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Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Two
Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Two

Giving Up on Not Giving Up Chapter Two


Niko's POV

"The three of us are going out," Mom says referring to her, Dad, and Joshua.

"Remember Drake I have a shotgun," dad says with a smirk.

"Really?" I ask him

"Really," he tells me as I groan, "Bye," he says after some time

Drake and I watch them walk out of the door.

"Sooooo," Drake says putting his hand on my thigh, "your room?" he asks with a smirk before I nod.

Riley's POV

"what does Ko Ko even see in that scum bag?" I ask Noah as I play on the PlayStation, "it's like whenever he's here she just acts like he is the only person in the world," I say after a miss a wide-open shot.

"Dude you suck at 2k," Noah says shaking his head, "and Niko has her type and you have yours," he finishes off with a shrug

"I know but he just gives me off vibes about Niko,"

"Everyone gives you off vibes," Noah says immediately after me

"I have my rights," I tell him under my breath as I block his shot

"and you say I suck at 2k," I tell him smirking

He shakes his head again, "you can't miss a wide-open shot with Stephen Curry," he says laughing

"Shut up," I say with a frown.

Niko's POV

"Thanks for that Ko Ko," Drake says, "I needed it," he tells finish after he pulls his shirt back on

"Mhm," I tell him with my face red

He pauses and looks at me, "you don't have to do anything you wanna do," he tells me with a half-smile, " 'Kay?"

I nod.

Drake and I walk into Riley's room.

I look at the score and start laughing.

"You still suck," I tell Riley," give me the controller," I say rubbing my temples

~two hours later~

Niko's POV

"Riley was down fifty points," Noah says with a long pause, "Ko Ko get the am I down fifteen points?" he finishes as I shoot the basket.

I shrug as I hear a knock on the door.

I run down the stairs and open it. "ZACK," I squeal

"tiny," zack says with a wink.

Author Notes: Hai guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a whileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I hope you liked this series so far if you do review it recommend it and favorite it, please
Is it more now or everyone hates Noah now? .,. Chile anyway sooooo
Utah, Summer, and Lou are going to be coming back as well (do I see a ship here?)And Storm, Joshua, and Tokyo are going to have their own POV's in the series as well.

BYE GUYS! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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14 Oct, 2020
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