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Going Home
Going Home

Going Home


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Twenty

I believe that whenever the moment of someone’s leaving the Earth plane has come, no matter under what circumstances, it is always at the right moment. Naturally, this includes us and our loves ones. Only when the purpose of our lifetime has been fulfilled are we called back home. It makes no difference at what age and in what manner this event takes place. To talk about anyone’s earthly death as ‘untimely’, to my mind is unseemly because it means doubting the infinite wisdom and love of our Creator.

The Great Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life, is the ultimate authority over everything in the whole of Creation and the only one who has any true power – nothing is beyond or outside of Its will. Therefore, no soul’s departure from earthly life ever takes place without the consent of the Highest. This applies to any kind of death, including suicide.

How aware are you that those who are shedding their outer shell and vehicle for this lifetime, their physical bodies, are not really dying? In truth, they are merely moving into another dimension and onto a different level of life. They are now in another mansion, if you like. Not for nothing has it been said that our Father’s house – the great house of all life – has many mansions that consist of many layers and levels of life.

Whenever one of our loved ones has returned into the spirit world, there is no need to think of it as a place somewhere ‘out there’, because this world is an integral, though invisible part of the world we presently inhabit. That is why, by rights, there is no need ever to talk of those who have returned to it, as if they had gone away; they most certainly have not. This earthly life is our temporary home; it is a school and we are all here together to learn and grow from our own experiences. Everything that ever happens in anybody’s life, invariably can teach us something. More of this theme later.

As music always gives me a great deal of comfort, especially when it is accompanied by words that really speak to my heart, I would like to share the following with you in the hope that it may do the same for you.

Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s how everybody goes home
Into the spirit world.

It’s not far, just close by,
Through an open door.
Work all done, cares laid by,
Pain and fear no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us,
Father’s waiting too.
Angels and helpers gathered
With the friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way,
Earth-bound sorrows done.
Shadows gone, break of day,
Real life’s just begun.

There’s no break, there’s no end ,
Just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile,
Going on and on.

I’m just going home!
And although I’ve gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for following me has come.
God and the Angels are always with us
And wherever our road may still have to take us,
We shall be safe, for they never leave us.
Life in all Eternity rests in the loving embrace
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

* * *

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16 Feb, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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