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It was all over, the dream was done. This had been the last concert he would ever play. People didnt care about music anymore, anyway. They were too busy trying to simply survive. There were only two things people cared about anymore,
food, and survival. There wasnt much left of the first, the second was up to the individual, either you lived, or you died, simple as that. Nothing could be said, or done about either. Just a short twenty years ago, the government experts had warned the
people it was coming. It was amazing what a country of scoffers we had become.

He stood and watched as the concert hall owner shut and locked the doors for the last and final time. He looked over at the young man, and shook his head sadly. He had nothing to say, so he just pointed up to the big marquee sign which read FINAL CONCERT; IT WAS GOOD WHILE IT LASTED. It seemed to say it all. He gave a sweeping bow to the younger man, walked down the street, and was gone...

That had been two months ago. Robert had walked home that sad night, and had slowly placed his beautiful violin into the box for the final time, as tears flowed. It had been a gift from his father when he had been a mere 15 years old...

He had heard there were places out west where musicians were going to live and try to continue their music. He decided to try to reach one and see where to go from there. It was difficult trying to travel during the days, the solar flairs caused the temperatures to reach up to *120 degrees some days. The nights were far better for driving.

The next week had been spent driving west, following the now empty freeways at an unhurried pace. No need for rushing anywhere now, he thought to himself. He had all the time in the world. He thought to stop somewhere in Montana. There were no fires or looting there, as there was in the cities he carefully skirted.

He stood at the side of the road with several other people, looking at the Eastern sky raining down fire filled asteroids.
"That is the end of New York"! One man remarked. He turned to Robert and stuck out a hand.
"Name's Elmer. You can come along with our caravan if you wish. We are planning to stop in Musicians Peak, best place for us they are saying. Got my family out just in time". Robert nodded. "Thanks, man. I did not have any plan as to where I was headed. No family, just me".

Each night was spent sitting around a fire, cooking their supper out in the open. It was good times, despite the cause of it all. They took turns playing and singing. Everyone took a part in this new venture as they drew closer to their destination.

The night before they were to reach their destination he sat gazing at the night sky.
"Yep, this life is an adventure." He told them, as he drew his bow across the violin strings.
"Always something new."

Stars hung above the canyon like jewels. The fires glowed far down on the canyon floor while voices drifted up softly. They had been here for only four months, and now there were reports of earthquakes throughout the west part of the country. Large fissures had been found only a few miles from the camp site in the last week.

The men sat around the fire, discussing what should be done now.
"I think we should go right to the coast, and not waste time anymore taking chances with more quakes".
John was a kind of ring leader, not afraid of anything.
Robert shook his head slowly, "Yea, I agree, but we have several families that don't want to move again. We are going to have to take a vote, i am afraid. Who is going to do it?"
In the end, John was chosen to take the families votes. As the last people packed up to leave, the ones remaining behind stood and watched. The movers silently wondered what would become of them, knowing it would not be good, whatever happened.

So now they all stood on the wide sandy beach of the California coast, looking out at the water. The water boiled up in shallow waves, weaving among their feet. The makeshift camp was shaded by the tall bamboo poles woven with wide leaves from palm trees. A small radio sat on a blanket, blaring out the latest news on the disasterous events happening all over the country.

"We interrupt this program with a special report. Experts have discovered dozens of large volcanic fissures opening up all over the country. The origins of these fissures is unknown, and people are being encouraged to move away from these areas to more stable ground." The voice droned on.

As they sat listening, they quietly discussed what they heard. Shaking their heads in numb disbelief, they worried over being able to find a safe place to go.
"Seems like several states are just gone, sunk into huge sinkholes." This came from Elmer.
"The whole country has been split right in two, with no way for anyone to communicate with each other." Replied Robert. "We have split off from everyone, and become two separate islands. A whole lot of people are gone."
They listened in disbelief as the reports came in swiftly, almost to fast to follow. The government was gone, the few who survived were lawless, living like animals.

They stood silent, looking out over the vast expanse of land. This had once been Montana. It was now what was called The Musicians Colony. They had lived here for just a little over one year. This place they had chosen was the ideal place for building a new life.

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30 Aug, 2017
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