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Give Of Your Best
Give Of Your Best

Give Of Your Best


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

My Kind Of Astrology – Part Seventeen

You Are Special – Part Two

My inner guidance says: ‘Life on the earthly plane is a place of learning. It’s a school in which everybody simultaneously plays the role of teacher and pupil. Everybody taking part in it is equally loved and all have been equally gifted by the Great Father/Mother of all life. They are humankind’s true parents and preferences of any kind are unknown to them. Every one of you has come through earthly parents, but you are not of them. You live in physical bodies and that’s your vehicle for getting around on the material plan, which is meant to last for one lifetime only. It’s the outer shell in which every human spirit/soul is temporarily clothed. Like all earthly things, physical bodies get worn out and then have to be recycled.

‘Your physical body’s genes have been inherited from the ancestral life through which your earthly parents entered their present lifetime, because all were taking part in the same lessons which they needed for a specific part of their earthly education. Your inner being, however, is something quite different. It’s uniquely everybody’s own because it was created by them alone and that could have taken many earthly lifetimes. Everything you ever learn is eternally yours. No-one ever can or will even attempt to take it away from you. The memories of everything that ever happened to you are stored in the subconscious part of your own being. This includes the weaknesses as much as the strength you’ve developed thus far. To enable you to continue working on and with these character traces, your soul memories accompany you into every new earthly lifetime. From the moment you take your first breath, they are influencing you in either positive or negative ways.

‘For some time by now, the greatest transformation that your world has ever gone through has been taking place. Your planet is changing from an over-materialistically and especially money-spinning orientated place into an ever more spiritual one. Every one of you has a special and unique role to play in this transformation. It’s basically very simple. The only thing that God and the Angels are asking from their human children of the Earth is that each should share whatever they know about their special gifts. If you give of your best from whatever is available of them so far and aim to serve the good of the whole, instead of pursuing selfish purposes, that’s enough.

‘Each one of you was gifted in some specific way, because that enables them to play their very own unique role in your world’s present transformation. It does not matter that to this day, the gifts of many are still slumbering, waiting to be discovered and developed. This is balanced by those who have already spent many earthly lifetimes working on their gifts’ unfoldment. Giving of your talents unselfishly and for the highest good and greatest joy of the whole of humankind and your world, that’s the only instrument that can bring anyone’s gifts to full unfoldment and flowering.

‘Every one of you was brought into being and released into experiencing life on the earthly plane at a different time. Regardless of this, every one of you since then has been taking part in their apprenticeship as a young God in the making. That’s why spiritually older and more experienced offspring have always been able to assist their younger and less experienced siblings to cope with the earthly plane. It’s very similar to what happens in any good earthly family. The love and wisdom of your Divine parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life, designed humankind’s existence this way. That’s why nobody needs to ask their spiritually more advanced children of the Earth to help their younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind, to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding. As a result, all of you together have constantly been moving forwards and upwards, each on their own evolutionary spiral of life and simultaneously on that of the whole of humankind and your world. This will forever continue.

‘Something like a veil separates your world from its inner spiritual background and us, your spirit friends and helpers. Not just one Guardian Angel but a whole group of us have always accompanied each one of you, from the moment of your first appearance on the earthly plane. Although these helpers are invisible to earthly eyes, rest assured that they have always been with you and that they will never leave you. At all times they are occupied with guiding and protecting every earthly self against damaging or destroying the essence of their being and that’s the Divine spark within every human spirit/soul. These friends never interfere with anyone’s earthly existence and the development of their unique earthly personality. Only when something is in danger of getting out of hand are we allowed to step in and say: ‘So far and no further!’ That’s our reaction to your world’s present state, in which every one of you has their own unique role to play. And just in case you have not yet have discovered what your gifts are, turn to your very own inner guidance, the wise one or living God within every human being, and ask to be shown intuitively.

Aquarius is the voice of God, whatever that may mean to you at present. ‘You Are Special’ is one of the oldest and best loved parts of the Aquarian writings. For many years by now, the voice of the Great Father/Mother of all life has been communicating with you through these writings. ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there. I always listen but only respond when someone asks for it. You always have been and forever will be as much part of Me, as I am part of you. Never doubt that I am always with every one of you, that you have always been safe and forever will be, and that all is well with you and your world and that its reins are resting safely in My loving hands.’

Updated June 2021

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10 Jun, 2021
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5 mins
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