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God : The Great Mystery
God : The Great Mystery

God : The Great Mystery


The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life – Part Three

God : The Great Mystery

Programmed into every spirit, at the moment of its release into earthly life, is the concept of a higher authority that is in charge of it and who cares for its wellbeing. Who and what it is and where it can be found that is the great mystery every one of you eventually has to unravel for themselves. All the religions and philosophies that ever existed in your world were created to assist you with this task. That’s the reason for each one of them containing a minute portion of the great Cosmic truths about Me and the wonder and miracle of My Creation. And when you now take a closer look at one of these belief systems after the other, you will be able to recognise that the new myths and legends the Angels and I presented from time to time were based on the knowledge that already existed in the consciousness of humankind.

Regardless of the fact that they were presented in different parts of your world, every new religion was designed to move your race’s spiritual development another step forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And that could only be achieved by familiarising you with another aspect of My truth. Even though they all were building up on each other, none of your belief system ever contained My whole truth. The Christian teachings come close, but only when they are viewed from the higher esoteric perspective and the symbolisms and metaphors behind their surface words.

This is how it came about that at any given time, we brought you the knowledge that was right for the state of your race’s spiritual development, which reached from its individual and collective spiritual infancy, toddlerhood, adolescence and finally the maturity of adulthood. In this way with the passing of time, ever more stories and legends came into being. The intention of each new one was to assist the growth of consciousness in the part of your world in which it was given. And the deeper you are penetrating into the Age of Aquarius, you will find that the more of My truth is going to be revealed anyone who is ready to receive and understand it.

We notice with gladness that the number of those waking from their spiritual slumber by now is growing quite rapidly. Ever more of you are grasping that each one of the old religions held but tiny fragments of My truth, which on their own made very little or no sense. This is because in days gone by matters of faith in earthly life were meant to provide humankind with mysteries and puzzles. And now the principle of the jigsaw puzzle has moved into the centre stage of your world. It was with full intention that every new religion could only provide people with some scattered fragments of My truth. A sensible picture of it could only emerge when, in the fullness of time, the pieces of all belief systems would be joined together. That’s when the spiritual life of your world, as if touched by a magic wand, would reveal itself as one whole structure that has no lack of shape, purpose and meaning.

When you have read this and then take a closer look at all religions your world has ever seen, you will be able to recognise the pieces of the fragments of My truth each one of them contained. And when you add to them the pieces of what you now know about the spiritual background of earthly life, My realm, you will be able to see for yourself that they are a perfect fit. The whole and holy picture of the higher purpose and meaning of your earthly existence emerges. From the developmental point you have reached, your inner vision will tell you that it has been for wise higher teaching purposes that the knowledge of the spiritual background for such a long time was withheld from humankind’s view.

It has always been part of My great evolutionary plan that the discovery of My true nature and yours, and the special relationship every human being has with Me, would have to wait until your world had entered into the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth directly from Me. The sign’s astrological symbol is the Waterbearer. I am S/He and the knowledge I am bringing you is the water of wisdom that flows from the receptacle I hold in My loving arms. Up to the time when you start joining the pieces of the great puzzle, as described above, there is no picture of Me and My wisdom and truth. But as soon as you link the fragments, an image that makes a great deal of sense appears before you and you understand the wise higher purpose everything that ever happened on the Earth has always served. You then realise that the great picture of the whole of life is nothing short of beautiful and filled with wonders and miracles.

The Great Mother is the feminine love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity. Through alternatively giving and then withholding She has always been teaching your world the value of concepts and things. That is also the reason why the knowledge that each one of you is a spirit/soul, a spark of My light, a young God in the making whose true home is the world of spirit or light, was withheld from humankind up to quite recently. This was necessary because that was the only thing that could stop you, My beloved children of the Earth, from leaving your earthly existence in droves and never wanting to return to it when the going got rougher and rougher, as it had to do during the lessons of the early stages of your development. Your lack of knowledge and understanding was the instrument the Angels and Me I used to keep the doors firmly locked and bolted. This protected you against discovering too soon about the nature of humankind’s true home, from which each one of you emerges at the beginning of another earthly sojourn, and returns to for a spell of rest and recuperation from the inevitable stresses and strains of your life on the physical plane.

To stop you from wishing to head back home too soon, the religions of your world closed you off from knowing about its existence for a certain number of earthly lifetimes. That’s why something that acts like a veil of consciousness was erected between your world and Mine. Since the Aquarian age has been with you, the veil has been getting thinner; in due course it will disappear altogether. It is for the same educational reason that at the beginning of your existence as earthly beings you are clothed in a physical body whose cells and atoms are so dense that for a long time they cannot be penetrated by the light of spiritual wisdom and truth. In keeping with your growth in wisdom and understanding, the components of every new physical body you receive for another term in the school of earthly life, are of a slightly higher vibration and less density. Spiritual knowledge and understanding it is the meaning of light and the more you spiritually mature and advance on the evolutionary spiral, the more your physical body fills with light.

Part of the Great Mother’s educational program has been that the concepts of truth and peace for a long time should disappear almost entirely from your world. As a result, when they eventually have re-established themselves, you are going to treasure them most highly and guard them carefully. The whole of humankind will allow nothing and nobody to ever take them away again. Another aspect of the same plan has been taking the religions of your world at face value. This kept you away from discovering the life of your soul and your inner being, and that knowing and meeting Me is inner experience and not an outer. For as long as it has been necessary, your false beliefs protected you against any kind of understanding of your true nature and Mine and My world, the spirit realm.

It has taken a long time for the majority of you to find out that without the spiritual background of life, there could be no material world. There would be nothing and none of you would exist as a physical being. The spirit world is the most important part of life where that which is to manifest on the earthly plane first has to be created. Alas, there are a great many who still do not know these things. Telling them about them is the task of every aspiring healer and lightworker. Those who are still thinking of God as the greatest mystery of your life are in for a surprise when they discover that human beings themselves have always been the greater riddle by far.

Your world is rapidly changing and so is everything in it. The more you share your knowledge with those around you, the faster you will be moving towards the new golden age of the Earth. All its inhabitants, human and animal alike, will then freely and willingly give of their best and co-exist in peace, harmony and friendship. However, a gift of such magnitude cannot drop like manna from the Heavens, each one of you has to do their share of bringing this age into being.

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13 Mar, 2019
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