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Gerry Chapter 3 WIP

Gerry Chapter 3 WIP

By Gerry

You can't. You can't. You can't. Here to stick. It cannot be undone.

Gerry woke up, once again. It was the third day of his life he felt like he had friends that weren't made up of lead. Or at least, ones that weren't his father.

Yesterday he had walked home with Sanyu to her place, but just her driveway. He didn't want to intrude, even if he had been invited to come inside. The others had plans, so they weren't there. Sanyu walked out with the 'special book' they had discussed before. They then did their goodbyes, and Gerry walked home.

He had read a lot of the book's contents, and understood a fair bit. He didn't get a direct answer for the question he had asked, but he made some theories and mental notes. He believed that the word 'faggot' was another word used for one of the many sexualities he discovered. He remembered Lemmy getting upset from the word, and Gerry then made it out in his head that it was a cuss-word for it, an insult of sorts. He now knew to not use it around Lemmy.

After his reading-time, he went back to his box. He uncovered it from all the other random shit in his room. He was going to make improvements. For example; he cut the box in half, so the back was missing, but he wanted to have his entire head concealed when wearing it, so he grabbed some new supplies he had picked up from his dumpster trip.

When he was finally finished with everything on it, he was quite happy. He had used a collection of sticking-tools to put the back on, and used some plastic parts on the inside. The plastic was there so his head didn't move around a lot, and to fix it in place. He went behind his house to do a quick jog just to see if it hurt his neck. His jog was quite slow, because of his ankle problems and pains, but he wanted to make sure, and that he did.

He bent the wires a little out of shape, and decided that this 'prototype' was complete. He wasn't finished his entire plan. This was the start of his new alias he wanted to be known as. He didn't have any names in mind. He just knew this was who he wanted to be. A man, or boy, that nobody knows the face of. Someone that was only there to do what he felt like, punishments or not, and to also be there for his friends.

He was tired of calling his new friends... Well... 'New'. He could see, even if it had only been a couple of days, that they were interested in his quirks and his brain, and how it worked; for him, and maybe even to their advantage. He didn't care if it was a benefit to them. That would draw them closer to him, and it would be rude of them to just walk away after using him for their doing.

Now we will go back to the present, when he woke up. The present which this takes place, at least. The year this all took place in was 2005. It was November, the 15th to be exact. Technology like mobile phones, USB ports and such were still quite new, yet they had been around for a few years. Gerry had never laid his hands on said objects, but of course being the kid he is, he knew that they were things he probably never could afford. He expected to be homeless by the time he's meant to be kicked out at 17 years old. He was hoping these next three years go slow for him. He wanted to spend as much time as possible in a house with a roof, and to be available to his friends.

As Gerry went outside to wash his face in the bird bath, he was thinking about his drawing. He thought about how he didn't colour anything that was new to it. He dried himself off with his shirt, and went inside. Just like everyone else on it, he had made Sansori a bit overdone, or exaggerated. He quickly coloured it, due to the pallet of her clothing. Gerry then studied the entire thing, and suddenly had a quick little burst of energy due to him being proud. It happened a lot when he was happy with something, or excited. On the right side of the page where he drew her, it was mostly yellow. Her hair was a light shade of yellow, as well as highlights and details on her dress. He had made the dress short, but not an 'attention-seeker-level' short dress. She also had sandals. Her skin was extremely pale, but not white, and her cheeks were rosy. Her face had a happy expression.

He knew this entire picture was not 100% finished, he just didn't know what else to add. He decided to just leave it for later, and then looked at the box-mask. It was time for him to clean up a bit, and maybe show Lemmy, or someone else, and see what they think about the box. Gerry wasn't expecting them to be happy for him, or interested or anything like that, he just wanted an opinion.

About half an hour later, Gerry had taken most of the rubbish, like plastic and cardboard, just by the bird bath he had washed his face in. It was by the driveway, but concealed at the front by bushes and trees. He had his drawing in his pocket, and then started walking down the path by his house, in the usual direction. He didn't expect to see his friends, since all his experiences with them were random events, and he didn't have a way to contact them.

Gerry had the box in his hands, towards the left of him so less people could see what he was carrying and make fun of him or possibly break it. Gerry always thought of the worst outcomes, but it wasn't his fault that kids don't like you if you don't attend their school. One time while Gerry was walking home one afternoon, he was assaulted (or at least they attempted to) by a couple of children, maybe a year younger than him. Gerry was a skinny boy, but if he wanted to get out of a situation, he could either use all his force, or make a rational and reasonable decision. But when Gerry is upset or rushed, he usually will go with a risky option. That's why one of the boys went home with Gerry's fingerprints on his shirt collar, and the other with a bruised stomach due to the other boy landing on him.

As another half-hour passed, Gerry could be found on a bench near where he met Sansori. He had sat there for the majority of that time, sometimes

Author Notes: After this, it will take a few months for each story I make to go public due to schooling and COVID-19.

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11 Feb, 2020
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