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God’s Nature And Our Own
God’s Nature And Our Own

God’s Nature And Our Own


God’s Nature And Our Own

I believe that we have been granted the gift of another lifetime at this particular time so that we may find a new understanding of God’s nature and our own. For me the best way of approaching such an immense and delicate topic is with the help of astrological concepts. So that’s what we are going to do in this chapter. Let’s start with the fact that everything is of God and that God is everywhere. Nothing in the whole of Creation is beyond or out of the reach of God’s power. God to me is the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns.

We were created in God’s image and everything that is in God is therefore also in us. The power aspect of God and us, women and men alike, is masculine; it expresses itself through Fire and Air. The Goddess is its feminine counterpart; she is the devotional, sensitive, feeling aspect of God and the soul of the whole of Creation. Through the feminine elements of Earth and Water, the Mother yields to and shapes herself in response to the creative ideas and impulses she receives from the Father, the masculine aspects of Fire and Air. Fire represents the first spark of creation, the creative idea. It is transmitted through the Air element, a symbolism for the mental faculties of the Highest Mind; our own small earthly mind is an integral part of it.

Even God, and by that I mean its masculine aspect, cannot create anything on its own. God needs his Goddess as much as she needs him; the same is true for the feminine and the masculine parts of our nature. To create new worlds and populate them, God and Goddess on the highest levels of life lovingly work together in harmonious and peaceful co-operation, by silently responding to each other’s wishes. This creative principle applies to all levels of our world and all worlds. To bring into being the badly needed and desired new and peaceful world, each must make their own contribution and do their share of the healing work this requires. The first visible sign that this is happening in our world on the outer level of life is that the genders are beginning to recognise and respect their own and each other’s true value as beloved children of the Universe. It is necessary to accept and bring together all aspects of our nature, so they can learn to work together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they do in our Creator.

The same as God and Goddess cannot exist without each other, we – the children of the Earth – are lopsided and unable to function properly for as long as we are only acting on one aspect of our nature, i.e. the feminine or the masculine. Everybody has a sleeping partner inside who is waiting to be tapped into consciously, so that by coming alive we shall become whole. The feminine is the guiding, caring and nurturing presence that protects all lifeforms in all worlds. When the masculine element Fire, together with its companion Air, is left to its own devices without the restraining, softening and cooling influence of the feminine elements Earth and Water, their counterpart, it is bereft of all feelings and becomes increasingly destructive. Warring nations at each other’s throats, inventing ever more devilish contraptions of destruction bear witness to the truth of this.

The masculine Fire sign Sagittarius rules vast topics like higher education of all kinds, among them religions and philosophies. Fire in this sign is of a spiritual nature and is said to burn mellower than in the other Fire signs. Do not be deceived by this though! Although the fire burns in a different way in Sagittarius, it can turn into the most destructive one of all. By the time it reaches this sign, even an unevolved soul has its learning from the Aries and Leo experiences under its belt. When the Sagittarian fire unites itself with the negative aspects of these two signs, the result can be worked out on two fingers; it can be an especially lethal combination in the context of religions. Just look at the state of our world now and see for yourself how the push, drive, enthusiasm, over-confidence, arrogance and intolerance of Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of war, comes together with the abundance of creative ideas of Leo. When one takes a look at the weapon arsenal of our world, it’s not hard to recognise what happened when they were applied to thinking of ever more sophisticated ways of destroying each other.

To this day, there is much evidence in our world that a small amount of knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. All along it seems to have been very much part of unevolved human nature that having got hold of one small corner of God’s truth, we believe to have found the answer to everything. In such cases the Sagittarian fire may express itself as religious fanaticism that is willing to go on the rampage and turn us into a crusader. Carried away by the missionary zeal of our still limited vision of life we then allow ourselves to be guided by the dogma and creed of religions, whose teachings could have long lost most of their validity for the times we live in. Either we choose such a belief system consciously in this lifetime or, unbeknown to our earthly self now, we do so before physical birth in the world of spirit. Another expression is the priest who blesses those who go to war and the weapons for maiming, killing and suppressing others.

The human spirit in both genders, without its soul, is masculine. It is in this world to become familiar with all its aspects and learn their wise handling. First and foremost it must get to know the destructiveness of its nature, and that pain is the result when any of God’s creatures is hurt. The best way of demonstrating this is through having to spend as many lifetimes in physicality as it takes to learn this. Every spirit and its soul must spend time on the Earth plane and move about in a physical body, an extremely delicate and sensitive vehicle, so each can find out through their own experiences that this body gets hurt easily and, at the extreme end of the scale, can be killed and lost for good.

That is why time and again, a new physical body has to be created through souls who are already on the Earth plane. Into it enters a spirit, equipped with its own soul that is capable of absorbing and retaining the knowledge and understanding that is gained; through them it grows and expands. There is no way of imbibing life’s most vital lessons, like getting to know the meaning of pain or death and dying, than at times finding ourselves alternatively at the giving and the receiving end of painful experiences.

Will and power are the masculine aspects of God; wisdom and love are their feminine counterpart, the Goddess. In inexperienced souls the masculine is likely to still express itself in an unrestrained lust for power, no matter what the cost. For as long as the soul is still lost in the darkness of its ignorance of its own true nature and spiritual requirements, it seeks to wield power over others by dominating and suppressing them. Those who are in some way weaker, dependent, helpless and therefore unable to put up any serious resistance are particularly at risk, especially children and animals.

If only those who to this day see their only role in life as dishing out suffering to all and sundry, knew what kind of Karma they are so happily creating for themselves and that in due course every bit of it is sure to return to them. Yet, let’s not sit in judgement over any one of them, but forgive them as we too must have been through such experiences, because no-one can learn our lessons for us.

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16 Jun, 2019
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