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People say that things happen for a reason. I think that’s complete bull. Things happen beyond our control, and all we can do is give up or push through. Convincing yourself that something is good up ahead is honestly disappointing, so I don’t do it. Better to keep your expectations low so you don’t get hurt, right?

I had a good friend once. She was gentle and kind, in a way that you couldn’t help but admire her. She was smart, but most importantly, fair. And she was beautiful, the type of beauty that was to the point that was strangely inhuman.

And she really wasn’t human. She wasn’t considered one, at least.

A new generation of humans have been developed, and not in a natural way. Humanity found a way to genetically modify other humans. Of course, at the beginning, it was for a noble cause. To solve genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis or down syndrome. It was a big hip hip hooray for all humans.

But here’s the flaw with humans; as soon as we discover things, we want to turn it into a selfish way of income. That’s why some people with the power to change unborn children still in the womb, changed the babies not to solve the diseases they had, but alter their appearances. To alter their IQs, their speed and strength.

Innovatus geneticae. Or for short, just Genetica, dropping the e. The new generation of superior human beings. They naturally have more muscles than the average humans. Their average IQ is 150, changing from Genetica to Genetica. They cannot get sick; a nearly impenetrable immune system. Extremely fast, and in all honesty, extremely deadly if they choose to.

It started with one person. One boy, the first innovatus geneticae. The beginning of it all.

His name is Jupiter. Jupiter I. All Geneticas are given a name, but no last name. The mothers gave their children to the government. No last names meant no strings attached, just how the government liked it.

The “I” is the roman numeral for one. He was the first one to be changed into a better version, a newer version of humans. He is the most powerful, the strongest and the smartest of them all, making him absolutely lethal.

And my good friend, my beautiful kind friend… she was one of them.

She was the 72nd Genetica, and that was a part of her identity that the scientists gave her. Khione LXXII. But against rules, she gave herself a name. Dua. She wanted to keep away from other Geneticas as much as possible, so giving herself a completely human name was her way of coping. I met her many years ago. If I had to guess, it would be around preschool, maybe even earlier. She was the first Genetica that was set out in the world, and was adopted by an elderely couple.

But it was all a part of their sick experiment. Scientists wanted to observe, wanted to learn how a Genetica would integrate themselves into our society, into the real world. They knew the couple they chose wouldn’t live much longer, and they would bring Dua back once they passed away.

I still remember the first day I met her. My first real friend, my best friend. Mom and Dad bought a nice house in the suburbs. The little town of Las Praderas was known to be a town filled with retired seniors who spent the rest of their days in peace and quiet. It was an upgrade from the small apartment complex we lived in before, and it was going to be the first house we owned as a family. My parents were happy because they reached a new level of commitment and marriage life, I was happy because I had more space to play with my toys.

The second day after we moved in, mom baked cookies and together we got to know our neighbors better. It was the first house to our left, and as soon as Dua opened the door, she invited me to play and I ditched my mom. I was always shy, even then, but I connected with her almost instantly.

The next thing we know we became best friends. I didn’t understand that she was different from me, far different from normalcy, because I was young and didn’t comprehend that there were beings far more superior to us. I considered her normal; my best friend. If anything I thought we were so similar, which would explain the strong connection and friendship we had formed since day one.

And that is how our years together looked like from that day. We were inseparable, and our bond was stronger than the bond of two sisters. Stuck hip to hip practically. She would help me with math concepts that I struggled to understand and I taught her how to dance. We even found our own secret spot, our little piece of heaven that was ours. It was atop of a little hill that overlooked the town, and we would love to go there to have picnics and to watch the sunsets. I later understood that she was different, but it didn’t matter for me, didn’t matter for us.

It was a simple life, but it was perfect. Just the way we liked it.

But all of it changed too soon. It was the first day of summer after 6th grade ended, and I came running to Dua’s house. Except this time, when she opened the door, she didn’t greet me with that smile. Instead, her face was stained with tears. That day, she lost both of her parents. They were fragile, and barely moved at all, and couldn’t keep up with Dua’s incredible energy.

The whole day seems like a blur now. I remember crying as well, because both her parents were close to me as well. Dua and I’s tight hugs and how she wouldn’t stop crying on my shoulder. Mom and dad were handling the police and I still remember mom’s exact words. Go to your hill, she whispered, Dua needs a distraction. So we did just that. We came to our favorite hill again, and watched the sunset together in silence. We ran out of tears at that point.

We didn’t know that it would be our last time together on that hill. We didn’t know that our time together would be cut short. Because the next day, Dua was gone. Dua was gone with the men who created her, never to be seen by anyone again.

Author Notes: if you want to check out the entire story, it's here --->

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19 May, 2020
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