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Going or Rather Flying Home
Going or Rather Flying Home

Going or Rather Flying Home


Learning To Fly – Part Sixteen

Going Or Rather Flying Home

Through the Icarus legend the Angels brought our world a signal that the time for our race’s homecoming was approaching, that some day we would although this event at that time was still a long way off. But there is no doubt in my mind that the time is right now and we are definitely going home! The whole of the Icarus tale since its first appearance has been and still is an allegory for humankind’s early earthly education, so to speak the nursery classes. But now ever more of us are on their home-run and in the final phases of their earthly spiritual education.

The age-old dream of flying is finally becoming a reality in many different ways. On the outer level of life the technological developments of the Aquarian Age have already brought us great advances in means of air-transport. But things are getting to be a great deal more exhilarating still when it comes to taking to our spiritual wings. None of any of the things we are experiencing now could have been imagined in bygone ages, not even in our wildest dreams, for example during lifetimes we spent in the civilisations of ancient Greece, when the Icarus legend was introduced.

Through the Angels the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother of all life gave us the Icarus legend, as well as every other religious teaching that ever saw the light of our world. To me, the esoteric meaning of the Icarus story is especially designed to strike a warning note about being careful when attempting to get away from our earthly existence. Successfully, that is of lasting value this can only be done through growing spiritual wings, i.e. finding knowledge that allows us to lift ourselves above Earth’s conditions, so we can recognise the greater picture of life.

The wings of Icarus represent the spiritual wisdom that up to date have been and still are provided by the religions of our world. Their flying devices are of such a delicate and fragile nature and can so easily be damaged and destroyed that anybody with a bit of common sense can see that they are unsuitable for serious flying. When one has tried all these appliances and found each one of them failing, in the end there is nothing for it but going in search of a pair of wings that can be relied upon utterly. They grow quite naturally when our knowledge is based on God’s wisdom and truth behind the world of the old teachings. Such wings are solid and strong, powerful enough to lift not only ourselves but also our whole world into the loving heart and hands of God and the ministering Angels.

During our prayers for forgiveness and healing for our whole planet and everything that shares it with us, there is no need to ask for the same for us, because when all life is healing, we cannot help doing the same. If healing is what our heart truly desires, our wish will not be denied, especially because this is part of the Great Architect’s plan at present. Each one of us is required to grow their own wings and when we learn to fly on the wings of God’s wisdom and truth, we shall find that nothing can harm or destroy them.

What could be more powerful and reliable than knowledge that has flown directly from the God consciousness of the Universe into ours, for lifting ourselves above the Earth plane and its concerns, to perceive the magnificence and wonders of the higher and highest realms – our true home? Every time we think we have discovered another part of God’s wisdom and truth, our inner guidance needs to confirm that this is so.

The Angels have always communicated with humankind in metaphors and symbolisms. In times long past, the easiest way of explaining spiritual concepts was with the help of things people were familiar with and whose importance they understood, for example someone trying to fly. That’s why when one starts to look for the hidden meanings of the legends of our world, even or maybe especially the most ancient ones, it is astonishing how much they can tell us about us and our world. Naturally, this principle also applies to the sacred texts of all the belief systems our world had ever known, up to a certain point in our spiritual development.

Nothing happens without a reason and this is no exception. And there is a wise motive for the fact that this changed with the appearance of new religions, who decreed that their teachings had to be taken literally. The higher purpose of more than two thousand years of lying, cheating and deceptions – of the self and others – of the Piscean Age has been to teach our world the value of honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity, which are of the greatest importance to us as children of the Highest.

There are signs that these qualities are slowly but surely returning to our world, now that the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, is with us. Peace will come to our world when the last residues of the Piscean Age have been cleared away, in the not too distant future. When everybody understands that nothing can remain hidden forever and that in truth nobody ever gets away with anything, there will be no point in anyone attempting dishonesties of whatever kind.

These are the days of miracles and wonders, when nothing remains hidden for too long. The bribery and corruption scandal, which blew up around FIFA, the world football organisation, at the time of writing this at the end of May 2015, is as good an example as any of the energies which are presently affecting our world. Alas, it is but one of the latest revelations in the series of disgraces we have been hearing about in connection with large organisations and their managements.

We are currently taking part in a big time clearing-out and cleansing process of our world. It started with the churches when Pluto was transiting Sagittarius and continued with large institutions like banks, when the planet moved into Capricorn. I don’t believe that the football eruption is the last one we shall see. Isn’t it the highest time that people realised what is happening in our world and see the writing that is so clearly on the wall? Overcome with greed and lust for power, which their ill-gotten gain can buy them, they probably think: ‘It won’t happen to me! I am much cleverer!’ And yet, and yet . . .

How long will it take until the last earthling understands that God is part of us by day and night. His/Her all-seeing eyes are constantly with each and every one of us and therefore witnesses everything that happens anywhere. Nothing escapes His/Her notice. So many of the present events of our world do not leave any doubt in my mind that the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth and honesty, loyalty and integrity really is with us and that these qualities are beginning to be known again and increasingly valued and cherished by many. Hallelujah! Truly, truly, I say to you: ‘And all of this is happening because now we are flying on the wings of God’s sacred wisdom and truth!’

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26 Oct, 2018
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