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Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Three
Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Three

Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Three


Niko's POV

I rolled my eyes after he embraced me for a hug.

"How was Australia?" I ask him after a while, "did you meet anyone?" I say when I nudge him

"Nah Nah," Zack said waving his hands, "I'm into someone else," he told me with a wink.

just then Drake, Riley, and Noah come running down the stairs.

Drake pulls me away from Zack by two inches.

"Welcome back Zack," Riley says, "did you miss me?" he asked striking a pose

"Of course," Zack replied, "not," he added with a smirk. I roll my eyes and pull a few mozzarella sticks out of the fridge.

Another knock on the door sounded.

"Storm and Tokyo here?" a voice asked.

Author Notes: Hi!
Sorry I haven't posted in a lOoOoOOng time-
My pc deleted all my files including the posters for stories and future stories.
So please enjoy this one!

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4 Nov, 2020
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