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Giving Up on Not Giving Up
Giving Up on Not Giving Up

Giving Up on Not Giving Up


Niko's POV

"Mom!" I shout as my voice cracks, "Uncle Noah's here!" I finish off as I size him up.

"I'm making tacos!" she shouts back,

"Ooo tacos," Noah says as he lets himself in.

"Sure come into my house and eat my food," I mutter under my breath.

Noah and I walk into the kitchen and ignore each other.

"Oh my gosh," my mom says, "you guys still can't be mad at each other," she says

"He's the reason Riley is in the hospital," I tell her with my voice stern

"He wanted me to submerge him in the water," Noah says like it helped his case.

"He's lucky I didn't box him up and then call the cops on him," I say after taking some steak off a taco

"Niko," my mom says, "forgive but don't forget," she tells me after she plates the tacos.

"fine," I turn to Noah, "Noah, I forgive you for almost killing my brother/best friend and putting him into the hospital but," I say

"Here we go," I here Mom mutter

"I don't forgive myself for not punching you like your my punching bag and then calling the cops," I finish off showing both my dimples.

I pull out my phone and see a text from Riley.

"Riley is coming home today," I squeal and turn to Noah, "Watch your back," I tell him.

Mom gives me a plate of steak and shrimp tacos, "Your odd Niko," she says after handing the plate to me

"No wonder people say we could be twins," I tell her after a quick prayer over the food.

She slaps me in the back of my head playfully as Dad comes into the room.

"Yeah Yeah love you too mom," I say as I run up to Dad.

He hugs me tight and kisses my head.

"Hey tiny," he tells me with a smirk

"Haha your so funny dad," I say sarcastically, "and I'm not the small" I finish off with a frown.

"Drake is coming over," I tell him sheepishly, "Don't kill him,"

He nods his head, "Of course of course," he starts, "I won't kill him but, Joshua will," he says after he crosses his arms

"Noone will kill him," Riley says as he walks to the door, "if he tries to fuck Lil' sis I'll kill him then," he tells me with a smirk.

"Language," Mom, Joshua, and Dad say in unison.

"Yeah yeah," he says taking a taco

I run up to Riley and hug him.

"You know we only have a few months difference right?" I ask him

"Shhh, that doesn't matter," he tells me, "all that matters is the fact that I'm older," he says

"Older and stupider," I tell him quickly as I run off with my tacos


Niko's POV

I come down hearing a knock on the door.

"Who is it," I say in my fake accent.

"It's Drake," I hear his deep voice say.

I open the door and hug him. "SPACE," Riley says as he pulls me away from Drake, "Mine," Riley says after he sized him up.

"In your dreams," I tell him as I break free from his hug

"Rude," Riley frowns, "Don't eff my sister," he tells Drake.

"I'll think about it," Drake says as he winks at me.

"If you eff my sister you eff me, buddy," Riley exclaims with a smirk.

"You guys need mental therapy,'' I tell them, "there will be no effing of anyone," I say waving my hands in the air

"Your small," Drake says studying me, "and hot," he says with a smirk.

"OKAY OKAY ENOUGH," I say with my face ripe as a tomato, "let's watch some Netflix,"

"Then..." he says

"No then Drake," I say rubbing my temples, "Just Netflix,"

Author Notes: HAIII LOVES!
So I am excited NOT because I gave myself bangs BUttT 🍑
Storm, Noah, Joshua, AND Tokyo is backkk and better than ever! U-U
Please comment if you enjoyed the first chapter cause there is more to come.
Bye loves!

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28 Sep, 2020
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