to share it with you. Listen to your inner guidance whether their truth could also become yours. Such gifts are priceless because they are the only ones we are allowed to take with us into Eternity. No-one will ever try to take them from us. Spiritual wealth is the only thing that’s worth acquiring in earthly life. The more of it we accumulate, the closer we come to no longer requiring further lifetimes on this plane.

• Hope for enough happiness to make you sweet; trials to make you strong; sorrows to remind you that you are a human being on an evolutionary pathway of life; and hope to find true everlasting happiness, in spite of the tests and trials that are sure to come everybody’s way in earthly life.

• When we entered into our present lifetime, we were crying while everyone around us was smiling. But when we die we are going to be the smiling one because we are returning to the spirit realm, our true home. If those around us during the time of our physical death knew what’s really happening to us, they too would be smiling and be happy for us. They’d be looking forward to the moment when they will be joining us in the greater beauty and freedom of our other world.

• But wherever we may find ourselves, in this world or the spirit realm, let’s enjoy the gift of the life we have been given and try to make the most of everything that is on offer.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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10 Aug, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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