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By littlemermaid22

You left with the wind, it swept you away.

Gone like the tide you disappeared in a spray,

We never have enough time.

I’d always choose to be with you; anytime.

But here and now I had no choice.

When I try to speak they will find a crack in my voice,

Now that you left I can’t help but feel empty.

Some laugh, others send their pity,

The warmth of your embrace has been washed away by the rain of pain.

Your memory has left an impression on me, to my soul I am stained,

You I dare not blame.

I am crazy when it comes to you other than that I am sane,

Well maybe not…

When you leave I want to be shot,

There’s something in my stomach a knot.

I want to lie six feet under and rot,

Then I have a thought.

“How could I do that to you?”

A vine of shame in my heart it grew.

The flame of pride out it blew,

The heavy cloud of regret...I felt that too.

What am I going to do?

I try not to think about you,

It’s so hard not to.

Because I love you.

At long last,

The wind sweeps him back.

The butterflies in my stomach;

The lead in my limbs,

The stutter in my voice…

You are my choice.

You make my heart soar like a dove,

You are my true love.

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About This Story
13 May, 2016
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1 min
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