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God’s Unerring Justice
God’s Unerring Justice

God’s Unerring Justice


God’s Unerring Justice

The following is the essence of an extract from a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris February/March 2018 under the heading ‘The Inner Awakening’: ‘The law of life is love and evolution through love. God is the law and the law is God, whose love and laws pervade and rule every level of the whole of Creation. The Universal laws cannot be influenced by anything that would change their course and corrupt them. They know no punishment or retribution and they do not judge. God’s justice is perfect. Errors or miscarriages of justice are unknown on the inner spiritual levels of life. Every outer manifestation is an extension of the inner ones and therefore has the same qualities and characteristics.

‘The law of Karma is not by any means something negative, as many earthlings believe it to be. It is completely neutral and returns as many good and positive things as negative and evil ones to its sender. The law just is and functions exceedingly well. The only thing it has in mind for humankind is providing opportunities for consciousness expanding experiences that help every one of God’s children of the Earth to grow in wisdom and understanding, whilst redeeming itself and making good where it once sinned.

‘In the whole of Creation there is no such thing as chances, accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens is in keeping with God’s great plan of life and is the result of the law of Karma. In your world this is true for the events that on the surface of life are so tragic and hard to endure. If you had access to the Akashic Records, you would be able to see for yourself that these occurrences are always the outworking of the Karmic law of cause and effect. In broad outlines their conditions are as similar as possible to those that once set the karmic wheels in motion. This goes for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the events and also the groups and nations they belong to. This is how the whole of humankind, individually and collectively, is constantly in the process of redeeming some of its karmic debts.

‘But the story does by no means end here. It is a well known fact in your world that difficult and traumatic times have the power of bringing out the best and noblest qualities in many people. That’s how the infinite wisdom of the Great Father/Mother eventually assists His/Her human children of the Earth with the development of their own Christ nature. Through manifesting it in earthly life good and positive Karma is created that wipes out ever more of your Karmic debts. This is the only way the Universal Christ, not as an outside force but from within your own inner being, in due course can save and redeem each one of you and your world. It is for this reason that some people feel drawn to the rescue services and when the need for it arises, risk and sometimes give their own lives for the sake of others.

‘And because God’s characteristics and powers are also in you, every one of you carries the power within – if only in its slumbering state thus far – for sowing the seeds of a more beautiful and peaceful world. Your present is occupied with attending to your karmic obligations and making every effort to go about it in the right manner. Learning to control your thought processes and living in harmony with God’s Universal laws empowers you to sow the right seeds in our present lifetime. The knowledge of this is the instrument God and the Angels are placing into everyone’s own hands – or rather heart and soul – for making their own contribution towards positively influencing your own future and that of your whole world.

‘In the long run it is irrelevant whether Christianity or any other belief system survives. It’s the Christ spirit in every human heart and soul, in its total and unconditional surrender to its Highest or God Self. Its kindness and goodwill, tolerance and love for all lifeforms is the only authority who can save and redeem each one of us and our world. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are part of it and working on it – together with you on the one hand and with God and the Angels and Masters on the higher and highest levels of life on the other. No-one on their own has any true power, but together with them makes us so strong and powerful that anything can be done and performing miracles is easy.

‘And if you are longing to find truth, all you have to do is gain access to the wise one, the living God within you. On that level of consciousness the meaning of God’s love is known and you are meant to use the knowledge we are bringing you about it in your everyday life. In words, thoughts and actions show the people around you how they too can find their own way to God’s light, i.e. wisdom and knowledge. Encourage them to do their share of preparing for a golden harvest on the Earth by sharing the seeds that are coming their way with as many as possible.

‘Keep the glorious vision of the new golden age in mind and do not allow anything to deter you and do not be disappointed when you see but a few results of your work. Hold steadfast onto the vision that we are giving you about the age of love and peace, wisdom and truth, that is sure to come into being as ever more of you desire it and willingly and unselfishly work on making their contribution to bringing your new world into being. And because God is in everything and at all times is manifests Him/Herself through the Universal laws, in the fullness of time perfection and joy will come to your world through everyone’s own efforts.

‘You will then be experiencing a life that none of you can as yet imagine, even in your wildest dreams. It is going to be a life of beauty and joy, health and harmony and the love that is the supreme ruler of the spirit spheres. They are spheres of pure light and beauty that are far beyond the world of desires of your present existence and the astral worlds. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance darkness. Peace be with each one of you as you journey onward into the light of full conscious awareness. There is nothing to fear. God, the Angels and we are with each one of you, holding your hands, giving of our courage and strength, and showing the way whenever someone asks for it. As everybody is required to do their share of the work involved, do your best to spread the good news we are bringing you.

‘Whenever you wish to find out whether someone is telling you the truth, go to your inner guidance. It knows the way of all things and will never lead you astray. Naturally, this also applies to the knowledge we are bringing you.’

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30 Jul, 2019
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